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PS: This is in Fang's POV.

Terrible Things – Mayday Parade

"You have to tell him, Fang."

I sighed, "I know, Ig, I know."

"He's 15 years old. He's asking about his mom. He has a right to know."

I rubbed the back of my head, "Might as well get this over with now, huh?" I sighed for a second time, "I'll go talk to him."

Iggy patted my back, as I walked towards my son's room, I slowly entered and listening to his iPod, lying back on his bed.

"Hey buddy," I said, sitting at the bottom of his bed.

He nodded his head in acknowledgment and took out his ear plugs, "Hey Dad."

"We need to talk…"

He looked confused, "About what?"


By the time I was your age,

I'd give anything,

To fall in love,

Truly was all I could think

I looked at my hands, finding a sudden fascination in them, "We both know I'm not much of a talker, so here goes: When I was your age, I was already starting to feel like I needed someone to love, you know what I mean?"

I looked at him, and he nodded.

I continued, "Well you already know our back story, the reason I have wings, the reason Uncle Iggy and Gazzy, and Aunt Nudge and Angel wings, the reason you have wings."

He nodded again.

That's when I met your mother,

The girl of my dreams,

The most beautiful woman,

That I'd ever seen

"I've known your mother for… for ever basically. We grew up in the same cage next to each other. You know that story too, right Luke?"

Luke nodded, damn; he was so much like me sometimes. Except when, well, I do things like this. Never one for speeches.

"Well, in short, I realized I loved your mother when I was 15, it was like… I met her for the first time you know? I always saw her as my best friend, the one person I could always count on. But then, I saw her as something more. She was beautiful. And I just… fell. I fell for her real hard."

She said, "Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?

I can't help but noticing you staring at me,

I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe,

That I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."

I chuckled a little bit, "The best part was though, that your mother knew I loved her."

Luke looked at me curiously, "What? You serious?"

I nodded, recalling the memory.

She should wear her hair down more… it looks really beautiful when she flies. The wind blowing through it, she's so beautiful-

"Hellooo? Earth to Fang?" Max said.

Shaking my head of all the thoughts, I turned to her, "Yeah?"

She locked her big brown eyes with my dark black ones, "You were staring at me."

I laughed nervously, "No, no I wasn't. I was staring… at that rock. Right behind you," I said. Wow, that was smooth.

She locked her eyes with mine once again, and I couldn't help but get sucked in to her brown ones, "I love you too, Fang," she said, not breaking eye contact.

My eyes widened, "How did you- "

"I shouldn't say this, might be a little awkward," she laughed a bit, "But I could tell you that loved me too, by your eyes."

Now son,

I'm only telling you this because,

Life can do terrible things

Luke literally burst out laughing, "Whoa, Mom totally burned you."

I let a small smile break through, "That she did."

Luke stopped laughing, a little out of breath, "Why are you telling me all this now Dad?"

I looked down again, "There are some things about my life, about your life, that you need to know, Luke, terrible things have happened and you should know about it," I replied coolly.

Now most of the time,

We had too much to drink,

We'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything,

Too young to notice, and too dumb to care,

Love was a story that couldn't compare

Luke looked at me confused, but I ignored him and continued with the story, "Let's see. Well after that whole incident, we more or less started going out. You know how it is," I told him.

Luke nodded, urging me to continue.

"After we saved the world – "


"Luke, that's a story for another day."

He sighed dramatically and laid back down mumbling something that I probably didn't want to hear anyway.

"Anyway, after we saved the world, your mom and I spent most of our time just drinking at times, which you, by the way, are not allowed to do until you're 21, got that? Anyway, we'd… sit under the stars. Talk about everything, anyone, whatever we let our minds wander to."

I sighed, remembering Max and her big brown eyes.

"We were really in love Luke."

I said, "Girl can I tell you a wonderful thing?

I've made you a present with paper and string,

Open with care, now I'm asking you please,

You know that I love, will you marry me?"

