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I sit, waiting under our tree, the one we used to play in, back before Dad took down the treehouse.

I practice what I want to say, what I need to ask him, over and over again in my mind.

There're too many reasons for him to say no.

His family doesn't know - they'd disown him. They did his uncle, when he came out.

Losing them would kill him; they are his world.

I can't help but wonder - again - if I'm being too selfish. And then I consider life without him in it, and I know.

I have to ask.


Closing my eyes briefly, I smile as the image of him - all soft wheat curls, bright blue eyes, and long, slender limbs - dances behind my lids.

I've known I've loved him for what feels like my whole life. We've been best friends since diapers, and I hope we'll stay that way forever.

But I want more.

He does, too, I'm sure of it. Stolen moments - kisses, touches, tastes, and sounds - all tell me so, even if he's never said the words.

God, please let him say yes!

I sigh deeply, pulling my knees up and resting my arms on them.


He's late...

I wonder if he's going to show - if maybe he knows why I asked to meet him here, of all places, and by not coming is giving me his answer.

Shaking my head at myself, I glance around. Spying a patch of daisies, I pick one, taking off the petals one at a time like I've seen my little sister do.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

I repeat the words under my breath as I go, as if the little flower holds the answers to my future.

"He loves me..." I whisper, holding the last petal.


"Yes, I do."

I look up, startled by the sound of Jasper's voice behind me. He blocks the sun from my eyes, giving him the appearance of an angel surrounded by an aura of gold.

He sits down in front of me, taking the ill-treated flower from my hands with a fond smile. When he looks at me again, it's with quiet acceptance as well as question.

I stammer, "I-I love you, Dub."

He grins at the nickname. "Talk to me, Tan."

My brow furrows, and I lower my head to hide, scared now the moment of truth is here.


He scoots forward, placing his legs on either side of mine and taking my hands in his. My drawn up knees are the only barrier between us.

Hating that it's there, I lower my legs over his.

His smile widens.

Taking a deep breath, I whisper, "Jasper..."

I raise my eyes to his, green meeting blue.

"Be mine? Forever?"

He swallows hard, and I know he's going over what it means.

What it will mean, if he says yes.

If he says no.

Slowly, he nods. I almost miss his quiet, "Yes."


He nods again, whispering, "Yes."

I'm soaring.