An Unexpected Turn

Hi! soo this is my very first fan fiction! This is a B/D story! This story takes place six years after Dylan left Brenda in London. I don't know if I will continue writing this story it all depends on your reviews! so if ya like it pleasee review! Oh and i don't own any of these characters! ;)

Chapter One

Dylan McKay had to meet one of his employees from the After Dark in the worst area of LA. He really didn't want to but he had too. After the meeting was over, Dylan was starving and he just had to find something to eat. He wasn't on the best side of town, but he found a safe little diner that didn't look to bad. He came in and sat down in a booth and started to read the menu.

A frazzled waitress came over not even looking at Dylan and pulled out her pencil and paper.

"Hi can I take your order?" she asked. Dylan knew that voice. His head shot up and saw Brenda Walsh starring at her paper not even noticing him stare at her.

"Hi Bren." Dylan said with a smirk on his face. Brenda froze and starred at Dylan.

"Dylan McKay?" she said totally lost in his eyes.

"Last I checked." Dylan said with that same smirk.

"What are you doing here?" Brenda asked surprised.

"I can ask you the same question. What are you doing here Bren? Why are you waitressing?" Dylan asked as a few more questions ran into his mind.

"Ugh I work here as a waitress and I also live here." Brenda answered still in total shock. Brenda all of a sudden felt this big bad feeling inside of her. She knew he was going to ask a ton of more questions, like why isn't she in London and not fulfilling her dream, but instead serving people food in the worst area of LA.

"You live here?" Dylan asked in surprise.

Here we go with the questions Brenda thought. "Well not here in the diner, but a couple minutes away."

"Bren don't take this the wrong way, but last I checked you were a successful stage actress in London." Dylan said.

"Well life takes some unexpected turns you can say." Brenda replied.

"Brenda I don't pay you to give life lessons to our customers. This fine gentlemen looks like he would like his order taken." Brenda's boss said.

"Right I'm sorry." Brenda said.

"Don't make me regret hiring you." He said.

"You won't I promise." Brenda said. Her boss left and went back into the kitchen.

"Look Dylan I really have to get back to work so if you want to order, do it now." Brenda said. Before Dylan could answer a little girl ran into the diner towards Brenda. "MOMMMYY!" the little girl shouted giving Brenda a hug.

"Who?" Dylan asked standing up looking confused and shocked. Brenda looked at Dylan quick and looked back at her daughter.

"Ugh honey mommy's with a customer right now, let me finish up then we will go home okay?"

"Okay sorry mommy." The little girl said.

"It's okay why don't you go wait by the counter okay?"

Okay mommy." The little girl said as she ran off to the counter.

Brenda looked back at Dylan who still had that very confused face. "Ugh look Dylan I got to go my shift is over, and I need to get her home." Brenda said.

"Whoa Bren slow down why don't you give us a minute to catch up. You have a daughter?" Dylan asked. Brenda swore it looked like he had tears in his eyes.

"Um yeah look I really don't have time to catch you up on the last 6 years of my life that you missed. Sorry I got to go." Brenda said as she started to walk away. Dylan grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "At least let me call you?" he asked with a desperate look on his face.

"Fine here is my number." Brenda jotted down her number on a napkin and left the diner with her daughter.

Dylan was confused. He had this urge to call her as soon as he got in his car. He didn't know why, but he had to know what happened to Brenda. Dylan walked to his car and drove home. Dylan lived at the beach apartment with Kelly. She was in New York for the week on a business trip.

Dylan went inside threw his keys on the counter and picked up the phone. He dialed Brenda's number and anxiously waited for her to answer.


The phone rang three times already and Dylan was ready to hang up until he heard a little girl's voice on the other end.

"Hello who is this?" the little girls asked.

"Umm hi I am calling for Brenda." Dylan answered.

"Mommy is talking to Uncle Willy right now, but I'll interrupt her." The little girl said.

Dylan laughed under his breath about the girls comment.

"Mommy somebody's on the phone for you!" the little girl yelled. Dylan could hear everything that is going on. He heard Brenda's footsteps coming toward the phone.

"Hello Brenda speaking."

"Bren hi it's Dylan." Dylan answered.

"Oh hi Dylan."

"You don't sound happy to hear me." Dylan commented.

"Oh it's not that it's just there is a lot going on around here. Um there was a gun shooting in front of our apartment building and the police are questioning me and my neighbor." Brenda explained.

"A gun shooting, are you okay?" Dylan asked in concern.

"Oh yeah we are all fine, my daughter is a little scared because they didn't catch the guy." Brenda said.

"Well you can come over my house if you want, I mean until they catch the guy and so your daughter will be safe." Dylan cleared his throat on the daughter part.

