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Body Switching, Age Altering, Love Potions! Enjoy the terribly cliched adventures of the Light Music Club!

That's so Cliche!

"Alright, move those boxes over there!" Loud bustling and yelling were heard over at a small tea leaves store that have opened up recently. A man, most likely in his early twenties, with dark bluish messy locks of hair as his almond colored eyes glared at a younger girl probably around 18 or so.

Her long dark night black hair swayed behind her as she was lifting a very heavy box. Her equally dark-colored eyes had an expression of pain as she was gasping for breath.

"Yes, slave driver..." she panted as she carried the box out of the storage room. "What's in all these boxes anyways?" She asked and she dropped the box on the ground so she could wipe the sweat off her forehead.

"No! Don't drop i-"

The box landed with a thud and the sound of glass shattering echoed throughout the room.



Both the man and girl stared at the box.

The man closed his eyes and sighed, his right eyebrow twitching in annoyance. He slowly opened the box to reveal, as he expected...broken glass...


"...You're going to dock my pay...aren't you?"

"...Hell yeah..."

The man reached over, slowly grazing his fingers, being careful not to actually touch the glass. His eyebrows shot up in curiosity as he noticed something sticking out of the glass. Slowly and carefully he pulled it out.

"Huh? What's that Minato-nii?" The girl asked curiously as the man, Minato, pulled out a canteen, much similar to the canteen of tea leaves that they sold. "Eh? A canteen of tea leaves? How boring..."

"Quiet, ya moron," Minato said with his Osaka dialect. His eyes scanning the content, he tossed the canteen over to the girl.

"Here's an easy job for ya, get rid of that,"

Confusingly, the girl nodded her head. Sighing and scratching the back of his head, he walked to the back room. "Ah'll take care of the rest of the stuff in the back, ya just take care of any customers that comes in, ah'right?"

As if on cue, the moment the man disappear to the back, the bell at the door chimed, signaling a customer have entered.

In walk a sophisticated looking girl, probably about the same age as the other girl, with long wavy blonde hair, her blue eyes glanced around the store. Her slightly huge eyebrows furrowing as if in a contemplating manner. The black haired girl raised an eyebrow as she placed the canteen she was holding aside and leaned her elbow on the counter.

"Can I help you, cutie?" she asked flirtatiously with a wink.

The blonde girl's eyes widened in surprised, a light blush donned her face at the sudden compliment.

Teasingly, the black haired girl continued, "Welcome to the Mizuki TeaHouse, where you can get the best and cheap tea, tea leaves, sweets, and blah blah blah," she finished lazily, apparently not really caring about the store's image.

"Today, we got a special. Tea leaves for the price of a cute girl's name and numb-Buwargh!" A tea-cup was thrown all the way from the back room, hitting the back of her head, shattering.

"NO FRATERNIZIN WITH THE CUSTOMERS!" Minato's voice bellowed loudly from the back room, "AND THAT TEA-CUP IS COMIN OFF YA PAYCHECK!"

"Aw goddammit..." the girl mumbled rubbing the back of her head where the tea-cup had connected. She turned back to the other girl with a professional salesman smile. "Anyways, what can I do for a cutie like you?"

The blonde girl blinked before smiling kindly, trying to ignore the incident that just happened before her eyes.

"I just noticed this shop recently and wanted to maybe buy some tea leaves if they were any good."

"Oh really? Wanna sample some then? Tis shall be free of charge." She said wagging her finger.

The other girl giggled, "That would be very nice...um..." she looked at the girl's name tag pinned on her apron. "Haruka-san"

"Call me Sayoka," the girl grinned as she turned and began making a selection on a shelf, "Got any idea what you want or do you want me to recommend?"

"Um...well...what would you recommend?" The blonde girl asked tilting her head.

Sayoka scanned the shelf, her hands gliding until she stopped at a canteen.

"Here we go, Chrysanthemum Tea~" She mused slightly as she began boiling some water.

Soon as the tea was prepared, Sayoka passed the tea cup to the customer. She placed the canteen aside on the counter next to the other canteen. The girl brought the tea cup to her lips, blowing softly to cool the tea, before taking a small sip.

