Hate of Many the Will of One

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The village of Konoha the supposed greatest of all the elemental land that had some of the most powerful ninjas in the world. That is how the village stood appeared on the outside, but for one person on the inside it was hell. Through all his sorrows he smiled. This was one of the only lessons he had learned while his mother was still around. He was the outcast of his own family. His mother didn't kill him, but she paid him no attention. She only had eyes for Hitomi, the golden child of Konoha. Naruto had no idea why he was hated while his twin sister was praised like Kami's greatest gift to man since life.

Instead of doing nothing he taught himself how to read, how to write, and spent long hours studying how to train. Through reading he found his first idol and the person he wanted to overcome while taking on his strength of will. This man was known for ending the blood bath within the Uzumakis, known by many as the Kita no Toketsu Ryu. His true name was Koten hi Uzumaki, the first and only member of the Uzumaki clan to have the wind and water chakra affinity. This is how he got this description: "Like the fiercest of winters he left everything frozen in his path." His nindo was "Persevere and fight for your people."

So through all the hate, the glares, the anger, and the beatings, he persevered; he took it all with a smile on his face. When his mother and sister walked out of his life at the age of six, he refused to shed tears. When they departed he was only able to steal one scroll from the family library before he was discovered. It held the Uzumaki history and the clan jutsu. His mother didn't know what he was capable of.

With nothing more than a glance back at him, she left him standing at the front of the house crying. He sobbed as his only family discarded him. Afterwards Naruto used this to make him stronger and he continued to smile and to train. After a while Naruto learned of the Uzumaki bloodline Amatsu Kachuu. This bloodline allowed the natural elemental affinities of a person to combine and blend others perfectly without having to master the manipulation of the element. Through coincidence Naruto had acquired chakra papers. They had been a present left on his doorstep on his birthday. Every year a present was given to him by two different people a mystery person and his friend Hinata. He and Hinata had been friends ever since he had saved her from bullies in her first year at the academy.

She was Naruto's one true friend and the only person that looked past what other call him to see him for who he was. Word spread quickly the Hyuuga clan reject and the Demon brat were friends now they just couldn't have that now could they.

After only a week of being friends, Hinata and Naruto could no longer talk to each other. The Hyuuga clan threatened Hinata with banishment as well as the caged bird seal. They still talked and they still were friends, but in the public they were never allowed to be seen together or the consequences would be dire.

The most devastating day in Naruto's young life since the abandonment of his mother, was graduation from the ninja academy. When all was said and done Hinata had passed with flying colors and he had not. All because of one Jutsu that no matter how hard he tried, he just could not master. He just couldn't keep his chakra low enough to make that stupid Bunshin Jutsu work.

So he sat on the swing watching all the families greet the children. He looked on at the happy faces of the student that where now ninja and the glares of the parents at him. He wondered if he had a family that loved him, would he be accepted by the other people? He wanted a family the greeted him, that believed in him, and he wanted a friend that would forever stand by his side. Hinata had been that friend until she had been ripped away from him by some stupid clan and the academy's flawed system.

Hinata was saddened that her friend and crush was being left behind. Her heart had broken when she saw him walk out of the academy without a head band.

Whenever she would have a bad day she would run to their secret spot and he would be there. It was just beyond the Hokage monument in the forest. It was a field of flowers.

Naruto had told her how to get there and they always meet there. Hinata had first noticed her crush on her close friend two years after they met. Her father had just finished humiliating her in front of her sister and the clan elders. Her mother had passed just a week before after a terminal illness she had contracted with the birth of Hanabi. After beating her to within an inch of her life, he turned towards her and with a sneer he said some of the most earth-shattering words she had ever heard. "It seems that despite what your mother believed, it's true that you will never be fit to be the heir. To think that she had faith till the day she died, she must be rolling in her grave."

After the intense session she had fled the compound to meet Naruto in their special place. He consoled her and built her confidence back up. No matter what her father did from that day forward could stop her! She grew and become stronger with every passing day, but hid it, planning to escape the clan by being too weak.

Naruto and Hinata had wanted to pass and become ninjas so they wouldn't have to meet in secret, so they could instead train together on a team and walk around in public with each other as you had to bond with your team right.

As Naruto still sat on the swing he saw Mizuki, the chunin that helped Iruka in class. "Hey, Naruto, don't look so down. You know Iruka's only hard on you because he doesn't want to see you get hurt," said the teacher's assistant.

"I know, but I wish there was some way I could be a ninja. I just can't seem to get that Bunshin Jutsu down no matter what I do," stated Naruto in a monotone vioce, which Mizuki found odd; he had never heard the demon brat sound so down.

"I don't know if I should be telling you this, but there is a special test, that if you pass it, makes you Genin. It's kind of like a stealth mission. Are you interested?" asked Mizuki. He knew Naruto couldn't resist an offer like this it was what he lived for. The final piece had been laid out and his plan was set.

