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"God Damn it!" I yelled to myself as I drove in my new truck down the back roads of Tennessee. The road was narrow and made of dirt, and felt like this truck was extra wide. I was on my way to Alice's from the new house that Emmett and I were building in the middle nowhere. We had been married for four months and I finally put my foot down and said that we couldn't stay in the small house much longer. He reluctantly agreed, and I started making plans to build our dream home in the backwoods of Tennessee on the land the Emmett's grandma owned.

The past two years, I had managed to get my life under control. My last CD and tour was a success. I had a team that actually believed in me and had my best interest at heart. And I had a family. Esme and Carlisle had taken parental roles in my life, something I had never really had. Alice became my best friend and my partner in crime. Jasper become one of my favorite confidants. Edward and Bella were constant companions. And Emmett was my everything.

When I finally made it to Alice's, I ran up the front porch, and rang the door bell. Alice answered with a scowl on her face, and her baby in her arms.

"Hello Amelia." I cooed at the five month old baby in her arms, ignoring it's mother. Alice found out she was pregnant in the middle of my tour. Jasper decided to make an honest woman out of her, and they had a shot gun wedding. And when I say shot gun, I meant it. Alice was dead set on not having a baby bump in her wedding pictures.

"Rose, you're late." Alice said taking my attention from her daughter.

"Sorry. I was talking to the contractor and lost track of time." I replied shrugging my shoulders and stepping over the threshold.

"I can't believe Emmett is letting you build that monstrosity." She said walking into the living room. Fabric was everywhere.

"It's not any bigger than your parents house." I defended. Alice looked over her shoulder at me with an indignant look on her face. "Ok maybe it is a little bigger."

Alice laid Amelia in her jungle themed baby gym, went over to the couch, grabbed a swatch of fabric, and threw it at me.

"Go try this on." She said. Catching the fabric in my hands, I left the room and went in to the bathroom. During the tour I had noticed Alice had a gift of design. As my wardrobe manager, it was her job to style my costumes, make sure they where in order and set, and also to fix any rips or tears before the next show. But one night in the tour bus, I found a sketch book, with drawings in of clothes in it, and they were amazing. Realizing that it was Alice's, I talked to her about it, and learned of her dream to be a designer. With me having the financial means to make it happen, and Alice's talent, we were currently working on our own clothing line. And my current role was model.

"Alice, I don't understand how these straps are supposed to work." I yelled looking down at the yellow mini dress Alice threw at me, the thing was currently held together by pins.

"What do you mean you don't understand? There are only two of them." She yelled back from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Yea well you made a confusing dress." I said opening the door with only the bottom half of the dress on and my bra.

"Rose you put it on backwards." Alice said spinning the dress around my waist so it was on correctly.

"How was I supposed to know? There are no tags." I said bring the top of the dress up.

Once the dress was on correctly, Alice had me stand on the living room table as she made adjustments.

"Where's Jasper?" I asked. It was Saturday, so I knew he didn't have to work.

"He took some of his students on a field trip to a museum in Nashville."

"Oh that sounds boring." I mumbled to myself. "Ouch." I yelled as Alice stuck me, apparently she heard.

"Emmett been rubbing off on you to much." I could help but smile at the thought of my husband. That would be something that Emmett would say, I guess he has been rubbing off on me.

"Have you heard from him?" She as asked. I shook my head no. Emmett left with Carlisle, and Edward to go on an overnight hunting trip, they were supposed to return tonight.

"I wish." I mused as Alice continued to fit me. After a while she let out a huge yawn, and stuck me again with a pin. "Hey wake up cause if you stick me one more time I might have to hurt you."

"Sorry. I don't work well with no sleep."

"Sleep training's not going well?" I asked. The last two weeks Alice and Jasper have been trying to get Amelia to sleep through the night and fall asleep on her own.

"Thats an understatement." She said yawning again. "We keep trying the cry it out method, but I cannot just sit there and listen to her cry. It breaks my heart."

