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Twenty-two year old Hermione Granger was awake behind her closed eyes. She hadn't been asleep at all, but she had pretended to fall asleep hours before. She had been doing that a lot lately.

She felt a body shift beside her, and she chanced opening one eye to see her boyfriend roll closer to her and swing an arm around her waist in his sleep.

A bitter thought entered her head as she realized that the only time he ever put an arm around her anymore was when he was unconscious. Well, that wasn't exactly true. They were still having amazing sex regularly, but that was different. That seemed to be all it was anymore.

Sex. Not making love.

Other than those moments, they were cold toward each other. It wasn't as if they fought all the time or anything, but she figured that fighting would be better than just not speaking. They barely spoke to each other at all; they didn't even see each other except in the few minutes before they went to bed at night. Yes, Hermione was sure that she could have dealt with the fighting because she had, after all, spent four years fighting with him nonstop when they were younger. And at least when they were screaming at each other they were communicating.

Now... Now, it was as if they did nothing. They merely existed around each other and had a few nights of amazing sex during the week.

So much had changed between them since they were bickering eleven year olds. Back then things had been simple. She'd get annoyed at his childishness, and his face would turn redder than his hair with anger. And then they would have all-out yelling wars. Over the stupidest stuff possible.

Yes, she supposed that she and Ron were a lot smarter when they were children. At least then they were able to get their feelings out in the open.

Because now when she got annoyed at his childishness, she simply bottled it inside of her and tried to ignore it.

The two of them had fought for the first four years they had known each other. They had bickered and yelled and screamed. But they had also laughed and joked and had so much fun. In their fifth year of school, their feelings toward each other started to change, and they were forced into the realization that they were absolutely mad for each other. It had been so perfect back then. The first few years of their relationship had been bliss, and Hermione couldn't remember ever being happier.

But when had that changed?

She thought back and figured it had probably been two years ago when they had moved in with each other. For the first year after graduation, she had lived at home with her parents, and Ron had shared an apartment with their best friend Harry. But it had been so hard on them. They weren't used to not seeing each other every single day, and they both missed living together like they had been doing for seven years before that.

So, after a year of living apart, they had found a cheap apartment in Muggle London and leased it. Together.

Her parents were pretty liberal and didn't have too much of a problem with it. They told her that if she ever needed them, she could call on them and everything would be fine. Actually, they had taken her decision much better than she had expected.

Ron's parents had been a different story.

Well, not so much his dad, but his mom had gone crazy. She had called Hermione every name in the book and had told Ron that he was disgracing the entire family by moving in with "some slut he hadn't even proposed to." So, that's what Hermione was now- a slut that hadn't even been proposed to. Ron had, of course, defended Hermione, and he still did whenever Mrs. Weasley decided to go off on one of her tirades about how absolutely scandalous their living situation was. It had never become clear to Hermione why exactly it was she who was totally in the wrong, as Mrs. Weasley never seemed to attack Ron. But she had finally given up on winning Mrs. Weasley over and gotten over it. She honestly didn't care whether or not she was on Mrs. Weasley's "A-list" anymore because she was a grown woman and had to impress no one but herself.

But Ron hadn't been able to just get over it quite so quickly. Being the youngest of six boys, he had always had some kind of a complex where he needed to outdo his brothers in something or, if nothing else, at least be as good as them. And there they all were. All of the other five married, three of them with children already. Even Ginny, his younger sister, seemed to be better than him, as she was engaged to one of her old classmates, Colin Creevey. They were going to be married in a few months, and Ginny was playing the good-girl by living at home with her parents until she was officially Mrs. Ginny Creevey. So, once again, Ron had been outshone by his siblings. Never as smart, never as athletic, never as funny, and now never as morally outstanding. He was very much the black sheep of the Weasley clan.

And he wasn't dealing with it too greatly.

Whenever the Weasleys had family get-togethers, they still always invited him. And Ron usually attended; he even begged Hermione to accompany him. Of course, Hermione would just as well dig her eyeballs out with her fingernails as sit across from Molly Weasley at the dinner table. So, Ron went alone, and Hermione knew that the dinner talk always turned into a, "Ron, dump the little whore and find someone worthy of you," talk. And she knew that it hurt Ron to be outcast like that, but he always put up with it.