(Skip to after forbidden scroll incident)

Naruto sat in the Hokage's office while the Hokage went to Mizuki's interrogation. Naruto, now sporting a headband on his arm, sat in a chair. He looked at the Hokage's seat and walked over to it. He wanted to be Hokage for so long and as he looked at the chair he couldn't help but sit in the chair now. He grinned excitedly; all he needed was the hat. Normally Naruto wasn't like this, but he was still a kid and he had dreams and thought it would be fun to pretend.

He opened a drawer, only to find a letter with his name on it. Why did the old man have a letter with his name on it?

"I wonder what's inside." Naruto thought to himself. He opened it. He found a key and a letter.

Dear Sochi,

My son I have placed in you the salvation of Konoha. The other countries during our short time of peace have started to grow tense the Nations are on the brink of war once more after only a short time. I have placed in you the beast known as the Kyuubi to stop the threat of war. His attack was a blessing in disguise you will be made a hero the one to prevent war and stop the great Kyuubi. To think Jiraiya wanted to trap it in the sub space of my jutsu Hirashin one tweak to the seal and it would be stuck between world. No you my son have become something that konoha need a shield and sword.

Minato Namikaze

Fourth Hokage aka Kiiroi Senko of Konoha

P.S. The key is to the house. Enjoy it as it is all yours. I moved in with Kushina but kept my house next to the Hyuuga clan. Ask the old man for your inheritance, he will know what it means.

Naruto wouldn't believe it he couldn't believe it he backed up against the wall accidently hitting the portrait of the fourth hokage there fell a paper with a seal on it. It said to the future Hokages. Naruto pulsed some chakra into this want to find out more about his so call father. A recording started to play with the image of Minato Namikaze.

You must be the new Hokage if everything has gone as planned I am dead and Sarutobi has become the knew Hokage. My son Naruto will have become a powerful weapon and a instrument of destruction. I know the villagers will not treat him as a hero but hopefully that is what he believed I would want him to be. He will be a monster to everyone around him. Befriend him make him loyal to Konoha and Konoha alone. I have damned my own son when I could have let the Kyuubi be trapped in sub space. Oh well what is one nameless child to the suffering of hundred he could save.

Naruto couldn't believe it. The reason he was beaten, the reason the only family he had left him, and the reason his friend Hinata couldn't see him was because his Father had sealed the Kyuubi in his own son. Not only that but he could have stopped it. He never believed Naruto was going to be a hero he knew the villagers would lash out and what to protect Konoha surely the Kiiroi Senko would be feared for killing a beast that it would have stopped the war but no he instead sealed it in him. Naruto's emotions and his mask suddenly slipped his red chakra bursting forth from his body. This man was not his father! How could a father be so stupid to think that he would be seen as a hero? No, this man was anything but a father! He was a plague, a disease, the man that had destroyed his life before he was even a day old!

The Hokage came into his office only to feel a suffocating pressure coming from Naruto. He saw the envelope and key in Naruto's hand. The Hokage's eyes widened.

"Naruto your fath..." the Hokage was cut of before he even could finish.

"That man is not my father! I've had enough of names that have nothing to do with me!" shouted Naruto as red chakra leaked from him. "From now on I am Naruto Uzuten! A man with no family! For all I care my father was nothing more then a piece of trash that can rot in hell for all eternity!"

The Hokage was amazed. Never had he felt such hate and malice coming from his surrogate grandson. "Naruto you need to calm down," said the Hokage.

The red chakra receded. "You knew!" accused Naruto, his voice dripping with malice and his eyes gleaming with cold fury. "You knew all along that this bastard was my father and you never said a word! You even lied to my face, saying you didn't know who my father was! I trusted you jii-san and you used that to your advantage! Just like he asked when he spoke through this seal how dare you mess with my emotions."

The happy Naruto of old was no more. A cold calculating shinobi stood in his place, finally having enough of the bull shit he had been put through.

"Naruto you have to understand if people knew that you were the son of the fourth it would become increasingly dangerous for you. I swear Naruto i didn't want this i have tried everything to keep the villagers from attacking you. After all the things that have happened to you at the hands of the villagers what do you think Iwa would have done to you if they learned that a Namikaze was alive? " asked the Hokage.

"I understand Jiji that you followed this piece of trashes orders. But you did assign ANBU to protect me so maybe I am wrong so I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now. You don't have to worry about Iwa finding out any more as I have already said I am no longer a bastard Namikaze or an Uzumaki. I am my own and I will create my own clan! The Uzuten clan as is my right as a descendent of the bastard fourth. I demand the Namikaze estate; I will convert it into my clan compound, as it is rightfully mine since my bitch of a mother gave up any claim to it when she left me to fend for myself in this god-forsaken village! Also, I would like to ask a favor of you, Jiji, a friend and I were hoping that when we graduated we could be on the same team. She and I have had to keep it a secret that we were friends and it would be increasingly difficult if she were to be on a different team than me. If you want to truly make up for all the shit this village has put me through I want the Namikaze estate and to be allowed on the same team as Hinata Hyuuga."

