A/N:I know this is super short. But these are three one-shots that all tie together. This story shouldn't be called a three-shot because it's not really that. So this is three one-shots.

Anyways, this is my first ever PLL story and I haven't read the books, yet. I will as soon as I finish these other two series I'm reading at the moment(Gallagher Girls and House of Night). So please, no flames! Also, this is a spoiler for the season finale.

Oh and the finale kind of got me a little mad. I knew I should have read the books before watching the show, but too late for that. I don't agree with what the girls did to Toby. They called the cops on him. Ugh. He just doesn't seem like the type to hurt someone(to bad). And in that Homecoming episode, I'm more than certain that he wasn't planning on hurting Emily when they were alone together. He just wanted to talk.

And then with the whole Hanna dies thing. It made me super sad because Hanna is one of my favorite characters! She and I are...or were a little bit alike and I could relate with her a lot of times.

Now..Story information. This is only the information for THIS one-shot. Not the other two, THIS ONE!

Title-Headlights:I Trusted Her

Summary-My life was completely ruined. All thanks to Emily, the girl I trusted.

Words-271(yeah, I know it's short..Sorry.)

POV-1st Person, Toby

Disclaimer-I own NOTHING!

I stood by the church waiting for Matt to show up. I heard a car coming and I looked from behind the trees and I saw the headlights. My eyes got wide as I saw the blue and red lights and heard the sirens. I quickly started to back away, but there were more cops on the other side of the church. I stopped walking in plain sight and slowly put my hands up. The police pointed their guns right at me. I knew the would never believe me if I told them I was innocent.

I knew exactly how they had found out about me. I had told Emily everything because I trusted her, but I couldn't trust her. Emily had went off and told her annoying friends everything I had told her. So of course, they all called the police on me.

But now there was no one to trust. I told Emily I was innocent, but she didn't believe me. Didn't she understand that I trusted her more than you could ever trust a person?

I sighed as my hands were in the cuffs. The cops led me to the car and forced me into the backseat. There was no way out of this. They would never believe me. I was already thought to be guilty. There was no 'innocent until proven guilty' in this town.

I looked out the car window and saw the headlights of the other police cars driving away. My life was completely ruined. All thanks to Emily, the girl I trusted with everything.