Just Not Normal

Characters: Melonie, Squid,Armpit,X-Ray,Zig-Zag,Zero,Caveman,And Magnet

Story : Melonie Andrews is not such a good girl her older sister Hannah died in a car crash leaving Melonie all by herself well not, step-mother Holly and her dad Hunter took her in being in shock and denal she stayed in her room for the whole week. Her dad Hunter was woried about her when Holly can care less all she wanted Hunter to care all about her. So when Melonie came back to the living Hunter spent all his time with Melonie Holly did not like that and Beat Melonie. When Melonie Fought back Holly told Hunter she was beated by Melonie. So Melonie got sent to an all Boy camp... Camp Green Lake.

Chapter 1

Melonie's POV

Longest bus ride in the world i found out that where im going to spend my 23 months is an all boys camp great the only girl and i might get raped. when we got to Camp Puke i got off the bus i can hear someone yelling "fresh meat!" then someone else yelling as i came into view " whoa it's a girl!" of course im a girl i have long black hair up to my hips bright purple eyes purple i know weird color and my nose is small, button nose my sister called it and another wrong thing is my upper lip is bigger then my bottom some say i look like Kristen Stewart!. "This way" some big cop-like dude came up behind me and pushed me forward "ouch" i said as landed on the ground hard "get up" It said and i did we walked to cabin like thing with air system in it.

Some dude that had a big cowboy hat came in front of i bit back the temping voice saying "Kick him, trip him" "Shut it!" i screamed in my head."You'll call me mr. Sir got it?" Big head spoke "Mr. Sir?" i asked with a cuckle "this dude must think he the shit,he is So not" i said in my head giggling out loud.

End of Chapter 1

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