God is our King and since we are all children of God girls are true princesses.

God sees us as beautiful princesses and He loves us till the ends of the earth.

He smiles down upon us and says, "You, my daughter, are a beautiful princess. If I were to pick you up out of a chest full of diamonds and rubies, I would throw them all aside and choose you as the most beautiful."

So, stand tall in your tiara and gown, for God sees you as the most beautiful.

A.N. This is a poem that is very dear to me and is also, so incredibly true.

Hasn't every little girl growing up longed to be a princess? Whether it was the Disney Princesses or the princesses we read about in story books, there is just something about princesses that every little girl is enamored with. I think all of us have been a princess for Halloween at least once, right? ; )

So, now, I pray you realize that you truly are a princess, if you are apart of the family of God. Girls, if you are reading this, know that you are beautiful and God sees you as valuable. He loves you so incredibly much and desires to have a relationship with you.

I hope every girl can take something away from this poem.