"That's sweet, but we are okay. Um so why'd you call?" Brenda asked.

"Because I wanted to, and you gave me your number remember?"

"Yeah I remember it's just we didn't exactly leave it at best terms In London." Brenda recalled.

"Well that's all in the past now I think." Dylan said.

"Yeah maybe for you." Brenda mumbled under her breath.

"What's that Bren?"

"Nothing, um OH MY GOD Dylan hold on for a second." Brenda said rushed and panicked.

"Bren is everything okay?" he asked.

"No, my daughter is having a panic attack."

Dylan could hear Brenda talking to her daughter.

"Breathe baby breathe its okay." Brenda was saying to her daughter.

Then Dylan heard an older man's voice. "Come on Em breathe! Its okay those bad men are not coming back. It's just you me and mommy." The man said.

The little girl took nice big deep breaths. "I am okay now." The little girls said.

"Dylan I'm back." Benda said rubbing her daughters arm. Then the old man took the little girl into the hall way of their apartment building.

"Hey is she okay?" Dylan asked.

"Yeah Emily gets attacks like that when she is really scared, and when she gets them she stops breathing." Brenda said.

"Who was that guy?" asked Dylan.

"That's my neighbor Willy. He is like a grandfather to her, she really loves him, and so do I." Brenda said with a smile.

"A grandfather, doesn't she already have one of those? What about your husband?" asked Dylan.

Brenda felt tears coming into her eyes. "Um no she doesn't have a grandfather or a father for that matter." Brenda said in a quiet and stern tone.

"I am so sorry Bren I just figured." Brenda cut him off "I know its okay." "Listen I have to get Emily to bed, and she probably wants a bed time story so I got to go." Brenda said looking at her clock in her crappy one bedroom apartment.

"Okay Bren um can I call you again?" asked Dylan.

"Anytime." Brenda said with a small grin on her face. Dylan had that same grin. "Goodnight." Dylan said. "Night." Brenda said. Brenda and Dylan both hung up the phone and let out a huge sigh.

Brenda went over into her apartment hall way where Willy and Emily were waiting for her to get off the phone. "Hey guy's I am all done on the phone." Brenda announced with a smile on her face as she saw Emily on Willy's lap sitting on the floor. "Well it's about time!" Emily exclaimed. Brenda and Willy both laughed at Emily's statement. Emily went back into their room and crawled into her bed.

"Uncle Willy can we have a bed time story! Emily asked as she was getting comfy in her and Brenda's bed.

"Of course snooky bear just let me talk to your mama first okay?" "Okay Uncle Willy!" Emily said with excitement.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Brenda asked as she closed her apartment door.

"Brenda when are you guys going to get out of here?" Willy asked. Brenda's head shot down and tears filled her eyes. "This is not a good place to raise a child. Do you realize that you live in a one bedroom apartment? You and your daughter are sharing a bed; you don't have a private kitchen or a private bathroom. All you have is a bed and a closet. And I'm telling you if that girl has one more panic attack she is going to have a heart attack." Willy said.

Brenda was now crying. "I don't know when I am going to get out of here. I barely make enough money to pay rent every month. Waitressing doesn't pay much. It's either this or the streets." Brenda said wiping her tears from her eyes.

"That is not true Brenda you have other options!" Willy said.

"Like what Willy?" Brenda asked.

"Your family, your friends!" Willy yelled.

"What family? What friends? Willy the only family I have is her and you! And I really don't have any friends either." Brenda stated.

"Yes you do. Who was that you were talking to on the phone?" Willy asked.

"Dylan McKay." Brenda hesitated.

"The Dylan McKay?" Willy asked.

"Is there any other one?" asked Brenda with a half smile wiping her tears.

"Bren you and I both know that even though you too didn't leave it at good terms he would take you inside his home in a second." Willy said.

"Willy that's not an option okay, look I love and appreciate all you do for me and Em. But trust me I am doing everything I possibly can to get out of here okay?" Brenda said.

"I know you are kiddo I just want the best for you and Emily that's all." Willy said. Brenda gave Willy a hug. "I know you do. I just don't know if our story is going to have a happily ever after." Brenda said still in Willy's embrace.

"Hey you and I both know that it will, you just have to have some faith." Willy said.

"Yeah I guess, well we better hurry up, I think there is an excited 6 year old that is waiting for a bed time story." Brenda said with a smile.

Willy smiled back at Brenda. "Yeah come on lets go give that girl the best bed time story ever!" Willy laughed. Brenda laughed back. As Brenda was about to go inside Willy grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "With a happy ending." Willy said softly. Brenda nodded and walked back in her room and shut the door behind Willy.