"Naruto that is a lot to ask of me, but I believe I may be able to arrange that. Although you will have to join me in a counsel meeting as you have just stated you wish to create a new clan, as well as claim the Namikaze estate. Sometimes, Naruto, you make me feel like a Nara with how troublesome you are."

(Nara compound)

Shikamaru looked around suspiciously. "Why do I feel like I want to shove a kunai down someone for calling a blond troublesome. Troublesome," muttered Shikamaru as he laid back on the roof to watch the cloudy night sky while yawning.

(Time skip one hour later and several severely annoyed and sleepy council members later)

Naruto sat next to the Hokage in a council room.

"I'm sure all of you wish to know why I have called you here," said the Hokage. "As of tonight the last remaining descendent of the Namikaze clan has requested his inheritance and to make his own clan."

The civilian counsel and the Shinobi counsel started to mutter between themselves as they heard what the Hokage. "Hokage-sama, excuse me, but why is that in here and who is the last Namikaze?" screeched out a woman that looked like an older version of Sakura.

"Miss Haruno, I would kindly remind you that who I have accompany me is none of your business," shouted the Hokage. "But to put it simply Naruto is the Namikaze heir as his mother and sister left the village. He is the last Namikaze in the village of Konoha and as an heir to a Hokage he is allowed to create his own clan. He is creating the clan of Uzuten. The Namikaze clan next to the Hyuuga compound shall be converted tomorrow and Naruto shall move in that night."

The Counsel just sat there with their jaws on the floor. They had been isolating and beating the Namikaze clan heir for years.

Then Sakuna Haruno made the biggest mistake of her life. "I propose an arranged marriage with Namikaze Naruto and my daughter so he may start rebuilding the Namikaze clan."

Immediately the room temperature dropped several degrees as suffocating chakra filled the room that resonated from Naruto,

"Number one, there shall be no arranged marriage between anyone I hate or don't want to marry, number two, I will not rebuild my bastard of a fathers clan. As the Hokage said, I'm creating a clan and it is the Uzuten clan! And third, you have no power over me, civilian, and if anyone so much as threatens me to have me become breeding stock I will destroy the seal on my body so the Kyuubi may finish what it started. I have put up with too much shit from this village already. A lot of it coming from most of the people in this room." said a cold Naruto. He stared down the counsel with a glare so cold any Hyuuga would be jealous of. Most of the Counsel was shocked, but one was weeping on the inside. Hyuuga Hiashi realized what he had done years ago by forcing his daughter to stay away from her first real friend. Maybe he could somehow salvage this if he got Naruto on the same team as his daughter.

At the end of the meeting almost all of the counsel was in shock. They couldn't touch the blonde now that he was a ninja, and if they so much as threatened him they might as well have condemned Konoha. They had finally pushed him to the edge and he wasn't going to stand for it anymore.

Naruto was tired of the shit. He had thrown away the mask of the idiot. It was time to show them what he could do. In a burst of cold air, the blond turned into an ice figure before crumbling into snow, showing an ice-based shushin.

"If he already knew a high level Jutsu what else did the blond know?" thought the counsel as the Hokage called the counsel meeting to a end.

(Mini skip 2 days later)

The little secret about Naruto was out and half the village was trying to kiss his ass. As a matter of fact, half the Uchiha fan girls had switched sides! Not that it mattered as none of them could even so much as step foot on the compound Naruto owned without being ejected by a seal.

Naruto hated all the ass kissing, but he just ignored most of it. The last two days had been glorious, no one had attacked him or vandalized his home, although an unconscious Uchiha was found slightly singed at the front gate of his house.

"Eww, look there's scum on my gate! I'll have to ask the Hokage to hire some genin to scrap this garbage off my gate," cackled Naruto as he opened the gate, walking past the obviously unconscious Uchiha.

The first thing Naruto did was destroy all the photos of his family and any symbol for the Uzumaki or Namikaze clan. He replaced them with his own newly designed crest: a white circle with a fox head in the middle with white wings surrounding it.

Despite Naruto's deep hatred for his father he decided to learn seals, if only to surpass the man.

Naruto was training when surprisingly enough Hinata showed up at his gate smiling. Naruto hadn't seen her smile like that since the day they became friends.

"Not that I'm totally unhappy that you're here, Hinata-chan, but won't you get in trouble if your with me in public?" asked Naruto. He was pretty sure he knew why Hiashi, after finding out his heritage, had probably taken back the order he had given.

