The Mission and Something more

Naruto woke feeling a pleasant warmth wrapped around his body. There also seemed to be an almost intoxicating scent the wafted in the are the smell of lavender mixed with cinnamon(you get a free cookie if you know why I added cinnamon here) this was a scent he was all too familiar with as he opened his eyes and drank in the beautiful angel resting on top of him. He smiled and for a moment just basked in this warmth of this moment here he was in bed with his beautiful woman that he had been friends with for as far back as he cared to remember. Her peaceful face as she laid on top of him made everything in the world seem less complicated less bothersome.

Naruto sighed to himself before he quickly substituted himself with a clone of himself and walked out of the tent he and Hinata had been resting in the wind outside on this cool night caressed his skin and the stars above with help from the moon shone an almost ethereal light down upon the world. Naruto walked over to a tree and took a leaf off the ground and holding it between his hands slowly start to add chakra. A small cut formed in the leaf no bigger than one would expect from maybe a chunnin. Naruto frowned at this he had been working on this for over a year but still he had only made minimal progress in cutting the leaf he supposed that at least it was progress. His water affinity however was something else entirely he could already draw water from plants and a small bit from the atmosphere he couldn't believe or explain how he had progressed so fast in that area since his wind affinity and water affinity were both strong.

After a moment Naruto made a familiar hand sign and a few clones appeared. "Okay you guy know what to do try to cut the leaf in half until you dispel." Stated Naruto as he went a good bit away and took out his katana and started to dance his blade flashing in the moonlight as he move from one stance to another imaginary opponents falling to his sword and beautiful dance of death.

Not far away in the trees sat a woman in hunter ninja gear starring at this blond go from one form to the next marveling in how he moved and flowed in his style. She had been trained by a swordsman and the elegant dance showed her much of who this person was capable of he was dangerous there was no doubt just from looking at him flow from one form to the next. Then there were the clones cutting the leaves with chakra which suggested a wind affinity that if he had some training in would allow his blade to be much sharper and thus cut much deeper than a regular blade would.

She had wondered what had made the demon brothers late but it seemed they wouldn't be coming back she frowned despite them not being the best ninja she would have thought them to be much more capable then again it was probably for the best her father didn't need weakling weighing them down. She drew some senbon from her sleeve should she take care of this boy here now before they meet in battle then she caught a glimpse at his deeper sapphire eyes and froze for a moment an overwhelming warmth a unsettling darkness and the deep and soul crushing pain and sadness in those eyes. That darkness that sadness and pain they were something she knew something that she couldn't help but see in her own eyes every morning.

She put her senbon away only to see those blue eyes staring right at her from across the clearing. Deciding it was time to leave she flickered out of vision gone into the night. Naruto frowned at this someone had seen him practicing. How had he not sensed the person before now they had seen him look at them then disappeared into the night.

He went back to his tent before summoning upward of three hundred clones to surround the perimeter and then went back to sleep with Hinata he may need his rest he decided as he drifted back to sleep. Tomorrow may yet present itself as an interesting day yet.

The morning came to quick for Hinata it seems as she had to almost be pried off Naruto but after so feigned not knowing what Yugao and Naruto were talking about. That morning they had decided to continue the mission Naruto had spoken nothing of the hunter ninja he had seen at night. Going back to Konoha would ruin his plans and he didn't need that right now he was finally free from all the stares and the accursed council and perhaps even the Hokage who know where his true feelings lay.

(Last Night with Hinata)

Hinata lay in Naruto's sleeping bag with him neither sleeping at the moment. "So is it time Naruto to finally be free from the village? This mission gives us a perfect chance." Questioned and stated the pale eyed woman laying her head on his chest.

"Yes Hinata I do think it's the perfect time to do what must be done we may not get another chance like this when we reach the town we charter a boat to the ruins of Uzushiogakure we will rebuild it to be greater than the Uzumaki's had ever made it." Stated Naruto staring down in to the beautiful lavender pools of Hinata's eyes and in the moment for just a moment Hinata summoned all the courage she had and captured Naruto's lips.

The world stood still for the two young ninja as they simply enjoyed the feeling of each other's first kiss the only thing that broke them of the moment was the need to breath.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." Breathe out a breathless Hinata as she laid her head back down on Naruto's chest.

"Why'd you wait so long then?" Said Naruto as he tilted her head up to look at his eyes and caught her lips in a short chaste kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other and allowed each other to drift into blissful sleep knowing that in that moment everything had changed but they found they didn't care they had something more to fight for now not just themselves for each other as well now even more.