"My My, this is delicious!" She said happily.

"I'm guessing its a sold then?" Sayoka asked, grinning.

"Yes, I'll take it, how much?" The girl asked, taking out her purse.

"Ne, let's see...its only 1000 yen," The worker said lazily as she punched in the numbers on the cash register. "Special offer if you give me your name I'll make it only five hun-" "Only if ya willin ta dock that in ya pay..." Minato's voice threatened softly, but harshly, from the back.

Sayoka started sweating before quickly grabbing the canteen and bagging it. She took the money and then placed the bag in the blonde girl's hands.

"Hopefully you'll come again, and have a good day~" Sayoka said with the salesman smile while still sweating.

The girl giggled before bowing slightly, "Thank you very much," she turned and walk towards the door before pausing and looking back.

"Since I may become a regular, my name is Kotobuki Tsumugi," with a last smile, she walked out and closed the door behind her.

Sayoka stood there in a slight daze.

"Kotobuki, eh? She's definitely my type..."

"All girls are yer type, ya womanizin woman," Minato said coming out of the back room. "So whatcha sold?"

Snapping out of her daze, the girl glared at her boss, "Well, I sold the Chrysanthemum Tea," She said proudly.

Minato raised his eyebrow as he reached over and grabbed the canteen that was still sitting on the counter. "But...the tea's right here,"

Sayoka froze, "Wait, what?"

"Right here, see? The label says so on the bottom," he said as he lifted it so the girl could see the bottom.

"Oh shi-then what I gave to-...hey...um...what was in the canteen you wanted me to get rid of now? Just out of curiosity..." Sayoka asked nervously, scratching her cheek, smiling innocently.



Minato closed his eyes. His eyebrows furrowing down as he forced a smile.


Mugi smiled to herself pleasantly as she hummed a happy tune while pouring the hot water in the tea-pot. She was so lucky to find such a store, the employees were...silly, but friendly if she do say so herself. The tea was very delicious too. And she was hoping the others would enjoy it also.

The tea the employee recommended really tasted delicious, it had a very nice fragrance to it that would most likely go wonderful with the cake she have brought with her. Delicious tea, delicious cake. Perfect combination for the "club activities".

As she put the tea leaves, the other Light Music Club member began arriving.

"Finally! I can have some of Mugi-chan's delicious cake!" Yui giggled as she skipped towards her usual seat at the table. Azusa followed as she seated herself while pouting and looking at her senpai in disappointment.

"Yui-senpai, we shouldn't just eat cake and drink tea all day, we should at least put some effort into practicing," Azusa said grabbing the fork and taking a bite out of the cake Mugi placed in front of her.

Ritsu snickered, "Yet you're eating the cake right now," she pointed out causing Azusa to gasp in shock.

"I-It's becoming a norm for me!"

"Azusa is right...we should be practicing..." Mio mumbled silently.

Mugi smiled as she began pouring the tea and passing the tea cups to each members.

"You worry to much Mi-o-chuan~" Ritsu said teasingly, taking a sip of her tea, "No, I'm not! All we ever do is laze around!" Mio exclaimed.

Ritsu stared at her tea cup for a bit before grinning mischievously "What you need to do is relax!"

Suddenly she took her tea and shoved it in Mio's face forcing her to drink it.

Mio gasped and choke before pushing Ritsu away and hitting her on the head. "Are you trying to kill me?" Mio yelled, still coughing. Ritsu cover her head from Mio's barrages, still laughing as if it was the funniest thing she ever saw.

"Calm down! Calm down!"

Smiling, Mugi took a sip of her tea, not really paying attention, for she was happily watching the two girls interaction.

Azusa took note of that as she sweatdropped. "Um...Mugi-senpai...that's my cup..." She said softly, pointing out that was indeed her cup.

Mugi blushed as she apologized for her "terribly rude" action.

"Ton-Chan! This tea is so yummy! Try some!" The air headed guitarist said happily pouring some of her tea in the tank. Azusa yelled in shock as she ran over grabbing Yui's arm.

"Yui-senpai! Don't pour tea in Ton-chan's tank!" She couldn't believe her senpai would be THIS stupid to do such a thing!

