Chapter 16

After their talk, Brenda and Dylan spent the rest of their day avoiding each other. Dylan went back to work at the After Dark and Brenda began reading over the script that Roy Randolph had e-mailed over at the beach apartment. Both Brenda and Dylan had trouble concentrating. All they could think about was their conversation on the beach. Their words ran through their minds and they wondered if they could ever find happiness with each other again…

"I spent the best years of my life with you in London."

"I never understood why you left."

"I have been running my whole life, Brenda"

"You're always sorry."

"I still love you."

"And I'll always love you, but love is not enough."

Hours later, Dylan, Brandon, Emily, and Kelly return to the apartment and begin to get ready for dinner at Casa Walsh. Brenda wanted to make a good impression on the gang. She rocked a black dress that fell just below her knees. It had a low neckline that showed just the right amount of cleavage. She topped the outfit off with black high heel shoes and a diamond necklace. She wore a light amount of makeup and let her hair down, which was full of lush's waves. Brenda looked stunning. As Brenda finished applying her lipstick there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Brenda said.

Kelly peered through the door and closed it behind her. "Wow Bren, you look great." Kelly said.

"Thanks Kel, you look beautiful as usual." Brenda smiled.

Kelly wore a short black skirt which showed off her great legs and a printed blouse. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore heavier make up then Brenda did. She looked stunning as well.

"Are you ready to go? The boys are waiting." Kelly asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Brenda said as she took one last look at herself in the mirror and grabbed her purse. "Did Em put her dress on?"

"Yes and it's so cute! Where'd you get it?" Kelly asked.

"Oh from a very hip and trendy place called the Salvation Army." Brenda said.

"Well, I'll have to start shopping here." Both Brenda and Kelly shared a smile and walked out into the living room where the boys and Emily were waiting.

Both Brandon and Dylan stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the two beautiful women make their way towards them.

"Are you guys ready?" Kelly asked.

"Uh yeah, but I must say it will be really hard to concentrate on driving with these three beautiful ladies." Brandon said with his usual charm, looking at Kelly. Kelly smiled and blushed.

"I'll have to second that." Dylan spoke. He couldn't take his eyes off of Brenda. "Beautiful." He thought.

"Mommy, Kelly, you look so pretty." Emily said.

"Thanks baby." Brenda said.

"All right let's get going." Brandon said. With that, they all left to Casa Walsh.

"Janet, would you please stop cleaning. The house is spotless!" Steve said.

"Steve! I want to make a good impression!" Janet said.

"Why? You already know Brandon for God sakes!"

"Yeah, but I never met Brenda and I wasn't living in his house then!" Janet answered.

"Honey, this is our house now. Believe me, we pay all the bills." Steve joked.

"Yeah, but everybody still refers to this place as 'Casa Walsh', and I want to make sure that they see we keep her running in perfect condition." Janet said as she scrubbed a spot on the counter.

"Ok, I get that, but they're going to be here any minute and that spot you are scrubbing has been there since we were in high school." Steve pointed out.

Janet stopped scrubbing the spot, looked up at Steve and smiled. "You're right. Here take this cheese platter out to David and Donna while I finish preparing the salad."

"Ok." Steve said. He took the tray and went into the living room where David and Donna were playing with their baby, Ruby.

"Here are some appetizers for you guys." Steve said as he placed the tray on the table.

"Oh how fancy for a former KEG boy." Donna joked.

"Don't thank me; thank the chef. Where did Maddie go?"

"Right behind you, daddy." Maddie answered as she came into the living room. Maddie went straight to Ruby and played with her. The adults smiled at their kids.

"I am so excited to see Brenda and Brandon." Donna said.

"Me too. It's been way too long. I haven't seen Brenda since she went to London." Steve said.

"Yeah, we haven't either." David said.

"Well, I kept in contact with her until Dylan came back. Her number was no longer in service and all of my letters kept getting returned. She must have moved and never made the effort to keep in touch with me after that." Donna shrugged.

"I talked to her every once in awhile when Brandon was here, but after he left that was it. Did Kelly ever talk to her?" Steve asked.

"No, she never really did, but Kelly called me last night and said that they were getting along great and that Brenda's daughter is adorable." Donna said.

"Now that's the story I want to hear… who is Brenda's daughters father." David said.

"Well, don't bring this up, but when I asked Kelly that question last night she said that it was a complicated situation and that it'd be best if we didn't talk about it." Donna said.

