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Chapter 11

"So I'll see you later."

"Mmm yeah." Soul grumbled as he watched his meister grab her keys from the kitchen bench.

Apparently she was going to get ready with Tsubaki, as tonight was the dreaded Shibusen formal. Maka was wearing her simple outfit now, but in her left hand she held the expensive dress she had bought the other night. Soul still hadn't seen it and now it was covered up with one of those big dry cleaner bags.

"Make sure you make yourself presentable, ok."

"Whatever." He shoved his hands back into his pockets and lent against the door frame. Soul really did not want to turn up tonight.

"Brush your hair or something as well."

"My hair is cool the way it is." He huffed.

"Bye then." Maka smiled and attempted to walk away from the small apartment. But a hand had caught her around the waist, pulling her backwards and into, what she hoped was Souls body.

"Soul quit it! I'm going to be late!" The meister complained, but instead of relaxing his grip on her waist like she wanted him to, he only tightened it.

Maka tried with all her might not to let herself melt into his chest... but, it failed. Sighing she relaxed and turned around so they were facing each other. Maka wrapped her arms around his back, letting herself mould into him. She breathed in deeply, his scent piercing her senses. He smelt like home, like safety and like comfort. Maka loved it.

"Why can't you get ready here?" Her partner's voice rumbled from his chest that Maka had her ear to.

"Because I told Tsubaki ages ago that we would get ready together, i can't just change plans because my weapon was sooking about it." She hugged Soul tighter, apologizing in a sense.

"I'm not 'sooking'. I just think we should go together."

"Too bad. You should have made plans before Tsubaki did. Now please let me go, I'm late." Maka retracted her arms from around him and pushed against his chest trying to break his grip from her. He let go but proceed to trace his hand down her neck, making her shiver involuntary. She glared up at him. Soul smiled before moving his lips down to hers, still tracing her neck with his fingers. Her breath hitched but she kissed him back.

Soul broke the contact first.

"Do you want a lift to Tsubaki's? I wouldn't mind driving." He offered, stepping back to a comfortable distance.

"Umm, yeah that would be good, it would mean i would get there faster as well..." She nodded, face flushed from the contact she still wasn't so used to.

"Let me grab my keys, hang on." Soul disappeared back into their apartment for a bit before returning to the hall, making sure to shut the door behind him. "Let's go then."

"Tsubaki, i don't really want to wear makeup." Maka grumbled as the Japanese weapon sat her down in the chair that had been temporarily placed in front of the bathroom mirror.

"Trust me Maka-Chan, I won't put too much on. And if you don't like it, I'll let you wash it off ok?" Tsubaki told her, rummaging around in the small draw that was built next to the sink cabinet.

The meister sighed in defeat. "Where is Black*Star anyways?" Maka asked.

"Probably in his room."

"He and Soul should have gotten ready together." Maka thought out loud.

"Yeah, would have saved me making sure he was well enough dressed. Soul would've kept him in line." The black haired girl agreed. "How is Soul these day's by the way?"

Maka blushed remembering today's and yesterday's events. "Fine." She mumbled looking down to hide the colour in her face. But much to Maka's dismay her friend didn't miss it.

"Oh! Has something happened?" Tsubaki stopped pampering her friends face.

"...If I tell you, you have to tell me what's going on between you and Black*Star ok?"

"Sure ok!" The weapon agreed.

"Umm...well...I...He...We kissed...multiple times." She blushed once again.

"Yay! Maka-Chan I'm so happy for you! Has he told you it yet though?"

"Told me what?" She was confused.

"You know! Those magic three words?"

She finally caught on. ", he hasn't..."

"Don't worry, I'm sure he will sooner or later." Tsubaki told her, going back to her friends makeup.

"Yeah." Maka mumbled. 'What if he doesn't love me though? What if it's just friends with benefits?' She thought, suddenly in a less happy mood. 'Why wouldn't he have told me yet? It must not be cool to love someone with such a low sex appeal.' She sighed.

"Anyway! What about you and Black*Star?" The meister lifted her mood, trying to get her mind off those depressing thoughts.

"There's nothing between us. He's too focused on other things to realize my feelings." Her friend looked sad for a moment before continuing. "But that's ok I don't mind that much. As long as i can continue to be his weapon I'll be happy!" She smiled.

"Black*Star is so immature. Don't get caught up in it too much ok? He is stupid, i don't know what you see in him."

"You wouldn't, you don't live with him. He is different at home." Tsubaki explained.

"If you say so." Maka said, still not believing.

