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"Baby, Are you sure?" Emmett asked me for the tenth time this morning.

"Emmett, I need to do this on my own." I said before sipping my hot tea.

"You don't have to do this on your own." He huffed running his hands through his hair. I set my cup on the counter and walked over to him. Placing both my hands on either side of his face, I looked into his eyes.

"I know you want to come with me, but I can't rely on you for everything."

"Yes you can." He interrupted. In an hour I was leaving to have lunch with my father, and Emmett was doing everything he could to get an invite.

"No Emmett, I can't. Besides we are just going to the dinner." He took a deep breath and let it out loudly as I released his face.

"I just worry about you." He said pursing his lips.

"I know, baby."

"It doesn't feel right, sending you to meet someone that has cause you so much pain on your own." I nodded my head understanding that Emmett will always want to take care or me. I leaned my forehead onto his chest, and his hand went up to my hair pulling me closer to him.

It had been a week since he kicked my mother out, and I can't say I've love husband more than I do now. He never asked me how I felt about it, or ever brought it up. He knew in my own time I would be ready to talk, and wasn't going to push me to do so before then. It's not that I was holding in how I felt, yes what my mother said hurt me more than I let on, but he knew that. He knew everything. I just wasn't going to let it dictate my life.

So I disappointed my mother, but did she never really want what was best for me in the first place. For the past week, I have been questioning my mothers motives on everything I have ever thought she has done for me. And there was on common thread, there was always a benefit for her.

"Just promise you are going to call me when you get there, when you leave, and if you need me." I nodded my head.

"I'll always need you." I replied looking up at him. He pushed my hair out of my face, and gave me a small smile.

"Good to know. When you leave, I'm going to go to the firehouse. They need me to fill out some paperwork." He was lying. I knew him well enough to know that. Yes I am sure he is going to the firehouse, but not because he needs to do paperwork. The firehouse was only two miles from diner.

"I should go get dressed." I whispered. He nodded his head and brought his lips to mine in a light kiss. As he pulled away, he kissed my forehead before standing at his full height. Stepping out of his embrace, I walked out of the kitchen and up to our bedroom leaving Emmett alone.

"You can do this." I repeated to myself as I pulled into the parking lot for the diner. I told myself this several times after I left our home. I didn't want to tell Emmett I was slightly terrified to see him, he would have never let me out the house.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the car door and stepped out onto the pavement. I heard the car beep as my heels clicked and new dress blew in the wind as I walked towards the entrance. Last week, Alice and I went clothes shopping. She said I couldn't wear Emmett's clothes forever. He begged to differ.

A bell chimed as I open the door, and the smell of eggs assaulted my nose.

"Rosalie. To what do we owe this surprise." One of the waitresses greeted.

"Oh I'm here to meet someone." I smiled.

"Booth in the far corner. He has been here every morning for the last month." I nodded my head not surprised that she knew who I was talking about. This was a small town, and outsiders where easy to spot. I looked over to the corner booth the see my father reading a newspaper.

"You can do this." I whispered one more time before walking towards him. As I set my purse on the seat, he lifted his head. When his brown eyes met mine, I sat down across from him.

"Thank you for finally meeting with me." He said calmly.

"You were really persistent." I replied.

"It's really important. Would you like something to eat?" He asked. I shook my head. I was too uncomfortable to eat.

"Alright. I won't keep you longer than necessary." He said stirring his coffee.

"Before you start, there is something that I need to say." He nodded his head for me to continue. "If you are here to ask for money, you should get up and leave right now, because you won't get a penny from me."

"I don't deserve your money Rosalie. I was anything but a good father. I've always believed that. I don't deserve to bask in the glory of you success."

"Then why now? Why show up now?" I asked. I needed make sure I stayed in control of this conversation. I was caught off guard with the conversation with my mother, and Emmett had to bail me out. I didn't have that option this time.

"Because your safety is a risk. And while I may not be your father, I do love you."

"You don't even know me." I interjected.

"That doesn't mean I don't love you."

"The way you've treat me in the past shows anything but love. You use to hit me. Yell at me. I did nothing wrong."

"I was a drunk Rose. I didn't want to be a father and I wasn't ready to be a father. That doesn't mean I didn't love you, I just didn't know how to show it."