Yui pouted and whined, "But I just wanted to let Ton-chan try some. Its really tasty!"

"Putting tea in the tank is not a good idea. We better change the water now," Mio said. She heard a soft thump and turned around.

Ritsu was on the ground, apparently asleep. Being slightly irritated now, Mio walked over and prodded Ritsu with her foot. "Stop playing around and get up already," Mio said annoyed, "I know you don't want to help out, but pretending to sleep is ridiculous, Ritsu,"


No answer.

Mio sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She was getting a serious headache because of this girl. Pretending to sleep just because she didn't want to help out cleaning the tank? Just how selfish can she be? She could feel herself getting slightly dizzy...


Why dizzy?

Mio felt herself swaying slightly, her knees shaking about to give way, her head feeling slightly cloudy.

She heard a couple of other thuds and turned her head to see Mugi, Yui, and Azusa collapsed.

"W-what's going on?" Mio mumbled, her head feeling more and more lighter. Almost as if her mind was leaving her body. Her legs gave in as she collapsed next to Ritsu. Her mind fading away as her eyelids fluttered close, her consciousness slowly slipping away.

Soon darkness enveloped her mind.

"Nn...ow..." Mio clenched her eyes shut tightly. The pounding in her head wouldn't go away...it felt like the time Ritsu decided to tap her drumsticks on her head.

Damn that idiot...

Slowly opening her eyes Mio sat up, rubbing her head in pain. As her vision cleared she saw...herself?


Still apparently unconscious...

Mio closed her eyes, then opened them again.


She closed her eyes again and rubbed them feverishly, before opening them again, blinking in confusion.

Trembling, she crawled over to...herself...and poked...her...cheek.

She watch as "she" began to stir and open "her" eyes.

"Eh? When did we get a life-size mirror over here?" "Mio" said sleepily.

Wait...she talked kind of like Ritsu...

"R-Ritsu?" Mio asked shakily.

"Mio" blinked before smacking and pinching Mio's cheeks really hard.

"OwOwOw! Stop it! That hurts! You idiot!"


"W-who else? Why do you look like me, Ritsu?" Mio questioned.

"Look like you? Why do you look like me?"

"Like yo-" Mio froze as she moved her hand to her neck, no longer feeling her long locks of hair she was accustomed to. Her hand then moved over to her forehead, realizing her bangs were being held up. In shock, she continued to rub her forehead.

"Hey...leave my forehead alone..." Ritsu grumbled, scratching the back of her head, realizing that she seem to have more hair. She looked down on her uniform, noticing that it was button up.

She started unbuttoning the top before her eyes widen in surprise.

"M-Mio..." Ritsu said slowly.

Mio, still in shock, turned towards Ritsu.

"...I have boobs!" Ritsu exclaimed as she was grabbing her...erm...Mio's...breasts, as if it was an unbelievable discovery.

Mio's face turned scarlet red as she quickly grabbed Ritsu's hands, removing them from her breasts. "S-Stop touching my...uh...yours...don't touch them!"

"What's going on anyways, Mio?" Ritsu asked confused.

"I-I don't know...I think...we switched bodies..." Mio said, tears spilling from her eyes.


"...W-what should we do?"

"...I don't know...but this is so horribly cliche..." Ritsu said softly as she started unbuttoning her blouse with a slight lewd smile. "Let's see here..."

Mio smacked Ritsu over the head, "Be serious, you idiot!"

"Ow! Careful! You might cause yourself brain damage!"

"We switched bodies and all you can say is how cliche it is?"

"Well, yeah! Its like a terrible manga or some weird fanfiction that some loser author that has no life wrote out of sheer boredom!"


"This is serious, Ritsu..." Mio said tearing up.

Here something seriously out of the ordinary happens and all Ritsu can do is crack a joke? A terrible one at that!

Mio could feel the tears threatening to spill out. This seemed to alert Ritsu as she began to panic.

"Hold it! Don't cry! You are not allowed to cry with my body!" Ritsu grabbed Mio into a slight chokehold.

"Ack! C-can't breathe!" Mio gasped pushing Ritsu's face away, "Don't tell me what I can or can't do with your body, alright! You're the one that was doing s-such perverted stuff to my body!"

