Chapter 4- The fight to get there
Sam's POV-

Freddie woke up next to me on the couch, and I yawned and stretched, slowly getting up, and hopping up with determination. I headed to the bathroom, peeing, and getting in the shower. I curled my hair, and then put on my mascara, blush, and lipstick. I put on shorts, red shorts, and a white shirt with a black stick figure. I heard Freddie's yawn, and headed out the bathroom, as he entered. I walked into the kitchen and took out some bacon, and took out a pan. I stuck the bacon in there and it sizzled, the smell making my stomach growl. Freddie walked out, showered, hair gelled back. He took out four eggs, and then fried them to perfection. We each got two eggs, and bacon for breakfast, orange juice with no pulp. We ate our breakfast and talked about transportation.

"Well need to use Spencer and Carly's money, and use Spencer's bike. They better not care, were saving their lives!" he said, and laughed with me.

"Alright, sounds like a plan. OK, well head out as soon as go to the iCarly studio to get the emergency pack." I stood up, washed the dishes, and headed upstairs. I grabbed the emergency pack, and stood at a picture of Carly and Spencer, smiling together, and a tear rolled down my face. I had a sad smile, and put the picture down. I turned around, but I couldn't leave without it, so I put the picture into my emergency pack, and headed down. I saw Freddie, waiting for me. He held his arms out, and I jumped into his warm arms.

"This is probably the last time well smile." Freddie said, and I let out a small cry. He spun me around and put me down, then smiled into my face, his eyes warming my heart and soul, and gave me a kiss. I pulled away and smiled.

"We got to go. Carly? Spencer?" I pushed on. He looked down, and then looked right back into my eyes. I felt something slipping onto my finger.


"Take this promise ring. Please, I love you too much to lose you, and not let you know HOW much I love you." he said, and I looked at the big diamond and smiled, tears rolling down again.

"Wow...I love you too!" I said, I was overjoyed. I grabbed the pack and put it in the very skinny trunk compartment in the motorcycle. I walked and sat behind him, as he made the motorcycle roar to life. He photoshopped Spencer's ID for the motorcycle, so it looked like we were legally driving the thing. We sped down the road, and off into the distance.

"I can't wait until we get to Boston." I said. I felt a little rain, so I pushed to button that makes a hood go over, almost like a pod. I got off the back, and sat in the corner of the pod.

Freddie's POV-

"Wow can we speed?" Sam said, and I shook my head.

'Let's get a hotel, OK?" I asked. She nodded, and she was nodding off. We parked at the hotel, and she stood as the pod disappeared. We rented a room for two nights. We slept and hung, even bought more clothes and food for the ride. We went on an awesome date, and on the third day, was back on the road. Sam sat and ate a fat-cake, she smelled of roses from her shower, her hair wet and slicked by her face. I smiled, and laughed at the image.

"Wassup?" she asked lazily, Sam kind of let herself go, we had been traveling for a few days and was only half way there.

"Nothing, you letting yourself go?" I asked. Her face turned to shock. "Joking honey." I felt a fat cake on my face, and I made a surprised face.

"When haven't I let myself go?" she said, laughed. She hugged me tight, and I kissed her back, I felt her smile grow on my face.

"Hmmm your so hot." she said, and sat back down.

"I think your hotter." and winked at her, as she melted all over herself. I drove off faster, then sun beaming. What a beautiful day.