"Whatever. Why are you here?" I asked not wanting to talk about my childhood anymore. Unfortunately that's exactly what he was going to talk about.

"Do you remember when you where little and I use to bring my friends over to watch the football games?"

"How could I forget? You sent me to fetch your beers." I responded.

"Do you remember any of those men?" He asked.

"You have to forgive me if chose to forget them. I mean they use to ask me to sit on there laps. I was five." I countered.

"I know and I am sorry about that."

"Sorry does't take it away." He took a deep breath.

"You're not going to make this easy for me are you?" He asked more for himself.

"Did you expect me to?" He shook his head.

"There was one in particular one that always asked me to bring you into the room. He used to say you were the perfect child. Quiet, calm, obedient."

"Well he has you to thank for why I was all those things." I could feel myself shutting down. He was bringing up memories I tried to suppress. My childhood was I always tried to ignore.

"I know." He said quietly.

"I hope there is a point to all of this. Because I am getting tired." I huffed.

"There is. I promise." He chuckled to himself. "I'm actually surprised your husband isn't with you."

"He want to be. Trust me." I starred him down.

"Anyway that particular man called me a couple of months ago, saying he met the woman of his dreams. I was a little surprised. I hadn't spoken to him in years. He moved about a year after you and your mother left." Memories of my mother waking me up in the middle of the night flooded my mind. Crying know that I was never going to see my father again. Driving away in the dark from the house I had always knew. The memories were too overwhelming. I felt my eyes tear up, and I knew I had to get out.

"I'm sorry." I said quietly. "I thought I could do this, but I can't." I stood.


"No it's not your fault. You have been nothing but nice to me. I just don't think this is a good idea anymore." I grabbed my purse and slung it over my shoulder. "So this is me asking you to leave me and my family alone. I don't want to see you anymore. I don't want to hear from you anymore. You yourself said you lost that right, and I'm asking you to honor it. I'm finally happy. Really happy. You owe to me to let me have that. You owe at least that. So please don't contact me anymore." I said turning on my my heel and walking out to the car.

"Rose. Rose." He called after me, but I didn't stop. When I made it to my car, I pulled out my cell.

"Rose, babe." Emmett's low timber of his voice was comforting as I pulled out of the parking lot.

"Yea. I'm here." I responded.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yep. I'm on my way home right now."

"What did he want?"

"I don't know. I never let him get that far. I just didn't care anymore." I said. It was true. "He told me he loved me. That he always has. Why would he do that?"

"I dunno, babe. Do you want me to meet you at home?" He was only asking for my benefit, because if it were up to him, he would be following me home at the moment.

"No. I'm just going to go home and go to bed." I answered. I didn't sleep well last night nervous for todays events. And now that they are over, I was crashing. "Stay and hang out for a while. You haven't been there in weeks." I continued.

"You sure?"

"Yea. I'll be fine. Watch sports, drink a beer, have fun." I said pulling onto the wooded path that lead to our home. "I'm almost home anyway."

"Okay babe. I'll be home soon. Get some rest."

"I will." I whispered.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I responded before hanging up. When I madd it home, Molly sprinted out the open door.

"Well your staying out there a long time." I said watching her retreating form as she ran into the wood. I dropped my purse and cell phone on the kitchen counter and trudged up the stairs. Kicking off my heels, I got into bed, dress and all, letting sleep overtake me.

My eyes opened slightly as I felt the bed dip next to me. I saw just enough to know that it was dark outside. I must have slept for hours. As soon as I felt Emmett settle into the bed, I turned towards him.

"Mmm. I can't believe I slept that long and I'm still tired." My voice was scratchy from sleep. "I missed you, Em." I moaned simultaneously wrapping my arm around his waist and resting my head on his chest. As soon as I made contact, my eyes shot open.

Emmett didn't smell the same. His normal musk and cinnamon scent was replaced by beer and cigarettes, but that wasn't what concerned me. He could have easily done both of those things while hanging out with his friends. What concerned me was that it felt like he had lost a significant amount of weight, and muscle.

I stiffened as I felt a hand come to rest on the top of my head stroking my hair down. I felt the man chuckle underneath me, as I tried to figure out exactly who this was. Jasper didn't smoke, and Em and I hadn't talked to Edward in weeks.