(Flashback no jutsu kai)

Naruto and Hinata could not keep the smiles off their face today. "It's nice to see Hinata and Naruto so happy." Thought Yugao to herself everyone knew of the Hyuuga princess's obsession of Naruto but as far as she was concerned they were good for each other after all they needed each other and deserved to be happy. Naruto was like a son to her in everything but blood and name damn the Hokage and the blasted council may the shinigami find a special place in hell for them all.

Naruto saw Yugao scowling "Is everything alright Yugao sensei?" Questioned Naruto worried about his older sister figure she was one of the few people he was going to miss when he and Hinata finally left.

"It's nothing Naruto just thinking about something unpleasant is all." Said Yugao before she noticed a loud whistling sound coming from behind them immediately all three shinobi hit the floor Yugao dragging Tazuna down just as a giant cleaver like sword hit a tree and a man appear on its hilt.

"Good reflexes I was hoping this wouldn't be that easy it's been a long time since I've had a challenge and I was hoping to test my metal against the blade mistress of Konoha." spoke the man stand on the sword hilt.

"Zabuza Momochi a class missing ninja Demon of the Mist and ex member of the Seven Swordsman of the Hidden Mist village. Leave Zabuza my mission does not include killing you and I'd rather not have to fight you just allow us to pass and get on with our mission." Stated Yugao rather blandly her eyes going steely as she stared the rather large sword wielding man down.

"I'm afraid we have a problem with that the man your guarding you see I kind of need his head and as far as I can see is your protecting him now if you were to simply hand him over we can both be on our way." Stated Zabuza through the bandages wrapped around his face.

Naruto slowly drew his blade this man was a problem he needed to be removed from his way his plan depended on the bridge builder making it through this alive and completing the bridge so he had enough time to chart a boat as well as do a few other things that would make a lot of things a lot more simple.

Zabuza started to laugh. "Look at this, the little shit fancies himself a swordsman. I suggest you pull your students neck off the chopping block or my blade might lop it off for him Naruto shift into his beginning stance only for Yugao to hold her hand out.

"Naruto put away your blade you're not ready to face this man you are talented but this man is on a whole other level then anyone you or Hinata have ever faced protect the bridge builder but don't interfere." Stated Yugao only for a fog to roll in before Naruto blew it away Yugao knew Naruto didn't like sitting on the sideline but he needed to follow orders at least the fog wouldn't be a problem.

Zabuza scowled this was no his playing field the brat with blond hair was a problem his skills relied on the mist but it seems he would have to fight straightforward now taking his blade from the tree he dashed at Yugao with unreal speed her blade in her hand in the blink of an eye and their swords clashed with a loud screech sparks flying off their blades as they clashed Yugao had to rely on her unnatural reflexes that blade was not for show hers already had a chip in it another clash like the last and it would shatter at worst and hold out one last time at best so she spun dodged and ducked whenever possible. When he final over extended himself and she managed to spin around and land a large gash on his back blood spraying from the wound only for him to jump back and land on a lake now. His eyes screamed for blood as he went through hand signs.

"Bitch you mess with the wrong swordsman. You should have walked away left the bridge builder and I would have let you all live but no you'll only learn by being killed enjoy the next life motherfucker. Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu." Came the enraged scream from Zabuza as the water dragon came roaring at Yugao.

"Earth style: Earth Wall" Came a shout from Yugao as the water dragon slammed into the wall. Luckily the wall held but a large sword soon cut through its weakened defense and straight through Yugao a smile formed as it turn to stone and soon exploded.

"Earth Style: Shrapnel Clone Jutsu" Came the voice of the cut in half clone as Zabuza's eyes widened and the Shrapnel from the clone exploding tore Zabuza apart only for him to turn into water Yugao climbing out of the ground looked disappointed this was supposed to be a simple c-ranked mission not a fucking A-rank worthy of Anbu she sighed and scanned the area for Zabuza he was obviously in the water she wasn't going to fight on his field that was stupid.

"Naruto freeze the lake I don't want any water in this area unfrozen." Stated Yugao loudly.

Zabuzas eyes widened as he suddenly started to swim for th3e surface of the water.

Naruto already done with the hand sign started to freeze the lake. "Ice Style: Eternal sleep of the fish" The lake started to freeze only for Zabuza to burst through a thin layer of ice then suddenly trapped his body half way trapped by ice.

"This wasn't good he was trapped in a block of ice that he very well couldn't escape from if he tried he was going to die here if Haku didn't step in soon." Thought Zabuza his prayers were answered when senbon came flying out of the trees and struck him in the neck.

"Thank you for trapping him for me I have been tracking Zabuza for a long time. With his death I can finally return home it has been a long time since I have been able to see my home." Stated the hunter ninja Naruto had seen the night before.

