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"Kim WAIT," Chris cried out seeing her about to kill herself.

"Chris, I have to… Tam needs… I-"

"Kim I love Ellen but she was a rebound girl. I cannot ever love her like I love you and she knows that"

"Don't you get it Chris," Kim said in tears, "We're from two different worlds and in the end it would be impossible for me to join you in yours but it's not too late for Tam"

Chris sat at the edge of her bed and wiped away her tears.

"Kim it's true we're from two different worlds," he said, "but you are the moon to my sun. You are not from my world but you are my heart"

"But didn't you once say-"


His voice got softer.

"Seeing you… knowing you… it opened up a whole new world for me. Suddenly I knew more then I knew could ever be possible"

"Chris so many people wouldn't like that. You're father-"

"Will love you and anyone who has a problem with it well it's there problem, not mine and not yours."

"And Ellen? What of her?"

"Ellen and I both realized that she was a rebound girl. I cannot stay with Ellen while my soul is with you

"Kim for you I would relive the worst day of my life over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I would travel through hell and back just to bring Hao back to you"

((Read Ellen's Sacrifice to find out about Hao))

Kim burst into tears.

"Why would she be in hell," Kim whispered, "she was just a baby"

Chris shook his head vigilantly.

"She's not," he said, "that's just an expression"

"You would really relive η θυσία," she asked softly.

"Of course I would," he said, "without you I had the most painful hole of all. It was in my heart"

Kim nodded to herself and put down the gun. She took Chris's hand and she came into his world. Years ago He came into Her world. Now it was HER turn to come into his. All she knew is that she had a family.

As Chris's arms encircled around her it became complete. He looked at her and smiled encouragingly as her heart thumped rigorously in her chest. She didn't know what the future would bring but no longer was she alone. She had Chris. She had the sun to her moon and she knew that the darkness was far behind her.