"Ah?" A squeak was heard from the corner and Ritsu and Mio turned to see Azusa covering her face in embarrassment as her eyes sparkled in...a strange excitement.

"I...I'm so sorry!" Azusa squeaked covering her face peeking through slightly between her fingers. "I...I never really thought Ricchan was th-...erm...M-Mio-chan...aggressive..."



'...What?' Both Ritsu and Mio thought at the same time. What was Azusa talking abou-wait a minute...did she said "Ricchan" and "Mio-chan"?

"Um...how do you spell your name again?" Ritsu asked innocently.

Azusa blinked at the sudden odd question, "Ko-To-Bu-Ki Tsu-Mu-Gi. Why do you ask, Mio-chan?"

"I didn-"

"Oh...no reason...now flip your hair for me," Ritsu interrupted.

Confusingly, she did as told, she froze as she felt not wavy locks of hair...but twintails. Taking out a small compact, she opened it and looked in the mirror.

"O-Oh my!"

"Yup...its Mugi..." Ritsu said flatly.

Mio began to panic, much to Ritsu's annoyance... "I-If Mugi is Azusa...then does that mean Azu-" As if on cue, "Mugi" began to stir and opened her eyes, grimacing and slowly getting up. She blinked several times, rubbing her eyes before looking up at the three in confusion.

"Huh? W-why are you staring at me, Mio-senpai? Ritsu-senpai? Azu-...ah?"

And more chaos ensured...Mio and Azusa panicking. And Mugi...well...putting on the cat ears and trying out the "Nyah~"

"..." Ritsu scratched the back of her head. Was she the only one being calm about this?

"Alright, everyone calm down!" Ritsu yelled demanding total silence.

"Mio-senpai?" Azusa looked up at her idol, her eyes brimming with hope. Maybe Mio can calmly figure something out and save the da-why is she taking off her jacket?

"Dammit! I hate it when my shirt is tucked in!"


"Ritsu-senpai?" she turned and look at "Ritsu"

"Ritsu" looked away pointing at "Mio". "That's Ritsu..." she mumbled, crying.


She nodded.

"..." Azusa felt the need to also cry now...

"Anyways...let's get this straight...Mio and me switched place," Ritsu gestured towards Mio and herself while smacking Mio's hand that was continually rubbing her forehead. "Azusa and Mugi switched places so it seems...wait...whatta bout Yui?"

Everyone turned to the guitarist who was apparently awake, yet been sitting there silently. She slowly blinked and open her mouth and closed it. A strange gurgling erupted from her mouth.

"..." Everyone stared in confusion.

"D-did Yui-senpai also switched places?"

"I-I dunno...with who would be the question..." Ritsu said combing her bangs back with her fingers. It felt strange...strange to not have her bangs up like she was used to...

"Oh my! Ton-chan seem to be acting strange!"


Could it be?

Everyone ran to the tank.

"Wha-Yui! If you can understand me, do a flip!"

As if to reply, Ton-chan struggled trying to do as told, failing miserably.

"Um...if you want cake, do a flip!" Ritsu corrected herself

Ton-chan replied to a flip under the water.

"Aah! It is Yui-senpai!"

"Oh god..." Mio prayed...she prayed this was a terrible nightmare...this was a terrible...horrible nightmare. Which she would wake up from...soon.

"Yui! Now try doing a 360!"

...Its look like Mio wasn't waking up anytime soon...

Reality was...strange...and cruel...


To clarify so far though...

Mio and Ritsu switched

Mugi and Azusa switched

Yui and Ton-chan switched 8D

Anyways this is only but part one of the body switch arc!

Part two will come out on...um...when I feel like finishing it... xD

If anyone has any other "cliche" plots ideas be sure to tell me about it and I shall add it (someday *shot*) in this story :3


Class is starting soon! Can the Light Music Club members pull this through?

Can Mio act like Ritsu? Can Ritsu act like Mio?

Will Azusa cave in to the upperclass pressure?

How would Mugi react taking the same classes over again?

Ton-chan locked in the closet!

And Yui's appetite haven't change even after becoming a turtle...

Stay tune in the next chapter of "That's so Cliche!"

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