There aren't enough Spectra & Gus stories out there! XD So I decided to write a one-shot(well, in 2 parts though).

This is yaoi, be warned. Gus/Spectra. I don't own the character or the show.

~Enjoy. ^^

Things weren't working as Spectra had planned and he didn't like it. The damn vexos were getting in his way too much and he wanted them gone. The only good thing now was that Gus was there, as loyal as ever, ready to serve him in any way. Hmm, in any way? Now that was an interesting thought. Maybe something could fix his bad mood after all. Smirking a little to himself he made his way to Gus's room, where the other was probably getting ready for sleep. It was quite late after all. He stopped just outside the room and listened for a moment. There wasn't any sound inside the room. Wondering what his dear servant was doing he pushed the door carefully almost without a sound. However slight the noise he had made was Gus appeared to have heard him and quickly looked up at him and away from the book he was holding in his hands.

Spectra felt his mouth go dry. His servant - and a friend, he had to admit - was lying on the bed, bare and pale skin visible where the sheet didn't cover it. Blue hair let loose and soft-looking, beautiful green eyes focused on him. The blond licked his lips at the tempting sight. It's not like he had never realised his friend was pretty but now - seeing him on the bed and covered by nothing but a thin sheet - he had to admit that Gus looked gorgeous.

"Master Spectra?" Gus swiftly recovered from the surprise of seeing Spectra in his room at that time of the evening and sat up properly, a slightly worried look replacing the startled one. "What can I do for you? Did something happen?" were the quick questions that followed.

"I simply couldn't fall asleep, Gus, nothing to worry about." The blond brawler answered casually. "And I was wondering if you'd like some company?" Yeah, acting innocent would not fool Gus, but it was fun, so why not?

Just as he expected Gus narrowed his eyes slightly, obviously already calculating possible reasons for Spectra to be there. But finally he just nodded.

"Yes, I'd love that." he smiled and put the book under his pillow. "Take a seat." he gestured with a hand to a chair near the bed and pulled the white, thin blanket around himself more firmly. He felt a little uneasy around Spectra when half-naked(he had only his boxers on) while the other guy was completely dressed.

Spectra had to hide a smile at that and instead of sitting on a chair he sat on the bed, closer to Gus then needed. It made the blue-haired boy blush lightly which was an amusing reaction too.

"Ah, let me just get something to put on." Gus added. "I don't really like the way you're looking at me." he joked in a teasing tone and there was a grin on his face as he moved to stand up and find a piece of clothing.

Spectra chuckled. "No need. I rather like you like this, as you've already noticed." he smirked and pushed the other on the bed before he had even managed to stand up. Gus settled on the bed again, another blush covering his cheeks, but he brushed off Spectra's words, thinking that the other was joking too. Yet he didn't fetch himself any clothes. Fine, If Spectra wanted it that way... "What were you reading anyway?" The blond asked nicely after a moment and gave him a small smile.

Gus' face softened, knowing that he was the only one allowed to see a real smile from Spectra. Little did he know why that smile had appeared on the other's lips.

"Err, nothing really." he appeared uncomfortable. "Just some romance novel, I found it amongst my things and decided to give it a try. I-I don't even like it though." He added immediately, maybe even regretting sharing that with Spectra. He expected the other to tease him about his choice of book - after all, a sappy romantic story? Hah. But the teasing never came.

Spectra just shook his head in amusement. "You seem that type when I think of it." he muttered more to himself than to Gus, but the other still heard him since they were so close to each other.

Gus was about to complain and insist that he really didn't like it when Spectra did something quite unexpected. For Gus that is. The powerful blond leaned towards his companion without a warning and placed a tender kiss to his lips. Gus was so shocked that he forgot how to breathe. After just a few seconds it was over and the pressure on his lips disappeared. They were stilled burning up though and he had to resist the urge to touch them. The most shocking thing of all was that Spectra was actually capable of being gentle. That in itself was startling. Usually Spectra took whatever it was that he wanted by force. And if he wanted Gus... well, he could just take him in that way too, like everything else he did.

"M-Master Spectra? Why... why did you..."

The blond was smirking again. "Hmm? Why did I kiss you? I felt like it. And... I feel like doing a lot more to you, Gus." he admitted truthfully and quite shamelessly. He suddenly grew serious. "Will you let me do that? Will you let me test just how far your loyalty to me goes?"

Gus shuddered at those words and stared at his master and friend uncertainly. Spectra knew that Gus would do anything for him. Was this a test? To see how far he'd allow him to go? For a moment he had thought that it was something more and it saddened him to think that he was wrong. Why did it make him sad anyway? It's not like he wanted to have something more with Spectra, right? All he wanted was to be beside him, to follow him and be close to him. And he had that, didn't he? He looked away, thinking for a moment what to do. However, Spectra didn't feel like waiting anymore and pushed the blue-haired boy on the bed before climbing on top of him.

"Gus, I need your answer now. Because you know what they say... silence means agreement. Is that true?" he smirked down at the boy, seeing the startled and almost frightened look in his eyes. "Let me do anything I wish to you." he purred and rubbed the lower part of his body against that of Gus', making the other gasp. "Well? I'm still waiting.."

Gus looked at him again and wondered what would happen if he said no. He had the right, didn't he? His loyalty shouldn't be decided in such a way! But he had the feeling that even if he said no Spectra would do whatever he wanted with him. After all the guy was way stronger than Gus. And yet... would he let Gus go if he didn't want to go along with this? Gus didn't have time to really think about it though since he could see the impatience in Spectra's eyes and didn't want to test it. He had to give his answer now.

So he nodded his head once.

Well, what did you think? Did you like it? Or not? ^^

The 2nd part will have a lemon, so you're warned from now. =D