For those without prior knowledge of the Loveless universe:

1. In this universe, everyone is born with cat ears and a tail. These they possess until they lose their virginity. i.e. virginity goes, neko-traits go. –sigh-

2. There is a battle system in this universe, which in the anime (my sole provision of Loveless knowledge) is never thoroughly dealt with and explained. In other words, even if you don't know anything about the Loveless-verse, I don't know very much more than you. O.o Most of the rules of the Academy I describe in this fanfiction are made up by yours truly and have no precedence in the actual anime/manga.

The only thing that I can be certain of is that battles occur between two teams at a time (never more, or at least not in the anime), and each team is made up of two members, the Fighter and the Sacrifice. The Fighter's job is to fight using words as weapons. The Sacrifice's job is to take the damage and order the Fighter around. The purpose of carrying out these battles remains unknown.

Each team has a shared name, apparently mystically decided upon by fate, and the names generally follow the convention of ~less (e.g. Loveless, Restless, Faceless etc.) though exceptions do occur, usually in the case of particularly powerful pairs. These names appear in the form of tattoos on any random part of the body, though pairs will have the same name on the same part of their body. Fighters and Sacrifices usually don't know who their partner is until they get their shared name.

3. Fighters and Sacrifices are trained in a school called the Shichisei Academy. Apart from those connected to Shichisei Academy, the rest of the population seems oblivious to its existence as well as those of the Fighters and Sacrifices.

Note:This fic takes place in the same warped timeline as Gintama, except without Amanto. i.e. kimonos and computers, simultaneously.


How to Land an Unwanted Partner

-In which Hijikata blows up several times, Gintoki reads Jump, Kondou reads porn, Sougo is Sougo and nobody knows how to read English-

The sun peeked nervously from behind a cloud. Below, all was silent. The wind whistled uneasily, while the birds were silent in apprehension. Nothing wanted to draw Hijikata's famous Glare of Death, especially not now.

Hijikata, on one of the rare occasions he was allowed to leave the Academy, had been fuming all the way to the convenience store in the small town nearest to the school. He did appreciate the chance of getting out and about; however, he also did resent the condition that he buy porn magazines for Kondou-sensei. He respected the man, really he did, but there were certain things that he simply couldn't – wouldn't – reconcile himself to. That Kondou-sensei would sink to the level of porn magazines… no, he didn't want to continue with that line of thought.

As before, he casually riffled through the more decent publications upon entering the convenience store, before slipping surreptitiously into the dingy corner where questionable material was stocked. Without looking at the covers – he was pure – he grabbed a couple on his way past, hurriedly returning to the realm of respectability. The store owner shot him a questioning look from under raised brows as Hijikata went to pay for the magazines along with a bottle of mayonnaise (his alibi for going to the convenience store) but accepted the money without comment.

Already ill at ease due to the incriminating magazines, Hijikata all but fled from the knowing grin of the shopkeeper. He shoved the door open, wanting to make a quick escape – only to collide into another customer, hard enough to bounce off in a rather comic fashion. Flustered, he barely noticed the sudden burn at the nape of his neck.

The person into whom he had bumped blinked down at the fallen Hijikata, as though still processing what had happened. He scratched the back of his neck absently. "Oi… don't go around banging into people. It's not nice," he informed Hijikata.

Hijikata glared back at the newcomer. Everything about this person pissed Hijikata off – the silver, apparently naturally curly hair, the half-on-half-off kimono, the couldn't-care-less air about him. "You were in the way!" he exploded, lashing out at the world in general.

"Na… don't you see the sign on the door? It says pull," the silver-haired person said, with exaggerated patience. The door hung open beside him, flopping rather forlornly. "I may be a little slow on the uptake, but what you did was definitely a push, not a pull."

"I – you – oh what the hell," Hijikata swore, climbing back to his feet. Having done so, he realized that his mayonnaise and the magazines he had bought earlier were scattered on the floor. He scrambled to recover them.

"Porn?" The kimono-clad male tsked audibly. "And I thought you looked like the straight-laced sort. Guess looks can be deceiving."

"It's not mine!" defended Hijikata, knowing that his face was flaming and hating it.

