A.N. Okay, so this story is about a girl who cuts herself and suddenly finds God in the midst of all her pain.

I don't cut, nor do I know anyone who does cut, so I don't really know where the plight of this girl came from. It just kind of popped into my head one day, while I was brushing my teeth and I suddenly had to write this girls' story down. So here it goes . . .

The girl lie in a crumbled heap on the floor of her bedroom. Her body was curled into a ball, with knees clutched to her chest. She was trying desperately to hold herself together. Tears streamed down her face and she whimpered pitifully. She was bewildered and stunned with unbelief. Had she really just heard the voice of God? Had He really spoken to her?

Slowly, she uncurled and sat herself up on the floor, her knees tucked underneath her. The sharp silver knife lay next to her, right where it had been dropped. Pictures flashed through her mind of how just moments ago, she had heard God's voice . . . .

. . . . As she was making that last cut, the pain roaring through her, a soft and loving voice had called out to her. "Stop this . . . I love you." it whispered.

Gasping, she let go of the knife, it clattering as it hit the floor. "God?" she whispered, her heart pounded in her chest, as her pulse quickened.

"I am here." He had replied.

Then, her knees gave way and she had crumbled to the floor in immense astonishment and pain . . . .

. . . . Still sitting on her knees, she raised her arms above her head, with palms up, as if waiting to receive something. Her gaze shifted to her arms. They were covered in many scars, some cuts bleeding profusely with fresh blood.

Looking up towards the ceiling, her eyes began to fill with tears and then spilled over into a heavy rain storm. Through her sobs, she choked out, "Oh, Lord, please come save me! I need you! I refuse to go on like this any longer. I'm sick of all the pain and hurt! I need you to be my Savior!"

Heavy sobs racked through her body as she cried uncontrollably. Arms still raised, she whispered, "Heal my scars, Father."

Knowing she was heard, she closed her eyes and smiled through her tears as the voice of her heavenly Father surrounded her. She was drowning in His love and healed in His arms.