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That's so Cliche!

Chapter 3: Body Switched! Part 3!

Previously on the last chapter, the girls decided to just try to go through the day without raising any suspicion.

Now that the day is over, can the girls work together to find out just what is the cause of all this?

Will they ever switch back to their normal body?

Will Ritsu keep her hands off Mio's breasts?

Will Ton-chan ever get out of the closet?

'C'mon...c'mon...hurry it up, dang it!' Ritsu mentally screamed as she glared at the painfully slow clock as it ticked almost as if taunting her with its slowness. She let out a scowl as the clock ticked ever so slowly and she had to fight off the urge to bang her head against the desk.

There's just no way she can do this...

Sure, she pretended to be Mio before during that Romeo and Juliet play, but acting all feminine for so long...it was taking a toll on her sanity. Sitting with her legs together...keeping her shirt tucked in for so long.

And her shoulders...

Seriously...so this is the infamous problem that big breasted girls encountered, huh? It was taking all of Ritsu's willpower to not grope the mound of marshmallow softness that hanged from her chest.

Doing something like that in a classroom during a lecture would be bad indeed.

Very bad...

She cursed under her breath, luckily no one around her hearing the uncharacteristic cursing, as she remembered how the Mio and Azusa left her alone. 'I should have pretended to be sick too.' She mused to herself and sighed.

Finally as if her prayer were answered! The bell rang, signaling the end of the class session. Before any of her classmates could go over and question the long raven haired girl, they were shocked as she suddenly leapt from her seat and sprinted out through the door and down the hall, completely ignoring any of the teachers that yelled at her to stop running through the hall.

Ritsu jumped and skipped several steps on the stairway, almost slipping a couple of times, before finally reaching her destination.

"Argh!" She yelled as she slammed the door opened and almost ripping the shirt to untuck it. "If I have to keep my shirt tucked in and act all girly like any longer, I'm gonna go insa-" Ritsu paused as she stared at the sight before her.

Mugi was smiling happily wearing the usual cat ears that they would always force on the poor kohai. It wouldn't be so strange since it's a usual sight...but seeing Azusa's face smiling in a Mugi-like manner would melt anyone's heart. If that wasn't enough, she was also apparently dressed in the maid outfit that was usually kept in the storage room. Ton-chan was seated on the table, picking up a fork and chewing on the other end of it. "No, Ton-chan. You hold it like this." Mugi picked up the fork and turned it the other way for the turtle possessed girl. She then helped Ton-chan scoop a piece of cake and lift it to her mouth, letting the turtle eat the piece of cake.

Cautiously as Ton-chan took a bite, her eyes widened!

What is this?

This delectable taste? It spreads throughout her taste buds!

So much better than the turtle food that is always thrown in the tank!

Ton-chan gurgled before shoveling the whole cake into her mouth. Yui battering the tank with all her might, trying to free herself. Her cake was being savagely devoured by someone that was her, but at the same time wasn't! Oh, how cruel fate was!

"You guys...seem to be having fun..." Ritsu said slowly. "Oh, Ricchan! You're the first one back." Mugi said before setting another slice of cake, away from Ton-chan's reach. "I saved you your usual slice."

"Thanks." Ritsu seated herself in her normal seat and took a bite of the cake, just going with the flow of the usual Light Music Club's atmosphere. There's just something really soothing in having her kohai dressed in that manner serving her cake also.

The door opened once again and both Mio and Azusa walked in. Azusa, luckily, looking much better then earlier. "Ritsu...what did one of the girls meant when they asked me for "the pictures"?" Mio asked with a glare. Ritsu choked on a piece of her cake and coughed, looking away completely avoiding the glare she was being received from, well...technically herself.

Oh yes...those "pictures".

"Ahem! Now that we're all here!" "Don't ignore me!" "We gott-" "Mugi-senpai! W-w-what are you wearing?!" Azusa interrupted as she stared in horror at herself being dressed in such a fashion.

"Urgh..." Ritsu frowned meanwhile behind her Yui was still tackling the tank.

"Knock it off, Yui!"

"Now that we're all settled without any distraction...we should figure out a way to undo this." The room became deathly silent as the girls were thinking.





"Dammit, someone put Ton-chan back in the closet!"

Soon enough, once again after shoving the turtle back into the closet they all seated back down.

"Hm...maybe if we butt heads hard enough, that can probably fix things!" Ritsu exclaimed hitting her fist on the palm of her hand. "Just like in those manga!"

"Are you sure that's going to wo-" WHACK! "Kyah!" Mio winced as Ritsu suddenly head-butted her. "That hurts, you idiot!" Mio screamed hitting Ritsu on the head at the same exact place that was used to collide with her own head. "Urk! Double the blow. I'm down!" Ritsu cried dramatically, falling flat on her face.