"That was unexpected. If anything I was sure the hunter ninja may have been hired to stop us but why hire a hunter ninja when they only chase missing ninja anyway? So much for that theory." Thought Naruto only for the hunter ninja to disappear along with Zabuza's body

Yugao frowned at this "Tazuna do you have somewhere we can stay while in the village?" Asked Yugao as she eyed Naruto who looked a little tired the lake must have been deep and if she had to guess laced with Zabuza's chakra which would have made it hard to freeze.

"Yes my daughter and grandson have a spare bedroom that you and your team can rest in till the mission is over and she is an excellent cook as well and anything we eat you are welcome to at our table." Stated Tazuna with a smile.

Naruto let out a sigh happy they could sleep a warm home today not that he had a problem cuddling with Hinata in a sleeping bag but he was sure it would be a lot more comfortable sleeping with her in a warm house he hoped Yugao sensei would let them continue doing that.

When they got to the house Yugao stopped them and pulled them aside. "Alright we have a major issue I don't think Zabuza is dead hunter ninja dispose of the body on site so for the next week you two will be working on whatever you can to improve because if I'm not mistaken that hunter ninja and Zabuza will be back and this time one or both of you are going to have to fight the hunter ninja while I take care of Zabuza is this understood? This is not negotiable and Naruto you will follow this order no matter if I'm in danger or not." Stated Yugao.

"Yes Yugao sensei I understand." Stated Naruto he knew he had disobeyed orders when he blew away the mist that made him a target on that would be used against Yugao. Naruto of course knew this but he believed fighting Zabuza in his area of specialty would end badly.

"If there is mist when it happens next time you may disperse it like last time but don't make yourself a target okay?" Stated Yugao in a soft ton.

"Yes Yugao sensei." Said Naruto with a smile.

Tazuna walked into the house." I'm finally home. Tsunami we have guest I'm sure there very hungry would you please fix dinner?" Asked Tazuna as he came to sit at a table. The group f ninja came to sit at the table as well.

"I'm so glad your home father I don't know what I would do if the last of my family were to die." Stated Tsunami.

"What happened to the others in your family?" Questioned Yugao seeing a pictures of a Man and a young boy in a picture.

"They have left this world to be at peace in the afterlife. My husband and my Son taken from me by Gato both for standing up to him." Stated Tsunami.

(Flashback no jutsu)

"Inari my son don't let them win protect them with both arms don't let them waver." Said a Man before he was executed.

In the boys eyes a hard and deep gaze formed from tears that had threatened to spill over In place of the once full to bursting tears came a fierce look of fire of passion and of resolve.

"Father you have taught me so much and in the end you were made to leave me and mother but its time I took over as a man Gato will never stop till he is made to stop." Stated the young boy as he walked off.

Over the Next three months warehouse after warehouse was destroyed burned exploding trashed by animal or just generally bashed up and the culprit a pitiful nine year old boy.

"What is the meaning of this is this a freaking joke for three months we have been set back by a fucking brat what do I hire you people for this little brat ha destroyed rare pieces of art not to mention hundreds of thousands in drugs and other things. I want the brat hung from a tree in the middle of the town for all to see that disrespect and defiance comes with a heavy price on that no man or BOY can make." Gato having said his piece walked of the next day Inari was found hung from a lamp post in the middle of town his body swinging side to side in the wind.

(Flashback no jutsu kai)

"It's not something we talk about often anymore my son and husband were brave and noble men heroes to many an a source of great hope and that hope has been extinguished with their death any hope that remains is the bridge and you ninja who protect my father till his work is done." Stated Tsunami Naruto having heard enough decided it was time for a long overdue sleep.

Hinata had followed Naruto upstairs and had crawled into bed with him wrapping her arms around him she laid on hand on his chest and the other against his stomach. "What on your mind Naruto?" Asked the Hyuuga princess.

"I had thought that escaping here would be simple but these people there stories are tragic and hard to ignore I was going to leave them to their ate but my heart twists and cringes at the mere thought of doing anything so cruet to them as to rip there hope away once more seems to be far to heartless worthy of something my mother is capable of. Stated Naruto with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Anyone that knew Naruto would know that was an insult he reserved for very few but this complicated things this would mean delaying a departure and possibly running into Zabuza and the mysterious hunter ninja they were no match for Zabuza but the hunter ninja disturbed them as well." Hinata first thing in the morning I need you to go down to the docks and charter ourselves a boat out of this place to leave in exactly one week give them a hundred grand fifty now fifty upon leaving." Stated Naruto.