The person – he seemed to be about Hijikata's age, or perhaps slightly older, eighteen or thereabouts to Hijikata's seventeen – grinned slyly. "It's okay, you know. Everyone goes through that stage. Ah, the joys of youth…" He dangled the last of Hijikata's magazines in front of the dark-haired boy's face.

A cooler part of Hijikata's mind noticed that the older boy had no cat-ears, and this somehow made him even more embarrassed. "I said, it's not mine!" he shouted, swiping at the magazine but missing as the older teen flicked it out of reach. "I was forced to buy this!"

"Oh? By who? Not your mother, surely," teased the silver-haired boy.

Hijikata's cheeks were hot enough to toast bread. "My sensei, okay? Give it back!"

"Goodness, what is the teaching profession coming to?" the older youth wondered aloud, allowing Hijikata to recapture the magazine.

"Shut up," growled Hijikata, stuffing the magazines unceremoniously into his bag before storing the mayonnaise with considerably more caution. "Just shut up and leave me alone, will you?"

"Sure thing, bratling," replied the silver-haired boy. Just as Hijikata was about to storm off, though, he added, "Perhaps you should know that you bought two of the same magazines."

Hijikata halted in mid-storm, froze in place for two seconds while lightning flashed in the dark clouds over his head, then back-pedaled to the store, shooting his strongest death glare at the infuriating stranger as he went past.

It was in the showers three days later that he first realized. Or rather, he didn't realize it himself – he was told.

Sougo, a fellow Fighter and (sadly) the closest person Hijikata had to a friend in this strange Academy (most of the others were plain scared of him), pointed it out when they were in the communal showers. Kondou-sensei believed that training the Fighters physically would help them in the stress of battle, but most of the students didn't see the logic there. Hijikata didn't think too much – if Kondou-sensei wanted them to do it, he'd do it without complaint.

Currently both Hijikata and Sougo were in the general dorms, where the as-yet-unpaired Fighters were housed. Once paired, they were given a room to share with their partners. It was one of the reasons why everyone looked forward to finding their partners.

"Oi, Hijikata," began Sougo, "when did you get your Sacrifice? You never told me. I'm so hurt."

Hijikata didn't pay him much attention at first, thinking that the brunette was just trying to get under his skin again with that deadpan voice of his. "Shut up."

"Seriously, who's your Sacrifice?" asked Sougo again. He sounded genuinely curious, which was enough to make Hijikata pay attention. "When did you get him? Or her? The meeting ceremony hasn't even been held yet." The meeting ceremony was when the Academy held a huge social event, inviting thousands of likely-looking youths to come and mingle with the Fighters in hope of finding their Sacrifices. It was to be held in a week's time.

Hijikata's cat-ears twitched, reflecting his surprise. "Sacrifice? What Sacrifice? Even though you sleep in class all the time, I was sure you knew that the ceremony is next week."

"That's what I said," retorted Sougo. "So why do you have a Sacrifice already?"

"You're joking," said Hijikata flatly. "I don't have a Sacrifice. Quit screwing with me and get on with your bath. We're gonna be late for dinner."

"I'm not joking," protested the brunette. "You have your name – you must have a Sacrifice."

"What name? Where?" Hijikata demanded, twisting and contorting his body in an effort to see what Sougo was talking about.

If it were anyone else, they would probably have laughed at the so-called Demon Fighter bending into everything short of a pretzel. But Sougo being Sougo, he didn't even crack a smile. "There." Hijikata felt a poke to the base of neck, at the place where the spine became the neck. "You need a mirror to see it, I guess."

"Sougo, if you're screwing with my head…" threatened Hijikata, rubbing the spot under debate self-consciously.

"Nope, never," denied Sougo. "Serious. It says… wait, it's weird…"

"Weird? How? Why?" Hijikata tried, unsuccessfully, to twist his head 180 degrees and got a crick in the neck for his pains.

"It's not the traditional '-less' kind of name," explained Sougo. "It's… weird. And I can't read it. My English was never good."

Cursing under his breath, Hijikata rushed through the remainder of his shower and was out in record time, walking briskly (not running) towards the mirrors at the sinks. Once there, he took a deep breath, swept his long hair out of the way and craned his neck to see whether the name Sougo claimed to be there actually existed. If Sougo's screwing around me again I'll – He didn't finish that thought, because right at the spot highlighted by his friend was a string of English letters, stark black against the pale skin.

