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Maka clutched at Soul's arm, not willing to let him go just yet. In return Soul pulled her waist closer to his body. They were so close together that Soul could feel her rapid heat beat through her chest, which was pressed up tightly against his. Not that either of them were opposed to this kind of contact.

She let her head rest upon his chest, as they continued to sway slowly. The pair were supposed to be Waltzing but they had both let their emotions get the better of them, ending up in this more intimate embrace.

The scythe guided his meister's hands up to his shoulders, making sure they were secure around his neck before dropping his own hands down to her waist, joining his fingers together around her hips, pulling the partners even closer together.

With her hands firmly placed of Soul's shoulders Maka let her lungs fill with his scent. She breathed deeply wanting to imprint the memory of the smell into her brain. Soul's body stiffened as he suddenly became aware of how her no longer tiny bust was pressed into his chest. He bit down on his lip stifling a groan.

Maka sighed into his orange shirt. Everything was perfect right now. She focused on Soul's not so steady breathing while they swayed slowly to the soft song that was coming to a close too soon for Maka's liking.

Soul squeezed her up against him once again before speaking.


The blonde lifted her head up and was greeted by his penetrative crimson eyes. He stared down at her, the red orbs filled with an emotion that she didn't quite understand yet.

Maka's stomach did multiple somersaults when she realized that his head was bent down so that it was extremely close to her face. Was he going to kiss her? It certainly seemed so, especially because of the fact that his face was moving slowly towards hers. Hands tightening around her hips again.

She closed her eyes when she felt his warm breath wash over her lips. They had never, ever been this close to one another before.

The meister held her breath as his lips grazed over hers gently. But before anything more could happen Soul redirected his mouth to her ear.

"I-I think we should stop for today." He whispered, unaware of the way he made Maka shiver by simply talking. He released his hold on her waist before grabbing her hands off his shoulders and almost forcing them to her sides.

She stood rooted to the spot while he walked over to the old gramophone, taking the needle off the record, putting an end to the romantic music,

"I'm going out." He announced, purposely not looking in her direction.

"S-Soul Wait!" she called after the white haired boy who was already halfway out the door. Pretending not to hear her he pulled the door shut behind him, a little too loud for Maka's liking.

Only once she heard the motorbike engine roaring off and down the street did she move from her place on the floor. Maka walked over and collapsed onto the small couch that had been pushed out of the way to make room for a dance floor in the small apartment that the two teens shared.

She buried her face into her clammy hands. What was that? Soul certainly did not usually act the way he just had done. The slow swaying, the hands around waist and the almost devious look in his eyes when he was about to kiss her, hell no, Soul never did those sort of things. It was not normal.

"Argg, but why did I like it so much?" She whispered to herself, cursing her damn emotions.

She was getting heaps better at dancing though, thanks to Soul.

The Shibusen formal was coming up in about a month's time. But up till now Maka had no idea how to dance properly. So to avoid future humiliation –mostly from Black*Star - she had begged Soul to teach her. But her two previous lessons had never been so...romantic - she settled - as this one had been.

So what did just happen? And the even bigger question, why did she like it so much?

"Soul, you're so not cool." He told himself over the roaring noise of the bike.

Things were fine before he had to go make it so romantic. Maka and him had been dancing well, Soul instructing her on the things that she did wrong and correcting her mistakes. Then suddenly the dance had changed into something more than just a practice. Then...Then... He didn't even want to think about what he was going to do then!

But Soul couldn't help it. The way she swayed against him, the smell of her hair, the warmth of her body, the feeling of her breasts up against his chest, the feeling of her slender hips under his hands. It was all too much. He just wanted to make her his right there and then. To spill out his feelings that he was so desperately holding in. But he couldn't. That wouldn't e cool at all.

There was no way he could tell her what he felt without it being massively cheesy and awkward. So he kept it to himself. Besides, they were just friends. Just meister and weapon.

Who was he kidding? Friends don't almost kiss. Friends don't sway slowly to romantic music. So if they weren't that...what were they?

He growled in annoyance, pulling back his wrist he felt the bike speed up under him. He was going well over the speed limit but Soul didn't slow down, instead he sped up, hoping his emotions would be left behind along with his stomach.

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