Cry-Baby's Love

Charaters: Cry-Baby,Allison,Isabella,Hatchet-Face,Millton,Wanda,Pepper,Ben,William Paring: Cry-Baby/Isabella,Ben/Wanda,William/Pepper

Story: Isabella Miller is a Scrape a beautiful Scrape and she moves to Baltimore with her brothers Ben and William they go to Hillville High and whats in store for them is unbeliveable

Chapter 1

"Bells come on!" I hear my brothers call." Coming gosh!" i call back. Hi my name is Isabella Miller and am what you call a Scrape part Square part Drape but all around bad girl. it's the year 1954 and i go to Hillville high in Baltimore why? you ask well.. where i was before was boring and i'm looking for a aventure a BIG aventure. Before i leave out my room i put on my leather jacket and then head out the door. My brothers are Drapes and me they protect i don't need it, but it's nice to have someone looking out for you. We get to the school in the nick of time thanks to my brother's crazy driving, just as i get out the car i see him.. god was he pretty and i mean pretty but he was a drape and he had his arm around some girl so he was taken but i love taking guys that are taken it's more fun when the look on the girls faces when their man walks away to me, priceless!. But as soon as i let out a stort he looks my way we stare at each other for three mins before looking away. Me and my brothers were close to them now so i took the chance to say something " man!, look at these squares!" i said looking around, my brothers stop in front of me so i had to stop to they turned around and stared at me like i had three heads " what?" i tryed not to let the iration show but couldn't help it " you never had a problem with squares before" my big brother Ben said letting me see how worred he was. " yeah Bella never.." my other brother William said looking at me with the same worred experssion i swear they could be twins. " it's nothing really it's just... there are alot of them" i said walking ahead of them " you better come on just because your Drapes don't mean you could miss class if you do im tellin' mom' i said stoping to look behind me then walking away.

School pass by fast soon it was after school and me and my brothers was walking to the car when that same boy from this morning stop us. " hello My name is Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker and you are?" the Pretty boy asked. My big brother Ben anwsered " im Ben " Big Ben" Miller, Thats's William " Bill" Miller, and that's Isabella " Bella" Miller" He finished looking back at Pretty boy " so you guys are all related?" the girl that has Pretty boy's hand asked " Yes " i growled not meaning too but the way she was holding his hand made me mad. " Would you guys like to come to the Jukebox Jamburee?" Pretty boy asked.

Just then four people came up to us 1 boy and 3 girls, out of the girls one was really Pretty and one was knocked up and the other one look like she got hit with a door non-stop. It was the boy who spoke" Cry who these people?" He said looking at us up and down " this is Big Ben..." Pretty Boy said pointing at Ben " Bill..." He said pointing at William "and that's Bella" He smiled a really big smile when said my Nickname and then stare at me with love-filled eyes. Then he stop and cleared his voice and said " this is Millton..." pointing at the tall boy " Hatchet-Face she mean no harm and Wanda the prettiest girl i know and my baby sister Pepper and this one..." he points at the girl holding his hand" is Allison" Nice so she was a Square or is a Square... whatever! " and about your question earler Cry-Baby yes we'll come, but do you want all of us or just me and my brother?" Ben asked " No Everybody" Cry-Baby anwsered.