Ok this was a fan fiction I have had in my head for so long that I had to get it down. And also there are only a few fics for Kendall and Jo. I love this couple, they need to have WAY more stories. So here I present to you: Big Time Kiss

The first time that he tries it's on their date to the movies. He had taken her to see a romantic comedy and had even done the "pretend to yawn and put your arm around her move". He was surprised when she nuzzled in closer to him. Of course, there he was in front of her apartment door when he tried to make his move.

"I had a great time tonight Jo." He says sweetly.

"Me too. Thanks for taking me out." She says and then he looks into her deep brown eyes and decides to go for it. He leans in slightly and starts to close his eyes. When he finally moves all the way in-no ones there. He looks around sheepishly and his eyes are averted to her apartment door which is now closed. 'Great you're a loser' He thinks to himself. 'Maybe she wasn't so interested after all.

Although that wasn't the case, because it isn't long after that, that he and Jo are hanging out again, having flirty gestures and playing footsie under the table when the rest of the guys are talking.


The second time is at the dance when he walks her back to her apartment again. He figures that now that they are officialy boyfriend and girlfriend, the could kiss right?

"You guys were great performing tonight." Jo says.

"Thanks, you are a really good dancer, did you know that?" He asks and she starts to giggle.

"Oh shut up. You know that's not true." She hits him playfully on the arm and then looks at him.

'This is it.' He thinks to himself and leans in again.

"Um, I have to get up really early tomorrow. I'm meeting with Hawk records to discuss some things. See you tomorrow." She says quickly before closing the door.

"Uh-huh." He says to himself before walking back to '2J' in disbelief.


This time he has things planned out just right. It's finally after BTR's first concert and he's backstage. However he has his dressing room filled with candles and petals, and he told Jo to meet him after the show. She shows up with a bottle of Gatorade and quickly drops it to the floor.

"What's this?" She asks in disbelief.

"It's for you." Kendall says and walks over to her. "I have something I've wanted to do for a while." He smirks and leans in and for once she closes her eyes too. Only to be interrupted by a loud beeping noise. Of course he realizes that the petals that he placed on the floor and somehow gotten into a candle and had started a small fire.

"Oh god, um let's get out of here." He says completely humiliated. Only Kendall Knight could plan a romantic night and set his room on fire.

It's only after that when she turns to him.

"So you had something to give me?" She asks sweetly and starts to grin. He can't help but feel horrible.

"Yeah. But it's ruined. Just like it's been the past times I've tried to do this." He complains.

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted it to special, and memorable, and absolutely perfect. I wanted you to be able to say that our first kiss was so special and romantic and not set on fire." He sighs.

"Kendall, I don't need a room full of romantic junk for us to have a memorable first kiss."

"Really?" He asks with surprise.

"Yeah, here come with me." She takes his hand and drags him to a side of the building that hasn't been flooded with firemen or fans.

"What did you take me here for?" He asks.

"Because when we talk about our first kiss, we'll be able to tell the story about how it was on the side of a building, with the romantic sound of firetrucks in the background." She giggles. "And a smoky sky." She leans in closer and finally their mouths meet. His arms slide around her waist and her hands are entangled in his hair, and when they pull away they can only smile at each other.

The fourth time he kisses her to the soundtrack of sirens and under a smoky sky and he wouldn't have it any other way.


Ok so I'm thinking about making this into a series of oneshots about the guys first kisses with their respective partners so tell me if you think that's a good idea, Please please review!