I smiled, "We were… 22? 23 maybe? When I took her out to her favorite lake. We sat by the shore, looking at the stars like we usually do. She looked really beautiful that night. Well she did every night, but you know what I mean."

Luke nodded warily.

I continued:

"Max, can I… ask you something?"

She turned her head and looked at me and shrugged, "Yeah sure."

I handed her a little box that was wrapped up in some paper, tied into a perfect bow with string (thanks Iggy).

She looked at me funny before tearing the bow and paper off of the small box, to reveal a black box.

Her hand immediately went up to her mouth.

I gently took the box from her and went down on one knee, like in all the movies, "You know that I love you, Max, and there's nothing else to say except that I do, I really do love you. Will you marry me?"

She cried some form of the word 'yes' and flung herself into my arms, clinging on, never wanting to let go.

"That's how you proposed?" Luke asked.

I nodded, "That's how I proposed," I confirmed.

Now son,

I'm only telling you this because,

Life can do terrible things

Luke looked at me, "How is this terrible? You said before that terrible things happened to us. I'm confused."

I sighed, "Terrible things did happen, Luke."

"Well what were they?"

I shook my head, obviously frustrated, "We're getting there, Luke."

You'll learn one day,

I'll hope and I'll pray,

That God shows you differently

I put my fingers through my hair, "This never should've happened, Luke."

"WHAT never should have happened?"

I started playing with my fingers, "I hope something like this doesn't happen to you, Luke, you have no idea how much."

She said, "Boy can I tell you're a terrible thing?

It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks,

Please don't be sad now, I really believe,

You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

"Fang, put Luke in the crib for a minute please?" Max called to me.

"Okay," I called back, quickly making my new born comfortable in his crib as I walked out into the living room.

Max turned around, her eyes were red and puffy. She smiled, a very sad smile, and told me to sit down.

I cautiously sat down next to her on the couch. She immediately took my hands in hers and locked eyes with me, like how she always did when something serious happened.

"Something… terrible happened, Fang," she started.

I looked at her, she looked okay, besides her eyes, "What's wrong, Max?" I asked.

She took a shuddering breath and more tears slid down her face, "I got an expiration date."

I froze. My mind froze. My heart froze. My whole body just completely shut down and froze.

"What?" was all I could muster to ask.

"It appeared yesterday, the date's in a few weeks," she told me, more and more tears streaming silently down her face.

"This… this isn't happening," I said.

She shook her head sadly, "Don't be sad, Fang," she said.

"Don't be sad? Don't be sad? You're telling me to not be sad when you-you're dying!" I screamed. Silently glad that I didn't wake up or startle Luke.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I held her close. She whispered in my ear, "Don't be sad… because you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me."

Slow, so slow,

I fell to the ground,

On my knees

"Just realizing that Max, my Max, was going to be gone, forever, I completely swallowed that stupid I'm a macho guy, I don't cry thing. I completely broke down. I slowly made my way to the ground, sitting on my knees there."

Luke's eyes were welling up with tears.

"She knelt down next to me and started comforting me. Can you believe that? She was the one dying and I was being comforted. That's Max for you."

So don't fall in love,

There's just too much to lose,

If given the choice, then you've got to choose

To walk away, walk away,

Don't let her get you

"After Max… passed away the few weeks later," I visibly gulped, "I was determined to make sure… that you don't fall in love."

Luke looked at me surprised.

"Yeah, I know, but at the time I thought falling in love there's just… so much you can lose. I lost my Max, and you have no idea how much I loved her. It broke me kid, it broke me."

I can't bear to see the same thing happen to you,

Now son,

I'm only telling you this because,

"I never wanted to see you have to go through that…" I finished.

"That's the terrible thing then," Luke said.

I nodded sadly, "That's the terrible thing. That's the only reason I'm telling you. I never expected it, we were happy, you were just born, our family was just starting, and that terrible thing just… came out of no where."

"So that's why you're telling me this, then?" Luke said.

I nodded, "Partly. You need to be prepared because…

Life can do terrible things."

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