"As much as I love the sound of you moaning, I don't appreciated being called another man's name." I sat up immediately recognizing the voice and flew backwards out of the bed. My feet struggled to find their footing, and I fell backwards on my ass. Aro instantly sat up and looked at me.

"Careful Rosie, We can't have you and that little peanut there getting hurt." My arms wrapped around my protruding stomach after I uprighted myself as he spoke of my unborn child.

"How did you get in here? What do you want?" I asked scooting further away from him on the floor. It didn't escape my notice that he strategically put himself between me and the door.

"I built this house. I put in your security system, you think I don't know how to override it." Aro said stretching. He pulled back the covers and patted the mattress. "Now come back to bed."

I shook my head, and stood quickly. "Where's Emmett?" I asked looking around the dark room.

"Don't worry. We'll be long gone before he gets here." He said sitting up. The realization that Emmett wasn't here sent my heart racing.

"What do you want?" I asked standing with my back flush against the wall. My breathing was ragged, and my hands were trembling.

"I thought I had made myself pretty clear the last few months. I've wanted you for years. I didn't want this to happen this way, but when you met with your father this morning, you forced my hand."

"What are you talking about?"

"You're father came here to warn you Rose. Why he was trying to protect you from me who knows, but I'm not going to let him take you away from me. We were meant to be, I've known it ever since you were a child."


"You don't remember do you? You use sit on my lap, and I would play with your hair. You were so quiet, and kind. I wanted a daughter just like you. You father didn't deserve you. But after your mother took you away, I left as well. I'll never forget the first time I saw you on TV. I realized you had grown into a beautiful woman. I always knew you were destined for great things. I just didn't know how to get to you. Once I found out you were building a house, I knew this was the perfect opportunity." He explained.

"So this was your plan all along, from the very beginning." I whispered.

"Yes. Minus you getting pregnant. But as you will learn Rose, I am a man of my word. I will raise it as if it were my own." He stated proudly.

"No. I'm not letting you get anywhere near me or my child." I challenged.

"Be rational Rose. Lets not make this any harder than it needs to be." He said calmly.

"I'm serious. Please leave, and don't come back." I tried to sound sure of myself, but in reality I was terrified. If this got out of hand there wasn't much I could do. I needed Emmett here.

"I didn't want it to come to this." He said reaching behind him. From the nightstand he pulled out a white cloth and a small brown bottle. "This won't hurt you, and I don't think this will hurt the baby." He said pouring the liquid from the bottle onto the towel. "It's just going to make you easier to handle."

I had to get out of here. I had to call Emmett. But we hadn't had a chance to put in a house phone, and my cell was downstairs on the counter. I had to run for it. Now was the time. He was under the covers in our bed focused on whatever was going to knock me out. I had to go now.

Testing him, I inched my way towards the door to see if he would notice, but he was listening to the sound of his own voice.

"I promise you Rose, you'll be happy with me. I can give you everything he can't. I'd never leave you." He said as I side stepped my way towards the door. "I already have a house for us. You'll love it." The door was in sight. I was easily a little over twenty feet from it.

"I brought a lot of the things you loved about this house into that one Rose. There is even room for a nursery." I felt the bile rise in my throat. He really had planned this through. I needed a plan. I needed to get downstairs grab my phone and call Emmett.

I taking a deep breath, I took off as fast as my feet would carry me.

"Rose!" I heard him yell behind me as I bounded for the stairs. I just had to get to my phone. "You're making this difficult." I heard his feet hit the hard would has walked after me. I round the corner into the kitchen and grabbed my cell phone.

Unfortunately, I didn't know where to go from here, but I knew I had to hide. Running down the back staircase to the basement, I ran into the gym quietly closing the door behind me. I chose this room because it had two exits, a sliding door to the patio, and the door to the rest of the house.

I hit the recent calls button on my phone, dialing the first number that showed up. My heart was pounding in my ears as the phone rang.

"Please pick up. Please pick up." I whispered. Now would be the one time Emmett didn't pick up his phone. Just when I thought he wasn't going to answer. The ringing ceased and I heard his laughter.

"Hey babe." He said chuckling.

"Emmett." I replied frantically.

"Rose what's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked all humor gone from his voice.

"No. He's here." I heard shuffling in the background. At first I thought it was in the house and that Aro had found me, but I heard Emmett's friends asking him where he was going.

