Clan Head Hinata Hyuuga, Head Medic Sakura Haruno, and Ino Yamanaka hereby do swear to do all we can to get Neji Hyuuga and Tenten together. They have been dancing around each other for too long, and all of us are sick of it. So, as good friends we are not going to quit until they get together.

First Step: Make sure that Naruto is holled up in his office, so he won't try to warn Neji. If the paperwork does not keep him there, drug him and tie him to the chair.

Note: Get ANBU on to the plot. They've been wanting to get back at him for the prank last week. Nothing too harmful will satisfy their cravings for revenge, and plus not get them in trouble. Check, willing and eager to do so

Second Step: Make sure that Neji is clear to have a day off. Cleared, his captain wants him to stop daydreaming about Tenten.

Note: Get Captain dango, he'll love that.

Third Step: Ambush Neji and convince him to accompany myself (Hinata) to the market to get…something. Make sure to figure out what before, because he'll ask. And if he asks, I have to answer like I am NOT up to something. Nether mind that Clan Heads usually don't go to the market them selves. We have our minions do that.

Fourth Step: Sakura and Ino will take Tenten shopping for a new dress. They will make up some excuse, and for them that'll be easy to do. Word is Tenten has been wanting to shop for a while, so that'll be easy. She is still a girl.

Fifth Step: Get the two to meet outside of the restaurant at six oclock sharp. Make sure Tenten is wearing the dress. Neji will freeze and stare.

Sixth Step: Usher them in to the restaurant and then leave.

Seventh Step: Pray everything goes right.

If this plan does not work, go with other plans until one of them works.