Steve and David just looked at each other."Well either way, I'm excited to see both of them." Steve said.

Donna smiled. "Me too."

Janet walked into the living room supporting her baby bump. "Ok salads done and dinner is just about ready. Now all we need is the guests of honor." Janet said.

"Janet, are you sure you don't need help with anything. You're doing an awful lot." Donna said with concern.

"No, no I'm fine." Janet replied.

"You look a little tense." David said.

"She just wants to make a good impression." Steve explained.

"Well, the house is spotless, and the food smells great, so you don't have a thing to worry about. Please sit down and rest. Stress is not good for the baby." Donna said.

Janet sighed and sat down next to Donna. "You're right."

With that the door bell rang. Janet jumped up from her seat, "They're here!" She exclaimed. Everybody chuckled at Janet and went to the door.

Outside, Brenda started to get nervous and Dylan noticed.

"You don't have to be nervous Bren. You don't need to tell them anything you don't want to. They're all your friends and they will love you no matter what. Trust me." Dylan whispered into Brenda's ear as they walked to the door.

Brenda nodded and gave a small smile to Dylan. Does he have to whisper so close? God, he's so sexy. Focus Brenda! Brenda thought to herself.

Emily was in front of Brenda and Dylan walking with Brandon and Kelly. "So, this was your home mommy?" Emily asked.

"Yup. Uncle Brandon and I lived here." Brenda replied.

"Brings back memories doesn't it Bren?" Brandon asked.

"Yeah, it does." She said as they all reached the door.

"Ready to go in?" Kelly asked looking at Brenda.

Brenda took Emily's hand and knelt down to her level. "Remember your manners and try to finish all of your dinner even if you don't like it, ok?" Brenda said, fulfilling her role as a mother.

"Ok mommy!" Emily said.

Brenda kissed Emily's cheek and stood up, still holding her hand. "Ready ." Brenda said. She took a deep breath as Kelly knocked on the door.

Seconds later the door opened revealing Steve with a huge smile on his face. "Well, it's about time you Walshes made an appearance. God, I missed you Brandon!" Steve said and picked Brandon up and squeezed him in a hug.

"Ok Steve, I missed you too. I'm also missing oxygen right now." Brandon joked.

Steve laughed and put Brandon down while everybody else was still standing in the doorway. "Well, come in guys!" Steve said and closed the door behind them.

"Brenda baby! You look gorgeous; how are you?" Steve said as he picked Brenda up in a hug.

Brenda laughed. "I'm good Steve. I've missed you!"

"Well, I missed you too!" He replied.

"Brenda!" Donna squealed and pushed Steve out of the way to embrace her old friend.

"Donna! Look at you! You look fantastic!" Brenda said.

"Me? Look at you! Oh Bren, I've really missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too. I've missed all of you. Where are David and your daughter?" Brenda asked.

"Right behind you." David answered, holding baby Ruby. "Hey! How are you?" David said and kissed Brenda on the cheek.

"I'm good! Donna, David your daughter is beautiful." Brenda said as she made baby faces to Ruby. "Hi Ruby." Brenda said in a "baby voice".

"I don't believe I officially met Ruby yet, unless Skype counts." Brandon said as he saw the baby.

"How you doing, Silver?" Brandon asked as he patted his old friend on the back.

"Good to see you, Bran." David replied.

Donna and Brandon exchanged a hug.

"Brenda, I'd like you to meet my lovely pregnant wife Janet." Steve said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Brenda." Janet said as she shook Brenda's hand.

"Likewise. I love what you have done to the house." Brenda said.

Janet smiled. "Thank you. And this is our daughter Maddie."

"Nice to meet you, Maddie." Brenda smiled.

"You too." Maddie said shyly.

"I would like everyone to meet my daughter. Everyone this is Emily." Brenda said.

Emily smiled bashfully. "Hello everyone." Emily said.

Everyone said hello back and smiled.

"Bren she is so cute." Donna said.

"Well, now that everyone is here we should go into the dining room and sit down. Steve will get everyone drinks and I'll bring the appetizers and salads out." Janet said.

Everyone sat down in the dining room. On one end was Ruby in a high chair, David, Donna, Brenda, Emily, and Maddie. Brandon sat on the other end across from Ruby. Next to him were Kelly, Janet, Steve and Dylan.

"So Bren, how long have you been living in the states?" Donna asked.