"What are you talking baby? Where are you? Whose there?" He asked quickly,

"I'm home. Aro's here. He's trying to...He wants...Emmett I'm scarred." I couldn't say it. Tears started streaming down my face, and my breathing was becoming inconsistent.

"Okay. Okay. Rose? Rosalie?" He voice was calm and collected.


"Do remember that room I told you about? The one that locks form the inside." He said. I heard a door slam and the car engine start. He was on his way.

"Yes." I answered.

"I need you to go there baby. Have you called the cops?"


"Okay. Where are you now?" He asked.

"The gym." I whispered.

"Good baby. That room is in the basement. Go there now."

"I can't Emmett. He's out there." My voice was high pitched and quiet.

"Listen to me Rose. You are going to be okay. I'm on my way. But I need you to get into that room. I know you can do it, baby. Just take a deep breath and go."

"He is going to be able to get in." I said.

"No, he won't baby. I looked at. Once you lock that door. No one can get in unless you let them." He said calmly. "Rosalie, you need to go."

"Okay." I said standing. "I'm going."

Slowly, I walked towards the door, and turned the knob.

"This isn't funny Rosalie. Your just pissing me off." I heard Aro's voice yell. "I'll find you!"

"Don't listen to him baby. Listen to me. Go to that room." I heard through the speaker. Stepping out into the hallway, I tip toed down the hall.

I heard footsteps in the stairs and froze holding my breath.

"Don't stop Rose. Keep going." Emmett's voice urged. Taking a deep breath, I sprinted toward the guest bedroom that the safe room was attached to.

"Shit!" I heard Aro yell behind me.

"On the panel to your left, there is a button that says lock. Hit it!" Emmett yelled. I looked to my left, and slammed my palm into the pannel. Instantly the door started to shut behind me, but I could see Aro form running towards it. If he got in here, I would be locked in here with him.

"Please close. Please close." I whispered as the door continued to slide shut. As I heard the door lock into place, I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Are you in?" Emmett asked.

"Yea." I answered.

"Fuck!" I heard on the other side of door.

"Take a deep breath baby. I'll be there in five minutes. Do not hit the unlock button unless you hear me or Edward tell you it's ok."

"Okay." I said nodded my head as if he could see me.

"You did great baby. He can't get to you. I'll be there in five minutes. Okay, just sit tight."

"Wait don't hang up!" I yelled.

"I have to baby. I have to call the cops. You're okay, I promise." He sounded conflicted.

"Please don't." I cried.

"I have to baby."

"Please don't leave me." I pleaded.

"I'll be there in less than five minutes, I promise."


"Just sit tight. I love you." He said before hanging up. As soon as the dial sounded, I fell to the floor crying. How could he leave me?

A banging on the door sounded causing me to jump.

"I didn't mean to scare you sweetheart. Open the door and let talk about it." Aro pleaded. I sat in the far corner away from the door with my knees as close to my chest as my body would allow, as Aro continued to beg. "I promise I won't hurt you, if you open this door."

He'll be here in five minutes. He promised. He'll be here in five minutes. He promised.

I repeated those sentences over and over in my head as I rocked back and forth. Aro realizing his pleas where falling on deaf ears, changed tactics.

"Rosalie, if you don't open this God Damn door, I swear I put you in a world of hurt. Would you like that?" He yelled.

"Five more minutes. Five more minutes." I repeated until Aro's yelling stopped. I heard murmuring on the other side of the door and crawled towards it to hear what was going on. Emmett had to be here by now. I couldn't understand what was going on, and the urge to unlock this door and look was high. But I just sat there ear against the door trying to pick out words, anything that would give me a clue.

Then I heard it, the sound that would haunt me forever: a gun shot. I jumped and my hand flew to my mouth. I heard scuffling and inched back away from the door. It was taking everything in my power not to hit unlock and make sure Emmett was okay. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for that reassurance.

"Rose!" Heard Emmett yell from the other side of the door.

"Emmett." I said slamming back against the wall.

"Yea baby it's me. Open the door." He said reassuringly.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine babe."

"Is he gone?" I asked.

"Yea, babe the police have him. Unlock the door, Rose." I raised my trembling right hand, and pressed the unlock button. I heard the locks in the door retreat. Slowly the door opened, and instantly I was in Emmett's arms. As soon as I smelled his familiar scent, I broke down.