Reflected in the mirror, the letters were reversed, and they made no more sense to Hijikata than gibberish. But the fact was that they were there. Definitely the tattoo. The tattoo. The tattoo that spelt freedom from the general dorms and slavery to another being for the rest of his life.

Hijikata banged his head against the wall, very gently. Sougo, seeing him as he came out from the showers, inquired, "Want me to help? You won't get bloody that way." A pair of thirteen-year-old newbies stared at Hijikata, the now-cracked wooden wall, the sadistic grin on Sougo's face, and fled.

"What does it say?" asked Hijikata, when he had calmed down a little.

"No idea," replied Sougo blithely. "Told you earlier, I never was much for English. It definitely doesn't have the usually '-less' thing, though. I've seen those before."

"So helpful," growled Hijikata, getting his clothes. "I'll go ask Kondou-sensei later. I have to tell him anyway. Maybe one of the newbies being trained as a Fighter is actually a Sacrifice. It'd be a huge mess-up."

A few hours later, after dinner, Hijikata went to find Kondou-sensei. Kondou-sensei, of course, reacted dramatically. If he hadn't, Hijikata would have suggested the in-house doctor have a look at him. A more dramatic person did not exist, as far as the dark-haired teen knew.

"Tosshi! How could you go and get yourself a Sacrifice just like that? And without letting me know, either!" Kondou-sensei was on the verge of tears. "I thought you promised that you wouldn't do anything like that before the ceremony! Goodness, Tosshi, I must have given you a rotten upbringing!"

There was a short pause as Hijikata worked out what his sensei was talking about. "Um, Kondou-sensei, I still have my cat-ears."

This brought the older man's hysterics to an abrupt halt. "Oh. Ah. So you do." Kondou-sensei started laughing, loudly, to cover up his mistake. "Ahem… if you've still got your cat-ears, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? I thought you were coming to me for a heart-to-heart talk about –"

"I don't know who my Sacrifice is," interrupted Hijikata, before his sensei could start on the planned lecture (probably about the birds and the bees, again). "I only found out that I have the name today."

"What name is it? We might be able to track down your Sacrifice if you know the name," said Kondou-sensei.

Hijikata looked down. "Well… I don't know. I can't see it myself, and Sougo says he doesn't know how to read it."

"Oh dear, where is it? It must be in some very obscure place," postulated the older man, waggling his eyebrows in a way that left Hijikata feeling very disturbed. "Show me?"

Hijikata tugged the back of the collar of his kimono, turning as he did so. "It's just there."

"Oh." Kondou-sensei sounded vaguely disappointed. "No wonder you can't see it."

"What is it?" inquired the teen.

Kondou-sensei coughed. "Well…"

Hijikata's hopes dropped. He shouldn't have expected this particular sensei to be good at English. "Never mind," he said, pulling his kimono back into place. "It's okay. I don't mind waiting to find out."

Kondou-sensei looked appropriately shamefaced. "I'm sorry. Do you have any idea who it might be?"

"I was thinking, maybe some of the new Fighters –" began Hijikata, but Kondou was shaking his head.

"The people admitted as Fighters are definitely Fighters," said the older man with conviction. "The higher-ups analyze you kiddos in such detail, it scares me. You didn't meet anyone outside of the Academy?"

"No," replied the youth at once. "You know we barely get out of here."

"Didn't I send you out just a few days ago?" Kondou-sensei pointed out. "I'm quite sure I did… yup, here are the new magazines." Having quickly rummaged through a innocent-looking cardboard box, he brandished one of the lewd publications Hijikata had bought on his request. "You definitely went out. Did you meet anyone?"

"No," denied Hijikata. "Just the shop owner. If he was my Sacrifice, I'd have connected with him earlier. You send me every two months or so, whether I want to go or not."

"Hmm… really? You didn't bump into anyone on the way? You didn't get into a traffic accident? You weren't swarmed by rabid fans?" Kondou-sensei leaned forward, uncannily like paparazzi on to a new, juicy news scoop.

Hijikata sweatdropped as the possibilities became ever more far-fetched. "No, I really –"

Curly silver hair, wickedly glinting eyes, a lazy hand scratching the back of his neck –

Oh no.

Not him.

