Hayden the Vampire Slayer

Characters: Hayden,Spike,Willow,Zander,Anya,Dawn Pairing: Hayden/Spike

Story: Buffy is dead, a new slayer must rise and take charge. The new slayer Hayden McNelison goes through what Buffy would have if she didin't die. Hayden falls in love with what she hunts... Spike a really hot Vampire,but Spike is different he was with Buffy. so he knows all the tricks and stunts and he was in love with Buffy and Buffy turned him down so Hayden won't. With the help of Buffy's old friends and Sister. Hayden will fight the undead and anything else cause she's Hayden the Vampire Slayer

Chapter 1

Hayden's POV

i'm walking through the graveyard when i hear footsteps following me, i just keep waking taking that person to my favorte fighting place but stop when a voice calls out "your a pretty little Slayer ain't you" im not pretty far from it. I have long hair it stops just above my hips and bright eyes bright like headlights but mint green and i also have a button nose as my mom used to call it,plus my upper lip is bigger then my bottom lip. I spun around just to stop short and stare, the guy who spoke came out. He had blonde almost white hair and wearing a leather jacket, a black tee, black leather jeans, and black boots. "who are you?" i asked stupid question right? " you don't know?" he replid back " of coruse not ya idiot" i said crossing my arms around my chest " well im Spike the... good vampire" he said looking me up and down then smirking "How the hell can you be good?,Your a vampire!" i said shooting him a look " i know right, so.. what you doing here slayer?" he asked geting closer " get any closer and i'll kick your ass"
i said taking out the steak i brought " whoa calm down Slayer.." i cut him off " my name is Hayden not Slayer got it" "got it Hayden" he said turning to leave " wait where are you going?" i asked somehow afraid "Don't worry i'll be back i have to leave bacause of the sun" Spike said turing and walking away

The Next Day...

I wake up to my room forgeting how i got there,i got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After my shower i got dressed i pick out a Pink turtle neck and some light blue jeans with my black converse high-tops. After i got dressed i went to make me some breakfast. After breakfast i had nothing else to do when there was a knock on the door. I anwsered the door only to have the person run in " spike?" i asked as the person threw the steaming blaket on the sofa and turn around he pulled me into a tight hug " umm spike can't breathe here" i said patting his back "Sorry " he cuckled letting me go " what are you doing here? You could have died Spike" i said touching his leather jacket. He leaned down and kissed me at first i was shocked then i just kissed him back i threw my arms around his neck and picked me up i rapped my legs around his hips to keep me there "Are you sure you want this Hayden?" "As sure as i'll ever be" i said kissing him harder then before. That night i had sex with a vampire

End Of Chapter 1