Okay, so here is my first attempt at a one-shot. Wish me luck!

Hermione's POV

"You know perfectly well that I have feelings Ronald!" The war was over and we came back to school to finish our 7th year. Actually every one that was here last year came back because they have learned absolutely nothing except dark spells. Ron and I have been together since we kissed on the last day of the war. Harry and Ginny is a couple too, but I will get back to that later. It is the first day of school and everything was going well until Ronald mercifully called me his 'chick' and so called 'babe' at breakfas


We just started eating breakfast when Dean came over and plopped down into the seat next to me. I was reading, 'The standard book of spells- Grade 7' and didn't notice his arrival until he said my name. "So Hermione that was so pretty wicked spell work last year in the war." He complimented trying I should say to flirt. I was going to say 'Thanks for the compliment, but I am in a relationship' as a reply when Ron butted in and said,

"Lay off my chick, Dean. She's my babe." And that's how our first fight as a couple started and why we are now in the common room both pissed during our free hour.

End of the annoying Flashback I just had

"'Mione, I am really sorry. I honestly did not know that you would be mad that I called you that!" He apologized using the nickname that he knows I loved. I am mad at him dammit! He is not supposed to do that!

"You should be sorry! How dare you call me those slutty nick names that only girls like Lavender enjoy! Girls that only like kissing people! I am not one of those girls I also like cuddling by the fire, walking by the lake, not just snogging all the time!"

Ron's POV

I let her finish her rant; knowing that if she got that off her back she'd be less mad. So I nodded through out it, letting her know I understood. When she was done she was out of breath and totally flushed. I walked over to her and put her head on my shoulder while muttering 'I'm sorry' in to her ear every few seconds. After 5 minutes she looked up and said, "I kind of over reacted but nothing you could ever say or do could make me feel anything less than love for you."

Awe! I love that last line, not to sound conceited. I would have made it longer but I did now what else to add! Please help me and if you want it to be a chapter story I will do that but right now it is completed as a one-shot.

Love y'all! Just to let you know I have writer's block for Justin who and because I put him in a certain house I am on my own…..