"Just do the best you can." I reassured her.

"I am trying. Bella said it was tough, but I didn't think it would be like this."

"Well at least you have Jasper."

"Yea right. He is the worst. He is like the police. He is always catching me trying to sneak in her room earlier than I should to reassure her."

"That's because I am not a softy." We heard. We both looked up to see Jasper enter the room. He walked over to Alice and kissed her on the cheek. He gave me greeting and went to go play with his daughter.

"How was the field trip?" Alice asked as she went back to fitting the dress.

"It was good, but only 5 students showed up."

"That's because it was on a Saturday. I hope you gave them extra credit." I added.

"Yea well. The school wouldn't let me take them that far on a school day. And no they got no extra credit."

"And that's why no one showed up." I quipped.

"Ouch!" I said as Alice poked me again.

"Whoops! Sorry." She said smiling up at me.

"Don't think that I don't know that you did that on purpose." I said.

"I would never." She said putting her hand on her chest and faking innocence. The next two hours where spent trying on various outfits of Alice's while she continually stick me with pins. If she wasn't my best friend, I would have shot her by now. When Alice had finally released me, only because she had to breast feed Amelia, I quickly changed back into my own clothes. As I walked into the her kitchen, Jasper was sitting at the table grading papers.

"So Jasper, besides the lack of attendance on your field trip, how's life been treating you?" I asked sitting across from him.

"Must you rub the field trip thing in, Rose." He said not taking his eyes off of the paper in front of him. I was about to respond when I heard, my cell phone ring. If that was the contractor telling me about another problem, I was going to rip my hair out. As I fished my cell phone out of my purse, I looked at the screen and a smile spread across my face.

"Miss me?" I said into the receiver after I had hit talk. Jasper rolled his eyes.

"Hell yeah." The sound of my husbands voice made realized just how much I had missed him. Sleeping alone just didn't do it for me.

"I bet. When are you coming home?"

"We are on our way right now, babe. I should be there in an hour."

"Did you eat?"

"No and I'm fucking starving." I laughed at his reply.

"Okay then I will have something for you when you get back." Esme and I had spent alot of quality time together with her teaching me how to cook. And I must say that I could be a professional, I am so good. Okay that is an over exaggeration, but I am much better, and Emmett loves it.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I just got done being tortured by Alice, and I am watching Jasper fail all of his students." I replied as I watched Jasper write a 50 at the top of the page in red ink.

"You poor thing. I know exactly what you need to make it better." He said in a low voice that told me what he was referencing.

"Emmett, we can all hear you." I heard Edward say in the backround.

"Hold on baby," Emmett said to me before I heard him yell at Edward. "Edward mind your own damn business. My wife and I are trying to have a conversation here."

"It sounds like a conversation you should have in private."

"Babe I will see you when I get home, because it seems like Edward needs to be reminded that I can pound his face in."

"Ok, I love you."

"Love you too." He said before he hung up.

"You two where made for each other." Jasper said as I put my phone into my purse.

"I tell myself that everyday." I said standing, and slinging my purse over my shoulders. "Tell Alice that I will see her tomorrow. I am going to go home to my hubby."

"A simple bye would have sufficed." He said as I ran out the door and to my truck. I quickly started the engine and sped the whole way home. Once I was in our drive way, I stopped the car and ran into our small little house in the woods.

"Shit, I should have gone grocery shopping today, Molly." I said her as she laid the other side of the kitchen floor.

The fridge was empty. We had milk, pasta, and Prego. I guess Emmett is eating spaghetti. I put some water on to boil, and threw the sauce in a pan. After I had put the pasta in the water, I heard the jeep coming up the driveway. He's home. I heard the front door close and the sound of foot steps coming towards me.

"Something smells good." He said as he rounded the corner into the kitchen. "And I am not talking about the food." I felt his arm wrap around my waist and his lips connect with the nape of my neck.

"You could smell me from all they was across the room?" I asked turning around to face him.