It couldn't be him.

Everyone in Shichisei Academy knew that almost all Fighter-Sacrifice pairs ended up as lovers. Exceptions were very, very rare – once-a-century rare. The thought of being that arrogant silver-haired man's lover made Hijikata's tail bristle with simultaneous revulsion, fear and anger.

"It's not him!" exploded Hijikata.

Kondou-sensei blinked. "What?"

"Wh- I said that out loud?" Hijikata's face flushed involuntarily. "Sorry, sensei, it was nothing."

But there was no stopping his sensei now. "There was someone, wasn't there? Don't deny it, Tosshi! This is important! And if you deny it anyway, I'll go to the store myself and find out –"

The idea of Kondou-sensei standing in the convenience store, terrorizing every single customer to pass through its doors, made Hijikata blanch. "No! I – I'll go find him myself!"

"Good boy, Tosshi!" exclaimed Kondou-sensei, exuding waves of fatherly pride. "I knew I could count on you!"

Hijikata sighed heavily, knowing that he had just been well and truly manipulated. "So… I go there, find him and bring him back?"

"That's good – no wait, it's not." His sensei looked troubled. "How do we explain how you managed to get a Sacrifice before the meeting ceremony?"

"Don't ask me!" exploded Hijikata, now royally pissed off. "You're the sensei, aren't you? You handle it!"

"Tosshi…" Kondou-sensei turned pleading eyes onto his favorite student. "Please?"

There was no help for it; when faced with those eyes, Hijikata couldn't find it in himself to harden his heart. "Fine."

"Thank you, Tosshi!" Kondou-sensei's entire face lit up at once. "You'll come up with a good plan, won't you!"

Hijikata rubbed his temples. He could feel a migraine coming on.

This time, the sun dared not show even a sliver of itself from behind the clouds. The wind didn't have the courage to raise the slightest breeze, and the birds huddled deep in their nests, hoping that the thundercloud over Hijikata's head would miss them as he passed. At this point, there was no Glare of Death to avoid – it was an entire malevolent Aura of Death that annihilated all that breathed it.

Hijikata stormed into the convenience store, emanating his most dangerous vibes yet. The shopkeeper, unheeding, shot out from behind the counter. "Goddamn it, can't you read? The shop's still closed, jerk!"

"Is that silver-hair natural perm guy coming today?" demanded the teen, completely ignoring the shopkeeper's anger.

"What did he do to you, steal your porn magazines? IF he did, it's nothing to do with me, so just get out!" shouted the older man.

It was the absolute worst topic to address in front of Hijikata at that point. "Shut up!" he roared. "Is he coming today?"

"Find out yourself!" yelled the shopkeeper. "I've got better things to do than keep track of customers!"

Hijikata was about to blister the older man when another voice sounded from the doorway. "Oi, oi, what's all this about?"

Whirling around, he saw the very person he was searching for – silver natural perm, blue-and-white kimono, eyes like a dead fish and, to make things even better, a finger firmly up his nose. Hijikata's bad mood spiked; he wanted nothing more than to punch this man's half-picked nose through to the other side of his head.

"Do you youngsters not know how to read these days?" exclaimed the shopkeeper. "The shop is closed, so get the fcuk out!"

The silver-haired teen gave Hijikata a once-over before lazily removing his finger from his nose. He casually blew the green treasure he had obtained towards the shopkeeper. "My, my, if it isn't the bratling who claimed he wasn't buying porn for himself. I'd've thought you'd've done something about those by now." His mocking gaze flicked up to Hijikata's cat-ears, which flattened instinctively under that sadistic gaze.

"I'm eighteen in nine months, I'll have you know," Hijikata ground out. Now that he had found the person he had come to look for, he was momentarily stumped. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Na, in the civilized world, people give their own names before demanding to know others'," commented the older youth, leaning against the doorframe, which creaked mournfully in vain protest.

"Are you two ignoring me?" the shopkeeper wanted to know. "Get out of here, or I'm not selling either of you any more porn or Shounen Jump! And I'll have you pay for that door, too!"

At this, the silver-haired boy looked alarmed. "Okay, okay, boss, we're leaving as soon as I buy the latest Jump."

Hijikata watched the quick transaction with mounting discomfort. "You're not going! I'm not done with you yet!"