"A few years. I've been in California for about a year now." Brenda answered.

"In L.A.?" Janet asked.

"Well, more on the outskirts of Los Angeles." Brenda replied.

"So, not too far from Beverly Hills?" Steve asked.

"Well, I guess so. Look, before any of you ask any more questions I want to apologize."

All of the attention turned towards Brenda.

"I am sorry that I lost touch with everyone. Life has thrown some unexpected turns and I've had to make a lot of changes. I'm not the same girl that left here all of those years ago. I've grown up a lot and learned that you can't go through life without the people you love. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am ready for a new beginning with everyone." Brenda took a breath.

Brandon lifted his glass. "Let's have a toast then…to new beginnings."

Everybody lifted their glasses. "To new beginnings." They all said and clinked their glasses together…once again the gang was together.

Dylan gave Brenda a reassuring smile. "Tonight will be a good night." He thought.

The rest of dinner went smoothly. Brenda let everybody fill her in on whats been happening on the past years in 90210. Dylan was quiet during dinner. He barely said a word and often caught himself staring at Brenda and thinking of their past.

"So, who wants dessert?" Janet asked.

"Oh Janet you've done enough. I'll get it." Kelly said.

"I'll help." Donna said and she and Kelly went into the kitchen to get dessert ready.

"Hey, do you guys want to check the basketball score while the ladies get dessert?" Steve asked.

"Don't have to ask me twice." Brandon said.

"Ditto." David said as he picked Ruby up from her high chair and went into the living room with the guys.

Janet rolled her eyes. "Men and sports." She said.

Brenda laughed. "I know. I'll never understand the obsession."

"I don't think we're meant to." Janet joked.

"Hey, women are just as hard to figure out." Dylan commented.

Emily tapped Brenda on her shoulder. "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom."

"Ok." Brenda said and started to get up from her seat.

"Oh Brenda, I'll take her. Maddie and I have to go too. I'll show her Maddies room and they can play." Janet said.

"Thanks Janet! Be good Emily." Brenda said.

When Janet and the kids left, Brenda noticed she was left alone with Dylan. There was an awkward silence between them. Brenda decided to mention what happened earlier today.

"Dylan, about what happened earlier, I'm sorry that-"

"You know Bren," Dylan interrupted, "let's just forget about it for now. I can see you're having a good time and I don't want to ruin it."

Brenda nodded. "Okay. I'm going to help the girls with dessert."

Brenda walked into the kitchen finding Kelly and Donna laughing as they put icing on cupcakes.

"What are you guys doing?" Brenda asked.

Kelly laughed. "Don't tell Janet, but she forgot to put icing on the cupcakes."

"Pregnancy brain." Donna joked.

Brenda laughed. "Here I'll help." She said and started to ice the cupcakes.

"I've really missed you Bren." Donna said.

"Me too." Kelly said.

"That's really nice to hear. Part of me always thought you guys never really missed me. You know, out of sight out of mind." Brenda admitted.

"That's not true. Everything changed when you left. You were always a major part of the gang and we always missed you." Donna said.

"Yeah! In fact we all thought you were living the dream in London and forgot about us." Kelly said.

"Well, I was living the dream, but I never forgot any of you." Brenda responded.

"So, you're going back to London?" Donna asked.

"Next week. I got offered an amazing job and I am not in a position to say no. Life hasn't treated me well the past six years." Brenda said.

Donna nodded trying to hide her confusion. She had no idea what happened to Brenda, and desperately wanted to know.

"Donna, not tonight, but soon I want to catch up and tell you everything that happened. I know you have a lot of questions. I just want to enjoy this night." Brenda said noticing Donnas' confusion.

Donna smiled. "I just want you to know that I'm here if you need me." She said.

"I know." Brenda smiled and hugged Donna.

Kelly smiled at her two friends. "Being here in this kitchen with you two brings back a lot of memories." Kelly said.

"Tell me about it! I've been having flashbacks all night!" Brenda said.

"So Bren, what is going on with Dylan tonight? He's being even more quiet then usual and is starring at you like a lost puppy." Kelly said.

Brenda sighed. "Dylan and I had a talk earlier today."

"Well that explains it." Kelly joked.

"Yeah well, we didn't really end the conversation on good terms. He wants a relationship like we had in London and I'm not ready for that. I love him, but I don't trust him. And I'm going back to London and he is staying here." Brenda explained.

"And the Brenda Dylan saga continues." Donna said.

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