"Fever" by the Rocks is a fake song i made it up I think.. LOL

Chapter 2

"Bella hurry!' I hear my brothers call from outside my window i throw the rope i made out and slid down when i felt the ground i knew i was home free. I pulled down the rope and hid it behind the bushes below my window and ran to my brother's car then we headed to turkey point.

At Turkey Point,it was hip!, I looked around for Cry-Baby. I was wearing a fitted dress with half my hair pulled back and black axford heels when i spotted him. He looked so beautiful wearing that otufit,when me and my brothers came into veiw Cry-Baby broke into a breathe-taking smile and walked to meet us " you made it!" Cry-Baby exlamed huging both my brothers then giving me a kiss on the cheek "Bella,want to dance?" Cry-Baby asked me reaching for my hand which i let him take " yes" i said just as my favorte song came on,"Fever" by the Rocks. As Cry-Baby pulled me on the dance floor the main singer started to sing...

Forever mine it takes time to love a beautiful girl like you...

my step slow im closing the distance between myself and you i take a deep breathe, preparing to use it to tell you i love you...

I hear Cry-Baby's voice over the music as he sang the frist verse my heart melted i pull back to look at his face as single tear ran down his eye "Oh Cry-Baby, don't cry " i said kissing the tear where it landed on the corner of his mouth he look at me in shock then he kissed me. I forgot the the time, the place, the fact the Cry-Baby had a girl, i forgot all that and kissed him back. We made-out for about 4 mins and stop with our foreheads pressed togther,breathing hard "God your so Beautiful Bella" Cry-Baby said kissing me softly, he pulled away "Don't say that Cry, Im not Beautiful not like Alison" i said looking around Turkey Point and not at him. " Sugar... " I heard him say but i didn't look up, "Bella?..." still didn't look " Isabella" i felt his fingers on my chin making me look into his deep brown eyes " Alison is nothing to me, i want you to be my girl now" Cry-Baby said letting me go but keeping his arm around my shoulders "Cry-Baby!,you have to be on stage!" i heard Pepper call and i looked at Cry-Baby, i didn't want him to leave. Cry-Baby saw me look at him with sad eyes " don't worry sugar i'll come back, in the meantime stay with my uncle Bel and my grandma Romona ok?" He asked me " Ok" i said.

His grandma was on stage she call out the Cry-Baby combo which was Millton, Hatchet-face,Wanda, and Pepper then she call out her grandson Cry-Baby the crowd got wild. I screamed along with the crowd when Cry-Baby looked my way he winked and said he's singing a song for his girl " Get up here Sugar" he called i was about to when Alison pushed me aside and ran on stage she kissed Cry-Baby and he kissed her back i got so mad i ran right out the crowd i hoped no one followed me because i wanted to be alone, i wanted to leave and never come back i never wanted to see Cry-Baby again!

While i was runing away Cry-Baby and Alison just got done with their song. Cry-Baby went looking for me when he got to the crowd he asked his Grandma where i went " she left Cry-Baby when she saw you and Alison kiss" Romona said giving Cry-Baby a sad look. He called the Gang to look for me that's when i saw Pepper coming up to me, i was crying so hard i couldn't tell her to stay away from me i just ran into her arms and cried my eyes out. " shhh it's ok Bells it's ok" she said rubbing my back " Ok?, how can everything be ok?, Pep Cry-baby used me " i said choking on my tears " no he didn't Bella, he loves you it was Alison that used him" Pepper said pulling back to look at me " what?" i asked wipeing my tears away so i can see better " Alison... that sult cheated on Cry-Baby with someone that was so called badder then him when i told him about an hour before you and you brothers came he broke up with Alison and he really wanted you so i told him to ask you and he did didn't he?" Pepper asked me " yeah Kinda, but he said he wanted me to be his girl and then Alison kisses him on stage i got so mad i thought he ment me?" i said sobbing alittle " he did!, When Alison saw you guys making-out she got mad and said that she was going to get her Cry-Baby back, that's why she went up there and kissed him " Pepper said hugging me tight "Oh" i said not caring how i sounded "Are you ready to head back to the Jamburee?" Pepper asked i nodded my head yes,not trusting my voice.

When me and Pepper got back the whole gang ran up to us and started huging me "Are you all right Bella?" i heard Wanda ask " yeah im fine" i said huging her back when they left to do other things i heard Pepper yell out " Cry! Baby-y-y!" wherever he was he heard her because he came as soon as she stoped " what is it Pepper?" he asked " Bella,i found her she's over there" she anwsered and pointed at me. I turned around when Cry-Baby looked my way,i felt something warm touch my shoulder i turned around and rapped my arms around Cry-Baby's waste. He chuckled above me and rapped his arms around me and held me close " im sorry about Alison Sugar" he said stroking my hair i didn't say anything i just reached up to cup his face and kissed him full force i think he got the idea and kissed me back and pulled me close as humanly possible. At this point my arms were around his neck and his hands: one on the small of my back the other in my hair which i took out of the tie. My brothers,i could feel watching us. But i didn't care i was enjoying my moment with Cry-Baby.