Maka slid the dress over her head and shoulders, when it was on she turned it slightly, making sure it was in the right position before patting down the skirt of any excess dust and dirt. She looked at herself in Tsubaki's full length mirror. The meister smiled. She looked older than what she was, and the dress accentuated her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra because the back of the dress was bare and if she did, you would be able to see the bra strap. But Maka was surprised to find, even though she wasn't wearing support the dress still looked good. She smiled, reminding herself to clean her teeth before leaving to Shibusen. Tsubaki had also done a good job on Maka's makeup. It wasn't caked on like the girls that sought after Soul wore it like. It was just enough to make her face look more colourful. And to her surprise makeup made her look better. They had some trouble with figuring out what to do with her hair. But in the end they both settled on curling it and leaving it out. Maka twirled around admiring how much better she looked when she was dressed up. There was a knock on the door.

"You can come in!" The door squeaked open.

"Wow Maka-Chan you look so good!" It was Tsubaki. Maka looked over at her friend, mouth dropping. Tsubaki was wearing the blue dress that she had described while they were shopping. Maka's self confidence dropped suddenly. She looked like nothing compared to the weapon in front of her. How was it even possible to look that pretty? Jeez, and how did Black*Star not notice her, when she was so good looking? Maka sighed, not looking back in the mirror.

"Same Tsubaki! You look amazing!" Maka complimented politely.

"Come on, we'll be late if we don't hurry up. I'll go get Black*Star, he should be ready soon enough." The weapon grabbed her hand and dragged her to the door that was Black*Star's room. Tsubaki let her go and knocked on the white door.

"What?" Came the response from the assassin behind the wall.

"Maka-Chan and I are ready so we're just waiting for you."

"Yeah I'm done." The door was swung open and there stood Black*Star in a black suit with a plain white shirt underneath. Maka was kind of surprised. He didn't look like the stereotypical Black*Star. Where was the cocky attitude? Maybe Tsubaki was right. Maybe the immature boy was different than she originally thought? Maka smiled noticing that Black*Star was blushing as he looked at his weapon. He stopped looking when he realized Maka was standing next to Tsubaki.

"You're not so much tiny-tits any more are you Maka! HYAHAHA!"

She was wrong. He was the same. Black*Star had not changed, and nothing would make her think otherwise again. The assassin received a Maka-Chop for his choice of words.

"Let's just go..." Maka sighed walking toward the front door.

He was late...not like he cared. It was cool to be late. Besides, he didn't even want to be here. They were lucky that he even showed up. Soul decided on wearing the outfit that he wore in the black room. Maka seemed to like it after all. He fiddled with the collar of the red shirt. He didn't like suits and gay arsed shirts. They reminded him too much of the family he deprecated. That was another reason why he didn't want to be here.

Soul walked up the stairs to the hall where the god dammed formal was taking place. Pushing open the door quietly he intended to slip in, trying to go unnoticed. But that was an impossible ask seeming to reach the dance floor - where ever one was by this stage of the evening- you had to go down a shit load of stairs, where everyone would watch you make your entrance.

He sighed, getting it over and done with Soul shoved his hands in the pockets of his pinstriped pants and proceed to walk carefully-but coolly- down the red carpeted steps.

They whispered his name, everyone looking up, wondering why he was late.

When he was halfway down the stairs he looked around, searching the crowd for her. Scanning his onlookers for a pig-tailed girl, but was disappointed when she was not found.

He sighed as he touched down on level ground with everyone else. Most people had gone back to dancing with their partners. Soul made his way to the edge of the room and lent against an empty wall. The crowd of dancers swayed smoothly.

Soul didn't like big parties like this. He'd rather stay at home and listen to his music by himself. He hated people. In fact he had no idea how he had come to gain such good friends, because it was certainly not his doing. Maybe it was Maka? Had she -without him realizing it- helped him to make friends? He stopped thinking about those things. It wasn't cool to dwell on the past.

Where was Maka? Soul looked through the swaying bodies of the crowd searching for his meister. He felt his heart double in speed when his eyes made purchase on a very pretty girl in the middle of the dancers. She was by herself. Curled sandy blonde hair (that reminded him a lot of Maka's) hung down to her hips, the girl was wearing a black backless dress that sat almost too well around her curves. Soul was about to go and introduce himself to this amazing woman when he remembered that he was supposed to be looking for his meister, not attractive girls.

Soul narrowed his eyes when Black*Star approached the long haired girl that he had been eying. Wasn't the assassin supposed to be with Tsubaki? They were dance partners after all. Soul felt bad for Tsubaki suddenly. What would she say when she found out that her meister was flirting with another girl? He was snapped out of his thoughts when the blue haired assassin looked over at him and pointed, as if he was showing the girl where he was.

Ok now Soul was confused. That was, until the girl in the backless dress spun around to face him.

"Maka?" He stared at her, mouth open.

No way. Since when was her hair that long? 'I guess she always had it up i never really noticed.' Soul thought. Sure it looked like the Maka he knew, but this Maka was extremely sexy. Jeez did he really just think that? Soul took his hand out of his pocket and subtly wiped his nose, feeling relived when he realized it wasn't bleeding. If he got a nose bleed over Maka he was sure to get shit about it from Black*Star when he found out, not to mention the Maka-Chop he would surely receive.