"Wouldn't it be best if we figured out what was the cause of this first of all?" Azusa asked, sweatdropping at her senpai usual antics. Although she should have been completely used to this...it was just slightly awkward watching the roles being reversed like this.

"You're right. We need to figure out what could have caused this." Mio said pulling Ritsu back onto her seat and straightening her out. It was just completely awkward to see herself looking so...disheveled and untidy... "Was there anything different about today than usual?"

Tilting her head, Mugi looked around the room to see anything out of the ordinary. It was then her eyes caught hold of something. "Um...well, I did served some tea I recently bought from a new store." She explained holding the canteen.

"I don't think that could be the reason. As if tea could have caused us to swi-" Mio paused.


"What was the last thing we were doing right before we lost conscious?" Mio asked.

"Drinking te-" Azusa stopped and everyone stared at Mugi.

Realization dawned towards the twin-tailed girl and tears began to form in the corner of her eyes. "S-s-so it is all...my fault..."

Everyone started to panic.

"No no no! It's definitely not your fault!"

"Yeah, it's probably just a coincidence!"

"Mmhm! Even if it was because of the tea, it's not your fault! It's the fault of the store owner for selling it to you!"

Mugi sniffled and nodded slowly. "I...I should still take full responsibility...so please!" Her eyes blazed up, tears still threatening to spill out. "Hit me with all your strength!" She exclaimed, bowing her head towards Ritsu as if offering herself to the other girl.

"Why me?!"

"So we turn here now?" The girls decided to check out the tea-house even though they still believed it was highly unlikely. Seriously...as if a cup of tea could have caused this! But even then...it was the only lead they currently had at the moment.

Of course they have left Yui and Ton-chan back at the club-room, since they were by no means able to accompany them in their investigation. Hopefully no one would be too curious as to look into the storage room of the club-room to discover the girl who was bound up and gagged.

It would be a very long...and very difficult story to explain...

"Yes, and the teahouse should be right around the corner." Mugi nodded as they turn a corner. "Here we ar-" Everyone froze in place. "...You sure this is it, Mugi? Did we missed a turn or something?"

Before them was a building that was completely and utterly vandalized in such a way that would make it deemed completely unacceptable to even step foot into.

The windows were smashed, the door halfway already off the hinges, creaked painfully. The banner was ripped and barely hanging from the wrecked poles. Splintered chair pieces and glass lay scattered around the area, the roof shingles were loosely hanging, several of them dropping and cracking to pieces on the floor.

"I think we're at the wrong place." Mio stated quickly before trying to turn and run off, only to be held back by Ritsu holding her by the collar.

"I'm sure this is the correct place...but it wasn't...um...so damaged when I first came here." Mugi said softly, wondering just how could such damage happen in such a short manner of time. Ritsu nodded before bravely walking up to the building, being extra careful as to not step around the glass-filled area.

As soon as she reached the door, she took a deep breath.

"Hyah!" She kicked the door off the last hinge. The door flying several inched before skidding on the equally splintered covered floor with a terrible ear-splitting screech as the wood slid painfully against the other.


"I always wanted to do that."

Before being able to even blink, a broom flew by Ritsu, nearly missing her by a few centimeters, taking only a few strands of long locks of hair.

"Ya stupid assholes. Ah already told ya, whatever ya wanna do to mah damn retarded womanizer of an employee, feel free to do so. Just don't bring mah shop into this!" From the back room, a tall man with almond-colored eyes, dead like a shark, glared at Ritsu, who was looking at him with wide eyes and shivering in fear.

Her head was almost taken out from a broom!

"Oh...ya ain't the yakuza bastards." The man said blankly, before cracking his neck. "Git outta here, ya brats. This ain't no place for little gals like ya. Gonna get all those splinters and stuff if ya stick around here."

He walked past Ritsu, who was still frozen in shock, and picked up his broom, which was now laying on the ground several feet away from the other girls. He stopped as he stared at the three girls and raised an eyebrow, his eyes resting on Azusa, which caused her to flinch and cower under his cold gaze.

"Ain't ya that gal from this mornin?" He tilted his head and rubbed his chin in a thinking manner. Although he didn't really get a good look at the customer that time, it would be hard to miss what his employee would call "A really cute blonde chick with huge eyebrows that just makes her look so HNNNNNNGGGG!" Azusa yelped slightly at the question before looking around, her hand instinctly reaching and combing some of the wavy blonde hair with her fingers nervously. Mugi stepped up and nodded.

"Yes, there was a canteen that was recently purchased here, and...well, there was a bit of a problem..."

"Huh..." The man nodded, already figuring out the exact reason why they were here. "Oi! Moron!" He bellowed loudly, causing the girls to jump in surprise.

