Ok so this is one of my last chapters for this story (pretty short lived, I know, but keep reviewing and maybe I'll write more) So again this is James' story. Now see I know I've spent so much time explaining about Rachael but I kind of decided to change it to one of the Jennifers (the one with long brown hair). I hope that you all forgive me.

James was relaxing outside when he felt an recognizable gust of wind. He turned around to the Jennifers walking by with their usual struts. Of course he gave them all the once over (they were all good looking girls), he could've sworn that out of the corner of his eyes the Jennifer with long cascading brunette hair wink at him. Of course it wouldn't be unusal but as Kendall had reminded him time and time again that not all girls love him.

It's not until later that night, when it's dark out that he gets a knock on his apartment door. And it's her.

He doesn't know much about her other than her name is Jennifer and that she's cute so he let's her in.

"Um, hey." He says.

"Hi." She walks past him and plops herself down onto his couch. Her usual perfect sundress floating around her.

"Um, what's wrong?" He asks. She starts breaking down and turns to him, tears welling up in her eyes.

"They kicked me out!" She says.

"What?" He asks in shock.

"The Jennifers! The kicked me out because I didn't book a part." She says and leans in towards him.

"What? That's so stupid." He says. He's never had to comfort anyone before and he has no idea what he's doing. She can only nod.

"I knew I could never be the perfect Jennifer. I'm too ugly, I have NO talent.." She starts saying before breaking back into tears.

"Wait, wait, wait. The Jennifers said that you were ugly?" He asks in disbelief. She nods. "Then that's idiotic of them. Jennifer you can sing, act, and not to mention your gorgeous."

"What? You really think so?" She asks and he can nod. Slightly in shock that he called a girl gorgeous, which he NEVER does. She smiles sweetly at him, which she almost never does and puts her long arms around him, pulling him into a hug. He's kind of disappointed that it doesn't lead to more, but he tries to hide his disappointment.

"Thank you." She says. She gets up and walks to the door. She's halfway down the hallway when she turns around, comes back to him and gives him the biggest, longest, and meaningful kiss she's ever given anyone. She pulls back and looks down at the ground, before he tilts her face up and smiles. He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"Any time." He smiles and enters his room.

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