"Well no, but you always smell good." He said smiling back at me and bringing his lips down to mine. I immediately molded into his embrace and opened my mouth to welcome him. After a minute he pulled back.

"You always taste good too." He said before he leaned down and brought his lips back to mine. I moaned into his mouth and brought my hands up to his neck. It was then I felt something hit my calf. I quickly pulled back in surprise and looked down.

"Emmett, what is that?" I said still looking down.

"I thought it could be dinner tomorrow." I said holding up the fish smiling.

"Dinner? As in you want me to cook that." I said staring at the whole fish in my husbands hands.

"Yea." His smile was so big, and he looked so proud that I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I didn't even know where to begin with that thing.

"Okay." I said. "Put in a zip lock in the fridge." Emmett gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and went to go put up his prize. I guess tomorrow I will be spending quality time on the internet looking up whole fish recipes.

I drained the pasta in the sink, put it in the sink, and pour the sauce on top, while Emmett went to go change after he gave Molly a proper greeting. Once he was done, we sat at the table and ate.

"Besides the fish, how did the trip go?" I asked inbetween bites. He just shrugged his shoulders.

"We almost got a buck, but Edwards was acting like a pussy and complaining. He scared it away." Well I will have to thank Edward, because my husband could have come home with a whole deer instead of a fish.

"That sounds like an Edward thing to do." I said shoving more pasta in my mouth.

"Did you go and see the house?" . I nodded my head.

"Yea, it's a disaster."

"What do you mean?" He asked looking up from his plate at me.

"The stone was shipped in today for the exterior, but it wasn't the one we picked. The company messed up, which is delaying construction further. Apparently the plumber messed up as well on one of the pipe lines and they have to dig up part of the foundation. Between that and going back and forth to the county and city offices getting permits, I just feel overwhelmed." When I finished, I realized that my explanation turned into a rant. "Sorry I didn't mean to unload all of that on you."

"It's fine. We knew this wouldn't be easy. Before I go to the fire house tomorrow, I will stop by the site, and see what I can do." That caught me by surprise.

"You're going to the station tomorrow? I thought you didn't have to work." I said quickly. If I would have know he had to work, I would have put up more of a fight about this hunting trip. Two days without Emmett is my worst nightmare.

"I don't have to work the whole day. Mike has to take his son to the doctor, and needed someone to cover him for three hours."

"Oh, oh is he ok?" I asked concerned for the boy. Mike was a single parent. His wife left when his son, Jeff, was only a couple of months old. Everyone around town has help him out. I have even watched his son on some of the days when both he and Emmett had to work, and his mother couldn't do it. I guess you can say I have a weak spot for single parents.

"Yea he thinks it is just an ear infection."

"Okay good. What time are you going in?"

"Ten to one."

"Did you want me to come with you when you visit the house?" I asked as I picked up our empty plates and went to put them in the dishwasher.

"No you sleep in." He said following me with our glasses. "because I plan on tiring you out tonight."

"Oh really." I said turing back towards him wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Really." He said bringing his lips down to mine. His hands ran down my back and rested just above my ass as he pulled my closer to him. I moaned into his mouth, bringing my hand up through his arms and around his neck, pulling him down to me. He ran his tongue over my lips, and I gladly granted entrance. I guess Emmett got tired of bending down, because he lowered his hands to my ass, and lifted me up.

"Bedroom" I mumbled against his lips as I wrapped my legs around him moving to kiss his neck. He stepped back and began walking down the hall towards our room. I began to lightly kiss up his neck, until I reach his ear which I lightly bit. Emmett groaned as he leaned down and I felt the softness of the bed hit my back. He stood back up and took off his shirt. My man is gifted, I thought as I stared at his chest.

"God baby I missed you." He said leaning back over me. I bent my knees, bringing them up around him causing my dress to ride up. As his put his weight on his left forearm, his right hand was running back and forth from my knee to my hips. He took his kisses lower until he was running his tongue over my cleavage, and I had both of my hands in his hair.

