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"I'm sorry, Sam, but I don't want my wild awesomeness to be caged in by your sweet innocence, I would not be me if I had to act calm to be with you." Amara told the blonde boy, who was sitting at the desk next to her.

"But-but-but… Amara, I love you!" Sam sniffed back a tear.

"Teenage crushes… don't you just love them, Bert-Bert?" Bobby sighed as he watched Sam and Amara.

"Shut up, I'm listening to them talk." Roberto hushed Bobby.

"Oh, the drama!" Jamie said loudly, an almost perfect impersonation of Bobby.

"Jamie, I know I'm cool and all, but you need to understand that you could never be as cool as me, no matter how good your imitation of me is."

"That's because you're a loser!" Jamie stuck his tongue out at the icy person.

"Don't you dare rebel against me, young man!" Bobby warned.

"…Yes sir."

"I've got a responsibility to be Jubilee's baby's Godmother, my father would never allow it and you're just too sweet and nice for a girl like me." Amara tried telling Sam as nicely as possible.

"Oh, Roberto, I just can't watch!" Rahne whimpered, hiding her eyes by hitting her face onto his arm.

"Ouch!" Roberto exclaimed when Rahne's forehead collided with his bicep.

"Rahne's sniffing Roberto's sweater!" Jamie laughed.

"That's my Jamie." Bobby smiled.

"But-but-but Amara, I can change! I'll be more bad-ass than Wolverine!" Sam pleaded.

But Sam's pleads were interrupted when a huge, blue, furry giant who entered the small classroom.
"O' what may man within him hide through angel on the outward side?"

"Dear God, kill me now." Bobby banged his head hard against his desk.

"Now, now, Bobby, this is not a good time to pray, we are here to learn about English literature." Beast said, handing each student a book, each of them equally scruffy and old-looking. "Now these books are my favourite books, and they are mine so I expect you to take good care of them."

"Whoops." Bobby said, spitting out the half-chewed piece of paper from his mouth.

"That is quite all right, Bobby. I have multiple copies of that book. However, I hope that you won't do… Oh, hello Jubilee." Beast smiled warmly as the young girl entered the classroom. Her long black hair was slightly frizzled, but aside from that, she looked normal. She had her basketball baby tucked under her arm and a fluffy yellow pen in her hand.

"Excuse my tardiness, there was a matter that I needed to attend to." Jubilee apologized.

"That's quite alright, Miss. Lee, we have only just started the lesson." Beast said, handing Jubilee a book.

"Thankyou." Jubilee smiled and sat down next to Rahne.

"Why were you late?" Rahne whispered to her friend.

"You'll see…" Jubilee grinned. It was only a few moments later when a bruised and bloodied Ray walked into the class, and promptly fell forward onto his face.

"Why is it always Ray that we manage to knock unconscious?" Roberto asked.

"Because his face looks like a butt and that naturally repels nice thoughts." Bobby explained.

"Duh!" Jamie added.

"Mr. Crisp? Are you alright?" Beast asked.

"Momma, don't cut the tree down…" Ray said, his brain only half-working.

"Jubilee, what did you do to Ray?" Beast questioned after he examined Ray for major injuries.


"I see…" Beast put on his thinking face. "Ray, why did you try to kill Jubilee's child?"

"… Waka, waka," Ray sang, his head spinning "When life give's you lemons, make a giraffe…"

"He took a knife to Ting-Ting's head and tried to stab him!" Jubilee cried. "So I had every right to hit him repeatedly with a hammer." She concluded.

"I think she likes him." Roberto whispered to Bobby.

"Jubilee, I am afraid to inform you that your 'Baby' is nothing but a mere basketball wearing a diaper." Beast shook his head from side to side.

"You're just jealous because I have a child and you can't even get a date." Jubilee stuck her tongue out at the huge, blue person.

"I'm not prepared to argue with you, however I am prepared to teach you a few useful facts about the wondrous works of Shakespeare."

"Boring!" Amara called out.

"Shouldn't we bandage Ray up first or something?" Jamie asked.

"Don't worry 'bout me… I'm alright, mushroom door…" Ray said weakly, his head resting on Sam's desk.

"Um, Ray? Can you like… move your head onto your desk or something?" Sam asked, trying to shove his teammate off his table.

"But my momma said if I don't eat the chicken, I won't be a man…" Ray murmured, barely audible.

"I'm sure Ray will live without being bandaged up, I enjoy seeing him in pain." Bobby smiled evilly.

"Then my dad was like, if you wear your pants to school, you will get a date for prom." Ray patted Sam's head and collapsed on top of his friend.

"Bandage him up! Now!" Sam begged.

"All in due time, young Cannonball." Beast replied in that annoying voice he always seems to use.

"Ya put your fifth foot in, ya take your third head out..." Ray began to bang his head against Sam's table edge until he lost consciousness.

"Actually, class, this might be a good time to fix Ray up before the Professor decides to kill me. Where did I put that forklift..."

"Ray is now resting, and he is in a stable condition. Hopefully, he will—WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Beast's eyes widened in horror as he witnessed the distressing event that was taking place in the classroom.

"Bye, bye King Lear!" Rahne cackled, throwing a thick book into the glistening flames that had easily been constructed from a pile of desks and a little help from Amara.

"No... no... NO! NOT MACBETH! MY LIFE, MY LOVE!" Beast fell to the ground in disbelief and pain. "MY ONLY CHILDHOOD FRIEND!"

"And in with King Henry!" Sam smiled, placing yet another hardcover, ancient-looking book into the fire. The New Recruits held hands and danced around the bonfire, screaming and throat-singing.

"No, this cannot be!" Beast cried, his body having a mental-breakdown. The New Recruits just stared until they were certain that he was down for good. Rahne poked him just to make sure.

"He's down." She nodded.

"Bobby, work your magic!" Jubilee ordered.

"Please never say that again." Sam winced.

"Quiet, you dirty-minded fool!" Jubilee slapped Sam on the head as Bobby iced down their home-made fire that would've given Pyro a run for his money.

"Let's go get our candy." Roberto said after the bonfire was reduced to nothing but ash.

"I thought you were on a diet, fatty." Amara commented.

"It starts tomorrow. Geez."

"Well, well. You destroyed the brains of Charles's mansion. I'm impressed." Mystique warped from the Professor's image to her natural form.

"We did." Bobby nodded his head like an exited puppy dog waiting for a bone.

"My plan is underway. Soon, Magneto shall be able to access the mansion and use Cerebro for what it should be used for." Mystique planned.

"Wait, wait, wait." Amara interrupted. "Are you sure that you're not going to like, blow us up or something in the progress?"

"What? Of course not." Mystique reassured the young girl. "Now, you have worked your magic on the adults and you have put them all in a state of insanity. I'm proud."

"Please don't say 'Work your magic'..." Sam cringed.

"Be quiet, Cannonball." Mystique snapped. "Now, the next part of the plan involves taking DNA samples from each of my Brotherhood boys. I am sure that you will be capable of doing that."

"Why can't you do it?" Rahne asked.

"I can not be bothered." Mystique replied. "Now, shoo and eat your candy."

"Something's really not right about this..." Sam sighed.

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