"You're okay, baby. I'm here." He consoled falling with me to the ground. I looked up at his eyes and he pushed the hair out of my face.

"Did he hurt you? Are you hurt?" I shook my head. He looked so concerned. So worried. "Shit. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I wasn't here." He added kissing my forehead.

"It's not your fault." I replied.

"Sir we have to arrest you." I tightened my grip on Emmett's shirt for fear that he was being taken away from me. But I looked after his shoulder to see the officer wasn't talking to Emmett, he was talking to my father.

My father turned to look at the officer then back at me.

"Bye Rose." He said before walking away with the officer in toe. I looked back at Emmett confused.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"He followed me from the bar to the house. When we got here, I was going to tell him to get lost. But I saw it in his face, he was genuinely concerned about you, and I didn't have the time to hear his reason so we both came in to get you. He shot Aro." I gasped.

"He didn't kill him, but they are definitely taking him to the hospital."

"Why are they taking him to jail?" I asked.

"He shot no questions asked Rose. He's going to jail."

"Oh God." I said burying my face into his neck. He rubbed my back and held me close.

"Rose." I heard Edward's voice in the distance. I looked up to see him standing in the doorway. "I hate to do this, but we have to get a statement."

"No now. I'm going tot take her to Carlisle. Do it after." Emmett corrected sternly.

"Alright." Edward responded. "I'm really sorry, Rose, for everything." He said, I nodded my head telling him a heard him, before he walked away.

"Come on babe. Lets go make sure you're okay." Emmett stood bringing me with him.

"He's really gone?" I asked one last time.

"I promise babe. No one is going to hurt you." He replied, before leading out of the room.

"Emmett." I said smacking his back as I raised up in the bed. It had been 4 months since Aro had broken into our house. Both he and my father were in jail. I never thought I would say this, but I'm glad he was my father. And now I truly believe that he loves me. He sacrificed his freedom, for mine.

I felt another sharp pain course through my body and I hit Emmett again.

"Emmett get up." I moaned.

"Rose five more minutes." I grumbled tucking himself into the covers.

"I'm going into labor and you want five more minutes." I said and instantly his head shot up.

"It's time?" He asked.

"I think my water just broke." I nodded.

"Shit." He said flying out of bed. It had taken months for me to be able to sleep a full night after the break in, but Emmett took it in stride comforting me when I needed it and staying up with me when I couldn't sleep. Alice flipped when she found out the secrets we where keeping from her, but what she didn't understand was is wasn't really her business and the last thing we wanted to do was drag her in the middle of hit.

"Ok I have a change of clothes, my toothbrush, and book." Emmett said running to my side.

"I'm really glad you have all those things, but what about me?" I asked.

"Oh right hold on." Emmett dropped the bag by the side of the bed, and ran back into the closet. He returned with a change of clothed for me and a book to read. We weren't really prepared, but in our defense, this baby is three weeks early.

"I hope thats a good book Emmett." I said as he dropped it in the bag.

"If it's not, I'll send Alice to go get one. Let's go." He said helping me up. He helped me as I waddled down the stairs towards the car. This baby was huge and to be honest I couldn't wait to get it out. At the last minute, we decided to not find out the sex. It wasn't like we could change it, and I had bought a whole but unisex furniture anyway.

"Wait wait." I said closing my eyes as we walked into the garage as another contraction hit. I grabbed Emmett's arm tightly, focusing on my breathing. As I felt the pain subside, I opened my eyes.

"Better?" He asked.

"Yea." I nodded my head. "Lets get to the hospital so I can get some drugs. These things are painful."

Emmett drove like a bat out of hell to the hospital talking Carlisle on the phone the whole way. When we pulled up to the emergency room, Carlisle was standing next to a frail woman pushing a wheelchair.

"How are you doing, Rose?" Carlisle asked opening the door to the jeep.

"You didn't tell me how much this was going to hurt Carlisle. When do I get drugs?" He laughed. I didn't find it funny.

"I don't know what you laughing at but it better stop." I growled getting out of the Jeep.

"Dr. Cullen. You should know better than to mess with a woman in labor." The nurse said shaking her head.

"I like you." I told to her sitting in the wheelchair.

