Italics is that Narrator voice and bold name is of coarse the espada of choice

Know Your Espada

Know your Espada

Know your espada

Know your Espada

Grimmjow Jeaguarjaquez

Grimmjow Jeaguarjaquez, He plays DDR

Grimmjow: I don't even know what DDR is, how can I play it? Tch, Moron

Grimmjow Jeaguarjaquez, He's a kitty CAT..and he Dance dance dance, dance dance dances~

Grimmjow: I am NOT a 'Kitty Cat' Dumbass!...I don't Dance either!

He dances to Little Kitty Mine while wearing a cat-ear head piece and tail with pretty ribbons

Grimmjow:What the Fuck did I just say? I'm not a damn can't and I DON'T Dance

Who's a cute little kitty?~ You are, Little Pretty Kitty~

Grimmjow:I'm going to kick your stupid ass

D'aww is the kitty angry?

Grimmjow:I'm not a cat. you stupid Bitch!


Grimmjow:...uh... hey?

-sniff- th-that was mean and uncalled for -cries-

Grimmjow: Aw, hell -face palm- ….damn it stop crying!...shit, okay fine...I'm sorry

You better be, I'm running this bitch!~


Grimmjow Jeaguarjaquez, he is in love with Aizen

Grimmjow:Wha- Am not!

You watch him breath in his sleep and fondl-


Now you know~ Grimmjow Jeaguarjaquez~

Grimmjow:They don't know crap! You just talked shit the whole time! AH! Thats it! -ceros random crap- When I find you I swear I will kick your ass so hard you'll-ignored-

Know Your Espada