"Please, Em." I begged raising my hips up to his so he knows what I meant. His right hand left my leg and moved between the bed and my back until found the zipper of my dress. Pulling it down, he stood up, and slid the dress down my body until it joined his shirt in the floor. I leaned up and began unbuttoning his jeans. As Emmett stepped out of them, I reached behind myself and unhooked my bra. Emmett never being one to ignore my breasts, had me on my back and his mouth on them in seconds.

"Please" I moaned as I brought my hands to the back of his head arching my back. Emmett ran the hand the wasn't holding him up, from my breast down the hem of my lace panties. I trying to raise my hips so that they would slip inside, but he continued to run he fingers from one side of my hips to the other.

"Emmett!" I yelled finally getting frustrated. He raise he face from my chest and gave me a sly smile, right before he slid his hand in my underwear and plunged his fingers into me.

"Oh God!" I said as I closed my eyes. He quickly went to work moving his fingers in and out of me, and every once and a while he would lightly graze my clit with the pad of his thumb. As I was teetering over the edge, I felt him withdrawal his fingers, and his weight was lifted off of me. I opened my eyes to find him, standing over me removing his boxer briefs. His cock sprang free as he stood up to is full glory. I brought my eyes up to his face as he sucked on the fingers that were once inside of me.

"On your knees, Rosalie." He said to me in a commanding voice that he knew I loved. I quickly dropped to my knees and place my hand at the base of him. I looked up at him as I brought the head into my mouth knowing he loved that. Hell he loved everything that involved getting head from me. He was bigger than any man I had ever been with standing at 9 1/2 inches, but knowing he loved it made me get better. I had even began to like deep throating him.

"God I love your mouth." He said as I bobbed my head back and forth. When I had gotten a rhythm between my hand and mouth, I relaxed my throat and took him as deep as I could.

"Fuck." I heard as I felt him hit the back of my throat. I pulled back and ran the tip of my tongue over the slit at the head.

"Shit." He said as I felt him grab my hair and pull my back. I looked up at him as he held my hair back. "Stand up, babe." He said and I eagerly complied.

"How do you want?" He asked as he ran his hands over my sides, and down my hips to my legs pulling the panties with them. Once I had stepped out, I climbed on the bed on my hand and knees, letting him know exactly what I wanted.

"Your perfect, you know that." He said as he ran his hands from my shoulders, down my back, to my hips. I felt the tip of him at my entrance and moaned. Without warning he swiftly entered me.

"Shit!" I yelled at the unexpected but welcome surprise. He gave me a second to adjust before he relentlessly started pounding into me. Given how worked up we both were, this would not last long.

"How are you still this tight?" He asked inbetween thrusts. I could only moan a response as I fell myself getter closer to release.

"More. More." I gasped. Emmett hearing this removed one of his hands from my hip and brought it down to my clit rubbing me in time with his thrusts. I felt my arms begin to shake as I tried to hold myself up. But it was in vain, my arms gave out from under me and I fell to my elbows, giving both of us a new angle.

"I'm...oh fuck...Em...I'm" I could even for a complete thought. Luckily Emmett knew what I meant.

"Come on, Rose. Cum for me." As if on command I felt myself tighten around him yelling his name. He continued his movements, but they were becoming more erratic telling me that he was close. Unfortunately I was too caught up in my own orgasm to do anything.

"Fuck Rose." He said as I felt him stiffen behind me and twitch inside me. Once I had calmed down my entire body gave out from under me and I fell on the bed, bringing Emmett on top of me.

Although I loved to feel the weight of him, baring all of of it was proving to be to much.

"Em I need air." I said and he quickly rolled off of me pulling out in the process. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him as we both slipped under the covers.

"Do you think we will ever get out of the honeymoon phase?" He asked rubbing my back as I basked in a post coital glow.

"I hope not." I mumbled feeling my eyes close.

"Love you." He said pulling my closer.

"Love you too." I replied before sleep lured me under.

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