"I'll be right back babe, let me go park the car." I nodded my head at Emmett before he sped off.

Carlisle lead me into a private room, and within seconds of me getting in the bed Emmett ran in like I was going to give birth at any minute.

"Emmett calm down." I said looking at his frantic face. "Carlisle said I'm not dilated enough. It's going to be awhile."

"Please tell me they drugged you?"

"What's that suppose to mean?" I countered snapping my head towards him.

"I just don't want you to be in pain." He lied. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"Emmett just sit down." I said looking at the chair next to me. He walked over and lowered himself in the chair. Then began the waiting game. Alice, Jasper, Bella and Esme showed up hours after I had been admitted to keep me company. Hell even Edward stayed for a while, but Emmett was the constant. He never left my room. Esme brought him food, and he just sat there holding my hand as I continued to squeeze the shit out his with every contraction.

For the fifth time today, Carlisle came in to check on me timing my contractions, and measuring my uterus.

"Everyone out." He said sternly, causing my heart to jump into my throat. I watched everyone leave the room, and looked back at Emmett terrified.

"Is everything alright?" He asked calmly.

"I hope your ready to have this baby, because it is coming now." He said as nurses began filing into the room.

"Now?" I asked.

"Now." He repeated. I looked over at Emmett and he lightly kissed my forehead.

If anyone ever tells you that giving birth is a breeze, they're lying. It was onw of the most painful experiences I had ever had and I had drugs. Emmett got yelled at beyond belief, I believe I said 'I hope you die' at one point. But it's all forgotten and forgiven once you hear your baby cry for the first time. And Carlisle look at you and say "It's a boy."

Tears streamed down not only my face but Emmett's as well, and that was a first, I've never seen him cry. They wrapped him in a blue blanket and put him in my arms. Emmett sat beside me on the bed, as be both looked down at the being we had created. How could I have thought I didn't want this? In that brief moment when he opened his blue eyes and looked at me, my whole world shifted, and he was placed at the top. No matter what happened in our lives, he would be number one. He would be our number one.

I felt Emmett lean down and kiss my hair.

"I love you." He said. I turned and looked over my left shoulder to see him looking down at me with love and wonder in his eyes. This was my family. This was where I was suppose to me. Everything that had happened in my life brought me to this moment. All the pain and tears made me who I am in this moment. A women the best friends anyone could ask for, a husband that loves her more than she'll ever know, and a handsome baby boy.

"I love you too." I said with all of my heart. If I had him and this baby in my arms, I didn't care what happened arounds us. We could deal with anything.

"Do you have a name?" The nurse asked me as I looked baby down at the budle of joy I was holding.

"Yea." I said smiling at the beautiful baby boy in my arms. "Trey. Trey McCarty."

Okay so there you have it. I know some didn't want Aro to be the stalker, but that was the plan all along. It's been a fun ride, and I truly enjoyed writing this. Please be sure leave me a review and let me know what you thought, even if you hated the ending. Also I may or may not write a Alice/Jasper outtake of this a couple of years in the future. Would you want to read that? As some of you know, I have been working on a new story. It Em/R (shocker!), and it will be posted either tomorrow or Friday so put me on author alert. But until then here is a teaser:

"Evening ladies." I heard Royce's voice behind me. "Do you mind if I borrow my fiancee for a moment?" he asked politely. All the women shook their heads and smiled knowingly. I turned to look at him. He was barely taller than me, with dark hair and eyes. His body was lean but fit, and his olive skin was smooth. I smiled as he pulled me away. The harsh grip on my waist, telling me he'd grabbed me for a reason.

"The guy I am about to introduce you to is the last obstacle we have to pass before we can build that hotel in Miami. We need his company to construct it." I nodded my head as he spoke, knowing I would have to put on my charm. We walked up the bar, and Royce ordered scotch for himself and a glass of white wine for me.

"So Royce, is this the woman I've heard so much about?"

I looked over my shoulder to see who was addressing me, and was stunned by what I saw. Looking back at me were the lightest pair of blue eyes I have ever seen. He towered over my 5'10" frame; he was literally twice the size of Royce. He looked as if he'd just left a boxing ring. His brown hair was cut short and messy. His lips were full and jaw defined. He looked like a man who actually knew what hard work was.

"Rose, this Emmett McCarty." Royce said, handing over my glass.