"You wanted something?" The other teen blinked at him.

"Yes, I do!" Hijikata all but shouted.

"Well, can it wait? I want to read my Jump," explained the silver-haired youth.

Hijikata glowered. "No, it can't wait."

"Is that so?" The kimono shifted as he shrugged. "Too bad, then." He turned to walk out of the shop.

"You're not going anywhere," growled the dark-haired teen, grabbing that infuriatingly trailing sleeve of the kimono.

The silver-haired teen glanced back at him with raised eyebrows. "Oh well, I guess you could come along if you're so dead set on it. By the way, the name's Sakata Gintoki."

"Party?" Gintoki stared at him incredulously. "You got so uptight about inviting someone to a party? And why me, of all people? All I did was pass comment about your tastes in porn."

Hijikata could feel his blush getting worse. "Kondou-sensei… wants you to come and see the school," he fumbled. "He says you're in the database, or something –"

Gintoki snorted. "For the sake of Buddha's ever-expanding belly-button, you don't have to try so hard to come up with a lie. Though I never would've thought you swung that way. Those porn mags were definitely straight. And I'll let you know now – don't expect me to indulge you. I'm straight, even if you aren't."

"I am not gay!" exploded the dark-haired teen, loud enough to attract glances from passersby. "How dare you –"

"Woah, woah, chill man! Geez, why are you so goddamn uptight about every little thing?" Gintoki flipped open his Jump magazine. "Anyway, whoever taught you manners ought to know they failed miserably. Who the hell yells at the person he's trying to invite to a party?"

Hijikata fumed silently for several seconds, intensely enough to emit steam, before he flung himself back into his seat on the bench next to Gintoki. They were in the tiny public square, and Hijikata had less than half an idea as to how he had ended up there. "Our school holds its annual ceremony to look over people and choose new students," he explained, with as much patience as he could muster at that point – which wasn't exactly much. "Most of the invitations were already sent out, since it's being held the day after tomorrow, but Kondou-sensei said I must invite you too."

"Mm." The silver-haired teen was firmly glued to his Jump. "Yeah. Sounds good. Yeah."

Hijikata swiped at the Jump. "You're not listening at all!" he accused.

"Ah? What? Yeah, that's great. I agree," mumbled Gintoki, somehow managing to skillfully evade Hijikata, spew meaningless rubbish and keep his eyes on the manga, all at the same time.

For the second time in as many days, Hijikata could feel the beginnings of a migraine. Just his luck, to end up with an uncooperative Sacrifice like this. "Oi, Gintoki!"

"Yeah, yeah, amazing. You're absolutely right," responded the other youth, turning a page of the manga. "That bankai's pretty darn cool."

A vein pulsing dangerously at his temples, Hijikata contemplated bashing Gintoki's head until it wouldn't hold water. To hell with the consequences, this guy is pissing me of so damn bad, he puts Sougo to shame.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him – perhaps he'd been mistaken, and Gintoki wasn't his Sacrifice at all. If that were the case, there was absolutely no need to put himself through all this pain. With that thought in mind, he grabbed at the back of Gintoki's kimono, planning to check whether the silver-haired teen had the same name-tattoo as him.

"Hey! What's your goddamn problem?" Gintoki dodged away the moment he felt Hijikata tugging at his kimono. "I thought you said you weren't gay?"

"I'm not!" Hijikata turned, trying to get into a better position so that he could keep his hold on that accursed kimono. "There's just –" he grunted with effort as Gintoki employed a particularly strong twist maneuver "- something I need to confirm!"

"Oh yeah? And what might that be? You're starting to scare me, you know," Gintoki informed him, somehow keeping his eyes on his Jump even as the rest of his body twisted and swerved to get away from Hijikata. "It's broad daylight, we're in public, and damn it I already told you I'm not gay, and if you're looking for something like that, I heard that the guy down the street –"

"I am NOT gay!" shouted Hijikata, fed up. He was a third dan black belt in both karate and judo, yet the silver-haired teen was evading him with annoying ease. "And no, I'm not looking for anything of the sort! I just want to know whether you've got the tattoo!"

"Tattoo?" At this, Gintoki finally tore his eyes from his Jump to look at Hijikata, frowning. "How would you know – oh, damn. I should've known it was you."