Soul couldn't help but grin, which in turn made her eyes light up as a smile spread across her face. Black*Star waved at him from Maka's side before disappearing into the crowd again. Maka twisted her fingers together and made her way over to him, but before she could get even half way, Soul noticed her face drop suddenly. He felt an arm entwine in his.

"Soul –Kun! ~" The awfully high pitched voice sang beside him.

The white haired scythe turned to see Yumi smiling horribly next to him.

"Soul-Kun ~~!" Let's dance ne?"

He ignored her, instead turning back to Maka. But he found the place where she was standing vacant.

Yumi tugged his attention back to her. "Are we going to dance?"

"Umm, yeah sure." Soul grumbled.

"Yay!" The overly annoying girl dragged him into the center of the floor and grabbed his hand and shoulder. Soul responded, subconsciously placing a hand on her waist.

Fuck he needed to find Maka. Damn Yumi screwing everything over. She was thanking him for something he didn't care about. He zoned out, not wanting to have anything to do with the woman he was dancing with. Maka's fallen face was haunting his damn vision.

"Soul-Kun? Are you ok?" Yumi asked, snapping him out of his trance. He hadn't realized that the song was now half over. Good he could last the next couple of minutes, and then he would excuse himself.

"Yeah." Soul lied.

"Good because I wanted to ask you something."

Soul was suddenly worried.


"You love Maka-Chan don't you?" She continued to smile.

They continue to dance despite what she had just asked.

Soul didn't answer. He wasn't going to tell someone like this his inner most feelings. Who did she think she was asking such personal questions?

"Tell her."


"You need to tell her that you love her. I'll leave you alone from now on. Thanks for the dance." Yumi smiled at him before breaking their hold and disappearing into the crowd. It seemed Yumi wasn't as bad as she made out to be.

'What just happened?' He was confused, but he made his way back over to where he was standing earlier, hoping to find Maka again. Instead he found Kirikou. He had his head down and seemed to be depressed for some reason.

"Yo man you ok?" Soul asked, still searching around for his meister.

"Yeah I'll be fine." He lifted his head and smiled. "Maka just dumped me."

"Oh...I'm sorry." He wasn't, in fact he was way too happy for his own good.

"It's ok. I don't want to force someone to like me anyway." He explained punching Soul on the shoulder playfully. "She should be on the balcony."

"Thanks." The scythe smiled back.

There was a breeze flowing into the large hall from the open doorway. Soul stepped out waiting a minute for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the night. When he could see again he looked around for the meister. She had her back to him, not noticing that she was no longer alone. She was leaning over the rails looking out into the chilly night. The moon laughed at him as Soul walked up quietly behind her. His stomach flipped as he ran the tips of his fingers up her warm back. She gasped and turned around.

"Jeez Soul. You scared me." Maka looked up at him, she looked sad. Soul smirked.

"But it was a good kind of scare right?"

"Shut up."

"Admit it."

"No." She grinned, all evidence of sadness washed away.

Soul sighed and grabbed her in a hug. Burying his head into her hair, as she tucked hers into the hollow of his neck. She smelt appetizing, like apple, cinnamon and vanilla all mixed together. It made his mouth water.

"I heard about Kirikou." Soul mumbled into her hair.

"Mmm?" Maka didn't move her head.

"Why'd you end it with him?"

"Because i think i love someone else." Maka didn't hesitate to move her hands up and into his hair, running them through it before bringing his mouth down to hers for what wasn't the first time today.

"Mmmm really?" Soul mumbled, not leaving her lips.

She giggled as the vibration of his words tickled her mouth. Soul ran his cold fingers up and down her bare back. To which she gasped at. He nibbled at her bottom lip, like she had done to him so expertly last night.

"But i have a dilemma." She told him breaking away. She was slightly out of breath from the kiss. Soul's stomach jumped around at the sound of her breathlessness. It wasn't a bad jumping though. It was a too good jumping.

"Do you now?" He asked smirking as he bent down and grazed his slightly rough lips down the side of her neck.

"Mmmm. I'm not sure if this guy loves me back though." Her voice was quiet

Soul kissed her again before speaking.

"He does."

"Really? Maybe i should ask Black*Star to dance then!"

"What!" Soul's heart dropped. Had she seriously been talking about Black*Star the whole time? She hated the assassin didn't she?

"I'm joking." Maka smirked. "Jeez i hate Black*Star, you should know that."

"Shut up...You wanted to dance right?" Soul asked, looking back inside. "Let's go then."

It was like the start. They were dancing like they did in their small apartment. Except now there were no worries. Everything was too perfect. What did all this make them? They couldn't be just friends. Friends don't kiss, friends don't sway slowly to romantic music. So if they weren't that...then what were they?

"Maka, you." Soul said quickly, feeling his face grow hot.

She smiled for the umpteenth time that night.

"I know."

As cheesy as it sounded she guessed it meant they were lovers. Things were defiantly going to change here on out.

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