Albus Dumbledore was having a bad day. No, correction, he was having a bad week. First, the minister had announced to the world that Sirius was innocent and declared him free. That did not work for him at all. He needed Sirius to be considered a fugitive. That way he was unable to take custody of Harry. It also made the man indebted to him for keeping him safe and out of the hands of the ministry. Now that he was free though, all bets were off. Sirius could do whatever he wanted, including taking custody of Harry.

When he'd learned of Sirius' exoneration, he'd gone to Headquarters to try to make Sirius see that he could not take Harry from his aunt and Uncle's. Unfortunately, Sirius was nowhere to be found. Dumbledore immediately went to the worst case scenario and feared that Sirius had went to get Harry. However, Arabella Figg had assured him that Sirius had been nowhere near Privet Drive. That was probably the only good thing out of the whole mess.

If all that wasn't enough, Severus had disappeared too. All his things were gone from his office and his private quarters. The only thing that he'd left was a letter of resignation on his desk. This turn of events was possibly even worse than Sirius being freed. He needed Severus. Not just for his potion making ability, but also for his spying abilities. He needed someone to be able to tell him what was going on with Voldemort.

About the only thing that was still under his control was Harry. Though he would have to go to great means to keep it that way, what with Sirius Black being free. He couldn't lose Harry. He needed the boy to deal with Voldemort, not to mention the funds he got from being the boy's guardian. That money helped him fund things he needed for the war.

That was what he was doing now. He was at Gringotts to make another withdrawal from the Potter vaults.

Dumbledore approached one of the goblin tellers at Gringotts. He immediately produced the key. "I need to make a withdrawal from the Potter vaults."

"I'm afraid that's not possible," the goblin said.

"What do you mean it's not possible? I have the key right here," Dumbledore said as he held it up. What the hell was going on? He'd been withdrawing money from the Potter accounts for nearly fourteen years now.

"Key or no key, you're not Lord Potter. Only Lord Potter can remove funds from his account," the goblin said.

"There is no Lord Potter. The current heir has yet to reach his seventeenth birthday meaning he cannot claim his title of Lord. I am his magical guardian and as such have been taking money out for years," Dumbledore said outraged.

"A mistake that has been corrected. For your information, Wizard, the true Lord Potter is of age and has taken control of his fortune."

"That's impossible! Harry Potter is just about to reach his fifteenth birthday. It will be another two years before he can claim his inheritance," Dumbledore argued.

"I didn't say Harry Potter now did I?" the gobbling asked with irritation laced in his voice.

Dumbledore froze for a moment. If the goblin didn't mean Harry then that left only one other person. But, no, that was impossible. He'd gotten rid of that child years ago. There was no way the boy made it back. He'd used his most powerful memory spell to ensure that such a thing would never happen. "Who are you referring to then?"

"The heir of Potter is Lord Alexander Potter."


Dumbledore was livid as he approached Number four, Privet Drive. He couldn't believe that little brat had made his way back. He just knew the kid was responsible for everything that was going wrong right now. Though how the boy got through the memory charm was beyond him. All he knew was that he had to get to Harry before Alexander did. Harry could not find out he had a brother, and he certainly could never meet him. That would ruin everything he'd worked so hard to do.

Dumbledore walked up to the Dursley's front door and knocked.

The door was opened a second later by Petunia, who took one look at him and shrieked. "You! Get off my property right now! Your kind isn't welcome here!"

"Hello, Petunia. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I must speak with Harry immediately."

Petunia scowled. "Don't you freaks talk to each other? One of the other freaks took him away the other day. I would think as head freak, you would know that all ready."

"What are you talking about, Petunia? Who took Harry?" Dumbledore asked in alarm. Was he too late? Had the other Potter brat already grabbed Harry? No, that couldn't be. Arabella had told him Harry was still there. Okay, well, actually, she'd told him that Sirius hadn't taken him. But surely she'd tell him if someone else had. Right?"

"I don't know. It isn't like I invited the freak in for tea. The boy said that one of you freaks were here to take him away. I never saw him, something I am eternally grateful for," Petunia said.

"You just let someone come and take your nephew away?" Dumbledore asked.

"Of course I did! If you didn't get the memo already, I don't like the boy! I have never liked him. He's nothing but another worthless freak! He should've died with his freak parents and freak brother. He's lucky I didn't drop him off at the nearest orphanage, which I would've done had it not been for your insistence," Petunia said with disgust.

It took everything in Dumbledore not to hex the vile woman. That would do him no good though. He needed to find Harry and fast. "Did Harry tell you anything about who took him, Petunia?"

"Only that it was someone from that wretched school of yours," Petunia said.

Dumbledore frowned. Someone from Hogwarts had taken Harry? That hadn't sat well with him. The people at his school were supposed to be loyal to him. It had to be Severus. He was the only one that was now gone. Though why Severus would willingly travel with Harry was beyond him.

Dumbledore quickly said goodbye to Petunia and walked away. He decided to forget Severus for a moment, as he wasn't the big problem. It was very likely that he was just the go between. He was set to bring Harry to his brother. Again, he didn't know why Severus would agree, but he could deal with that later. Right now, he needed to find Harry and bring him back, and the best way to do that was to return to where he'd left Alexander. If he found Alexander, he would find Harry.