Hijikata's hopes plummeted like a stone. "So you do have it?" Despite his attempt to keep up appearances, his tail drooped.

"Hell I do. Shocked me pretty damn bad when Kagura started screaming about bugs stuck to my neck." Gintoki rubbed the spot under question, almost self-consciously. "I was almost happy to find that it was just a tattoo. How the hell did you get it on me? And what the hell does it say anyway? It sure doesn't look like a picture. I can't see it myself, and none of us are any good with English."

"God, does nobody take English classes in school nowadays?" grumbled Hijikata. "Show me."

"You could've just asked." Gintoki pulled the collar of his kimono and that of the shirt underneath downwards.

Hijikata quashed the bubble of nervousness that struggled to rise. He really did want to see that name, the name that bound Fighter and Sacrifice together for life, a name that belonged to only two people in the world. Leaning closer, he read the name tattooed in dense black on the smooth skin just below the most prominent spine-neck bone.


The dark-haired teen rocked back on his heels. What the hell?

"Well? What does it say?" Gintoki wanted to know.

"'Unfettered'," he answered, pronouncing the word awkwardly in English. "I think it's supposed to mean… free," he added in Japanese.

"What a nice word. Right then, you can go away." The silver-haired youth made a shooing motion at Hijikata. "I want to read my Jump in peace."

Hijikata growled, remembering that he was supposed to be pissed. "No, I'm not going away until you agree to come to the Academy."

"Shichisei is a boarding school, right?" inquired Gintoki, nose back between the pages of his manga. "And it's supposed to be really exclusive. Normal people like me don't have that kind of money."

"You can attend for free," said Hijikata through gritted teeth. "You've got the tattoo; they have to let you in."

"What the hell's with that?" Gintoki began digging his ear. "Never heard of such a weird admission criteria. Get a random tattoo of a random English word and you've got a passport to one of the most exclusive schools ever? Gimme a break."

Hijikata was at a loss for words. He couldn't explain about the Fighter-Sacrifice pairs; that would just cement Gintoki's impression of him being a loony. He had been planning to leave that to Kondou-sensei or even Principal Matsudaira. He hadn't thought it would be so difficult to persuade Gintoki – most people were overjoyed to be invited to attend Shichisei Academy. "Er…"

"'Sides, I've got kids to look after," continued Gintoki, as though he hadn't noticed Hijikata's silence (he probably hadn't, as immersed as he was in his Jump). "Kagura and Shinpachi would be absolutely devastated if I left them."

"You've got kids. You." Hijikata goggled at the silver-haired teen. "You're not even twenty!" Twenty was the legal marriage age in Japan.

"I'm nineteen, so it's not that far in the future. Anyway, they're not mine." Gintoki, apparently finished with his ear, transferred that finger to his nose. "Kagura's kind of a sister, and Shinpachi is my employee."

"You're an employer?" demanded Hijikata.

"Yeah. Yorozuya Gin-chan, at your service," said Gintoki, his voice absolutely deadpan.

"Jack of all trades? You don't look like you've done a day's work in your life!" scoffed Hijikata. "Anyway, bring them along. Think of this as a job. Your payment is room, board, three meals a day, and attendance at Shichisei Academy."

Gintoki's tone made bored look interesting. "I'm not planning to go back to school. Hell, I graduated only three years back."

The dark-haired teen resisted the urge to do something childish like stamp on Gintoki's boots. It would have been very bad for his image. "Think of your… kids. This Kagura and Shinpachi. I'm sure Shichisei would be a much better alternative to whatever schools they're attending now."

"They don't attend school. I can't afford school fees." Gintoki turned a page of the manga.

"Like I said, Shichisei will give you all free room, meals, and schooling. They'll receive a wonderful education." Hijikata mentally excused the many white lies spilling from his mouth. He needed Gintoki to come to Shichisei. Fighters who had bonded with a Sacrifice would have their power halved in battles fought without their Sacrifice. If he wanted to keep his reputation as one of the strongest Fighters ever, he needed his Sacrifice, and thus he needed Gintoki, as irritating and uncooperative as the silver-haired teen was.

"Talk to me after I'm done with my Jump and I'll consider it." Gintoki reburied himself within his Jump, Hijikata's protests to no avail.

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