"Of course Naruto it shall be done." She said as she placed a kiss on the back of his neck. Naruto turned over to look at her and was meet with here deep pools of lavender staring back at him into his soul he heart his mind and they kissed as they had the night before an enjoyed the feeling of the others lips against their own lips. Naruto breaking the kiss let out a sigh of content meant smile as he felt on of Hinata's hands lay on his chest as she rested her head on his chest as well her other hand running through his blond locks.

This was all she could have hoped for okay maybe she had much more she wanted but that was for later she couldn't let naughty Hinata out to early that would take all the fun of make him work for it and she wanted this to be more than just some stupid romance that ended in disaster she needed him he was hers now and she would be damned if it dint stay that way she had no delusion that she would be alone but anyone that joined hi harem was under her. She was the matriarch in this relationship anyone else was second to her.

"Naruto I know there will be more women to join us but promise me that I'll be your first in everything tell me I will be above that come after that you won't let someone join unless I approve." Said Hinata looking him directly in the eyes.

He was shocked Hinata thought there would be more women he obviously need to build his clan but she was basically asking to be the matriarch the most powerful woman in his life and he only had one thing to say to her. "Hinata you are the most important woman in my life you will be my first in everything ad you will have to approve any of them because if you don't approve it's not an option for me you are the one I have been for since I was born you will always keep that position." Said Naruto a warmth flooding from his eyes and there in those eyes Hinata found herself standing next to him through anything and everything to come. Hinata laid her head back on his chest his hand going through her long hair it now went past her shoulder blades when she wasn't sleeping it was in a ponytail. For the first time everything in life seemed right she was with the man that had stolen her heart so very long ago and now he was saying he accepted her as the one who would be matriarch to their clan. Well it would be there clan eventually thought Hinata. The doubt she used to have gone Naruto was hers now she wouldn't ever give him up he was hers.

Naruto laid there thinking on what Hinata had said and he was actually happy with his decision if anything he really didn't plan on having any other women in his life this would make thing simpler if that did come along later he supposed and besides Hinata was a very good judge of people.

Now all they had to do was worry about how to deal with Zabuza and the huntr ninja thought Naruto as he drifted off to sleep Hinata not far behind him comfortable and ready to let sleep take her into its blissful embrace.

(Later that night)

Naruto awoke later that night and substituted himself with a clone and walked off into the night but not before leaving a note for Hinata. He was going to take care of the Gato problem now he walked off into the middle of the forest and created five hundred clones soon a group of clones found a gang of Gatos thugs and thus he waited it must have been two a.m. till the men drunk to hell stumbled into the forest. After a mile or two Naruto saw a large building.

"So this must be his base of operations. It looks more like a mansion then anything there is probably several layers of underground I want twenty five of you clones to henge into thugs and take these. Make sure to plant and hide them everywhere when we are done here I want everyone dead no mistakes." Stated Naruto as he handed them several explosive tags over to the clones who nodded to him.

The real Naruto walked up to the top room of the mansion and heard the voice of a short man. "That demon of the mist failed and he still expects me to pay him what a load of shit if he still expect pay he's a fool I should have just hired mercenaries in the first place cheaper and a lot less messy." Stated the short man when Naruto saw him he couldn't believe this was Gato he was even shorter then him and he was 12 this man was Gato really not what he imagined. There was also a large safe door on the other side of the room

Naruto drifted into the window and drew his sword appearing behind Gato in a burst of pure speed. "Listen to me very carefully remove your hand from under the table hands on your head or I will separate it from your body now." Stated Naruto as Gato froze in terror but raised his hands above his head quickly.

"Any signal in this room has already been deactivated you will Open the safe and after I take what I want I will let you leave." Stated Naruto calmly Gato did as he was told and when he did Naruto stabbed him right in the spine and poured as little chakra into him as possible slowly freezing him from the inside out.

:"You said you would let me go you have what you want raaaahhh why are you doing this ahhhhhhhhhhh/" Stated the man in immeasurable pain.

"Why I'm letting you go Gato into the void of oblivion." Said Naruto before he kick him in the spine and it instantly shattered and Gato laid dead a look of pain and horror in his face. His clones should be done by now he cleaned out the safe of a large amount of money what a fortuitous occasion he had enough to create a small ninja village and then some maybe rebuilding Uzushio wouldn't be that hard after all.

Naruto walked off from the place but not before he blew it sky high even the ground five floors deep was blown away all that was left were bloody smears and smoldering rocks. This was how they should have done it in the first place eliminate the threat at the source that was when one of Naruto's clones found a large tree in the middle of the forest and his smile split his face Zabuza's base this really was a fortuitous day now what to do what to do. Maybe it was time to make a new ally for Uzushio.