"Mff?" A head popped from the top of the roof. Her long black hair hanging as she hung upside down from the roof. A hammer in one hand and several nails in her mouth. She spat the nails into her free hand. "This is bad. I'm actually starting to respond to you calling me a moron..." She said dejectedly, moaning in anguish. "And here I am working my butt off to help fix your roof." "It's all your fault it's like that anyways. Now get down here." came the emotionless deadpan reply.

Sighing and nodding, the girl's head disappeared back on top of the roof and she started descending down a ladder that was propped to the side of the building. She jumped off the last step of the ladder and jogged up to where the man and the group of girls were standing. She paused before looking at Azusa before grinning a salesman like smile. "Ah, so you came back. Sorry for the crappy appearance of the shop though." She laughed, earning her a whack from the man next to her. "The crappy appearance of mah shop is because of ya!"

"Ahright then. Let's go in the shop and Ah can try and explain why the hell ya girls are probably here." He said jerking his thumb towards the shop.

Mio gulped.

She did NOT want to go in there. It looked like it would collapse any minute now. All she wanted to do was just turn and run off, maybe go back to her house and curl up in her bed...if her mother would allow her to do so. It would be strange if your daughter's best friend were to come running into the house, go lock herself in the room and stay there...

"Oi, girly. What are ya doing standin in front of where mah door used to be, get in!" The man gave Ritsu a light push, causing her to stumble into the shop. He walked pass her and gestured to the back door. "Either ya wanna sit in splintered chairs, or actually make yaself comfortable,"

Slowly and hestitatly, the girls followed the man into the back room.

Unlike the appearance of the shop outside and inside, the back room was completely safe from the havoc. There was several shelves crammed with boxes. In the corner of the back room was an area with, surprisingly, a traditional ceremonial tea set, complete with the cushions for sitting and a large sofa in the corner against the wall. The man plopped down on the sofa with a groan as he moved his shoulders, letting it crack. He settled down before gesturing the girls to sit down also.

"Moron, go make some tea for them now. It's the least ya can do for pretty much screwin them over."

She pouted. "Sa-yo-ka."

"I-don't-give-a-crap." The man growled, causing the girls to shiver and Sayoka to roll her eyes.

"What you mean by screwing them over though, Minato-nii?" She asked as she began preparing the tea, churning the tea leaves in the small bowl. "If I screwed a chick over, I'd remember it. Especially if they're this cute~" She said in a flirtatious manner, giving the girls a wink.

Although Azusa and Mugi did not truly understood the perverted meaning behind that statement, they couldn't help but blush.

Mio coughed, a slight hue of red adorning her face and a slightly irritated look in her eyes. "S-since you said that, does that mean the problem that we...currently have is because of the tea here?" she asked Minato.

He rubbed the back of his neck, sighing. "Pretty much. Moron over here accidentally gave ya friend the wrong canteen." Sayoka tilted her head in confusion, not really following the conversation. "Ah don't even know why Ah bother with this idiot. Can't sell things correctly, flirt with every cute girl she sees, insults a yakuza member while hittin on their girlfriend..." He said the last part in a low voice, dripping with utter annoyance.

"Wait, what? What problem? Why are they here? What canteen?" "Shaddup."

Another pout appeared on her face as she poured the newly brewed tea into the cups before handing it to the girls. Cautiously, they all stared at the cup, as if something was going to pop out and bite them.

"Don't worry. This tea is safe. It ain't gonna turn ya into a penguin or somethin." "We have something like that?!"


"Ah'm gonna hang ya with ya own entrails and beat ya with a bag filled with the broken glass..."

"...Shutting up now." Sayoka sat down with her lips tightly pursed, only causing the girls to wonder if the man would actually pull through with that threat.

Staring apprehensively, Mugi took a sip of the tea first, letting out a small gasp.

It was subtle, yet the fragrance lingered in such a soothing and strong way. She felt herself relax and noticed it had the same effect on the other girls.

"So you're saying that the tea your employee sold to us was some creepy voodoo magic that caused us to switch bodies?" Ritsu asked as she stared at the man, trying her best not to wince at his cold dead glare. Sayoka paled as she realized the situation. "Body switching...oh god...that was Hayate's stuff, wasn't it?"

"Which is why ah said to get rid of it." Minato said, sighing.

"Hayate? You're telling us that this Hayate person made some creepy potion that switched bodies?" Azusa mumbled, unbelievably.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, trying to figure out what was the easiest way to explain this. After a moment he opened his eyes and looked at the girls with seriousness, which isn't all that different with how he already looked.

"Hayate is an idiot friend of mine, that's pretty...eccentric, would best describe him. And well..."

"He's a wizard-in-training and loves storing his crap in our storage room." Sayoka finished bluntly, taking a sip of the tea also.



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