The darkness cradles them, acting as a temporary shield from Ivan's wrath while Elizaveta kisses Ravis' tears away; tears over rough cold hands gripping tight enough to leave bruises on his arms, a rough tongue jammed down his throat so hard he wants to vomit and cold purple eyes with none of the tenderness one shows a lover but the cruel feral dominance one shows to prey; Tears shed because he's too afraid to look in the mirror, knowing that he'll see the same terror in his own eyes that he sees in Toris' green ones when Ivan gets through with him.

Toris is locked in solitary confinement for kissing Felix instead of Ivan, and since Ivan's personal brand of torture for Eduard is keeping him up late into the night copying paperwork, the bed that Ravis shares with his brothers is cold and empty, which forced him into Elizaveta's room. He likes being in her arms, because it's like what he imagines having a mother might feel like; It's warm in Elizaveta's bed, with Gilbert asleep with his head on her lap and Elizaveta holding Ravis, keeping away the nightmares about being dragged away from his brothers.

He feels sorry for Gilbert now that he's living with him, even if he still is scarred of his brother. He couldn't imagine being separated from his brothers, because even when Toris was living with Felix, he still had Eduard. Eduard, who would probably come looking from him, once he got done with his endless stacks of paperwork with Ivan breathing down his neck and collapsed exhaustedly into bed, only to bolt up with a start when he realized it was empty. Ravis feels guilty doing that to his brother, but it's so nice here that he can't bring himself to move.

It's like when Eduard used to hold him at night before he fell asleep; that was before Ivan began keeping him up so late he stumbled into bed with barely a mumbled, "head ööd," to a half asleep Ravis and Toris before he passed out. Once Ivan started working Eduard to the bone, Toris would hold Ravis before he fell asleep; his brothers never made fun of him for not being able to fall asleep alone. Toris was gone now though, locked away from everybody until went mad with loneliness, leaving Ravis to face an empty bed until he crawled into Elizaveta's arms because there is nowhere else to go and he's afraid to fall asleep alone and she is kind and understands and holds him while he cries himself to sleep.

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