Even now, when things were anything but happy between them, he still put up with it. But when had they changed to anything but happy? And why?

And why did they stay with each other if it was clear that the blissful thrill of being with each other had long ago disappeared?

Hermione knew why. She was comfortable. She was used to Ron. And change was always hard.

And she loved him.

Yes, she still desperately loved him, despite the distance she felt from him. She had been best friends with him for eleven years, been dating him for nearly eight, and been intimate with him for over six.

How was she supposed to just forget all that?

She couldn't. She didn't know what she was going to do, but she knew she wasn't about to just forget.

Once again, she felt Ron stirring beside her, so she clamped her eyes shut just as he sat straight up in the bed. She could feel him staring at her, as she did her best to fake unconsciousness. And then she felt his fingertips on her face, tracing her jaw-line as gently as possible before she felt his lips cover hers softly. And he whispered as quietly as he could, "I love you, Hermione," before lying back down and drawing her once again into his embrace.

Hermione relaxed into his arms as she tried to admit the feeling she had at that moment to memory. It was the best feeling she'd had in months.

And when she heard Ron's soft snore behind her, she cried.


"Agent Weasley reporting for duty." Ron laughed as he entered the small office he shared with his best friend and threw his jacket onto the coat rack in the corner.

His best friend and partner, Harry Potter, looked up from the stack of papers on his desk and rolled his eyes. "Hey, Ron."

Ron walked over to his own desk and looked down at the mass of papers piling high. "Holy shit," he breathed as he saw them. "Do they really expect me to go through all this?"

Harry laughed. "I would think the answer would be yes. That is if you really expect them to give you a paycheck."

Ron and Harry were both Aurors for the Ministry of Magic, but seeing as they were both fairly young and inexperienced, they weren't yet getting all the benefits that the older, more experienced Aurors were. They didn't even have their own offices yet. But they didn't mind that. They liked sharing an office and being partners.

Ron rolled his eyes as he turned away from his desk and poured himself a cup of coffee. "So, how's your day been?" Ron had been on a call and hadn't entered the office until mid-afternoon.

Harry took a sip of his own mug of coffee. "Mione came by a little while ago. I talked to her a few minutes, but other than that it's been really boring."

Ron looked up at the mention of his girlfriend. "What was she doing?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. She said she needed to talk to you, but she'd just wait until you got home."

"What did she want?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "I. Don't. Know." He sighed when he saw his best friend glare at him. "What's up with you guys anyway?"

Ron took his turn to shrug before sitting down at his desk and taking a drink from his mug. "I don't know. It's just weird lately."

Actually, it had been weird for awhile, but Ron wouldn't admit that.

Harry knew that was his cue to prod further because he knew Ron wanted to talk but would never do so without seemingly being forced to. So, he said, "Well, what's weird?"

"Can I ask you a question?" He didn't wait for permission. "If Lora is mad at you, what does she do?"

Harry raised his eyebrows at his best friend. "She usually just tells me to leave her alone, and I go home." Lora Ramsey was Harry's Muggle girlfriend of a year and a half. She lived in Edinburgh, but they managed to see each other quite often.

Ron sighed at this. "Well, that doesn't help me."

"Ron, what's going on?"

"I don't know!" Ron's voice was suddenly a bit louder due to his frustration. "It's like we have nothing but sex anymore."

Harry automatically cringed at this. He would never, ever get used to hearing about Ron and Hermione's sex life. Never. But he was trying to be the good little best friend, so he hurried on. "What do you mean? Are you guys fighting?"

Ron shook his head. "No, we're not even talking."

"What did you do?"

Ron glared at Harry for the second time that afternoon. "Why do you automatically assume it's something I did?"

Harry laughed uneasily. "Sorry. I just figured... You know, it's always our fault when something goes wrong."

Ron had to agree that he had been the one who accepted the blame for most of the arguments that he and Hermione had had since they'd been dating. But this was different. "I just don't know what's wrong. That's the problem."

"Well, just talk to her. Find out what's going on," Harry said this as though it were the simplest thing in the world.

Ron didn't bother to tell Harry that finding out what was going on was easier said than done. So, he just shrugged once more in a nonchalant manner and turned his attention back to the mass of work in front of him.

He'd just wait until he got home and heard what Hermione wanted to talk about.