"You know why, Naruto, after all, when you revealed who you were every clan in Konoha wants a piece of you." The air suddenly became tense. "What I want to know is why you didn't tell me, Naruto-kun…"

Naruto noticed the tension in the air. "I would have told you if I had known before two days ago. After all, you're my best friend Hinata-chan," was Naruto's calm reply.

Hinata smiled. At least she didn't have to stay in the clan compound as much. Her Father had said that it would be good for her to get to know Naruto better. "I also heard that you got your Hitaite because of special circumstances. Can you tell me what happened?" asked Hinata

.Although Naruto was concerned that Hinata might not want to be his friend, he figured she would find out about it eventually, so he told his story. At the end Hinata was hugging Naruto. "I don't see how your father could do that to you and think the villagers would actually accept you! It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you more, Naruto-kun."

"It's alright, Hinata-chan. How about we have a friendly spar? I haven't been able to stretch my limbs and cut loose for a while," said Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, not today, I've already been through a rough session with my father," said Hinata with a slight flinch.

It was then he noticed that she hadn't been moving her left arm. "Hinata-chan, can I see your arm?" asked Naruto, with a look of concern on his face.

Hinata debated with herself before she rolled up her sleeve showing large purple and yellow bruises up and down her arm where chakra points were. Naruto knew firsthand how damaging the gentle fist could be.

"Hinata-chan, why do you put up with him? You're always like this after these sessions with your father!" Naruto took hold of her arm before he ran his hand down it. "Hinata-chan, you should really see a doctor about this. I guess it can't be helped." Naruto pricked his finger with a kunai and ran it over the infected areas before he rubbed it in to the bruised areas. It slowly started to look better. They were now in the final stages of healing, although the skin was still tender.

"Well at least we know how you got your healing abilities. Your blood really does work better then any ointment I've ever made," said Hinata.

Hinata and Naruto talked until supper. He asked Hinata to have dinner with him but she declined. It wasn't that he couldn't cook, it was just that it was getting late and Hinata had to get home.

(Night Midnight Dream scape Naruto)

Naruto walked through a sewer with blood for water. He had never had a dream like this before, it was so weird.

He noticed a red glow coming from a room as he walked. A row of doors became visible. One was labeled "good memories" the other "bad memories." The good memories shined like gold and it looked like a manors door. The bad memories where locked behind a door with chains all around it and bars at the top that glowed an eerie blood red.

Naruto continued and saw many doors. He found a few were shattered and he didn't know why.

As he made it to the end he found a cage with seal written on a piece of paper. As he came closer he saw a woman wearing a flowing red Kimono with white lotuses all over it.

When she saw Naruto her eyes narrowed she went to lunge at him, only to be blasted back from the bars. She growled at the bars that kept her from rending the Yondaime to pieces, only to find the boy was to short and his face was different then the Yondaime's.

"What do you want, brat?" spat out the Kyuubi with distaste in her silky voice.

"I don't want anything. Hey, you haven't happened to see a large male fox in here with nine tails have you?" asked Naruto.

The Kyuubi's eyes fumed red and nine tails came from behind her. "You little brat! How dare you think I am a man! I am the most beautiful and sought after demoness in the entire universe and you dare think that I, the great queen of all bijuu, am a male? When I get out of here I'm going to rip your dick off and shove it so far down your throat it comes out your ass!" shouted the Kyuubi as she pounded at what seemed to be a barrier between the bars. "God damn this sewer! God damn these fucking bars! It's all that bastards fault and I get imprisoned for it!"

"Hey, mind telling me what your talking about?" asked Naruto


"WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? ARE YOU TRYING TO LAUGH AT MY MISERY? WHY DONT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!" shouted the demoness as large energy waves started to crash against the bars.

"Well tell me how to leave and I'll gladly leave you the fuck alone!" Naruto spat back angrily at her.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" A large blast of energy made Naruto fly out of the area and shook him awake.

(Real world)

Naruto awoke with a start. He looked over to his clock and found that it said two. Naruto groaned. He still had four hours before he had to wake up and go to meet his team.

He found out he has this beast sealed inside him (and she's pissed at him! What the hell did he ever do to her? It's not like he wanted her to be sealed in him in the first place! It wasn't really his choice after all). "Damn that man!" thought Naruto, as he put a pillow over his head and tried to drift back to sleep. In another four hours he would get his team.

"Just wait, I'll show you all what I can do! I have persevered and been tempered in the flames of their hate! I will show them that even though they hate me, they are all precious. I will never back down, I will never stop until they see me for who I am," said Naruto as he laid there in bed.

He possessed the will of one and the strength to force through the hate and become stronger. Because after all if you let hate consume you it only makes you weak.

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