Hey pplz. Decided to write a chatroom.

Disclaimer- don't own any of the Danny Phantom Characters, I do own Emilee (coming up in later story as well.)

(DPfan24)- Dash

(PaulinaPhantom15)- Paulina

(PhantomHalfa101)- Danny

(PhantomsGirl)- Sam

(ImissDannyFenton)- Emilee

(Starrynights)- Star

(theKwanster)- Kwan

(DannyPhantom)- Tucker on Danny's Phantom account

(TechnoFoley)- Tucker on own account

DPfan24 logging in.

PaulinaPhantom15 logging in.

Starrynights logging in.

theKwanster logging in.

DPfan24- Hey guys.

PaulinaPhantom15- Hey Dash

Starrynights- hey

theKwanster- hi

PhantomsGirl logging in.

PhantomHalfa101 logging in.

PaulinaPhantom15- PhantomsGirl, i dont no who u think u r but im phantoms gf.

PhantomsGirl- Whatevr paulina

PhantomHalfa101- sam dont fight with paulina

PhantomsGirl- but danny

ImissDannyFenton logging in.

ImissDannyFenton- wait, am i in the right chatroom. Yeah. n e of u danny fenton or dash baxter

PhantomHalfa101- Im danny

DPfan24- Im dash

ImissDannyFenton- OMG! I havent seen you in like, since third grade! Umm whats with all the phantom?

DPfan24- do we no u. and a ghost kid in amity park.

PhantomHalfa101- yea. And again do we know u.

PhantomsGirl- and why do you miss danny

ImissDannyFenton- yea you no me and I miss danny AND dash. And tucker somewhat.

PaulinaPhantom15- y do u miss danny and tucker I can understand y u miss dash but why the losers.

ImissDannyFenton- oh hey paulina. I heard u lost some weight.

PhantomHalfa101- she did trust me. and u still havent told us who u r.

ImissDannyFenton- oh rite. Its me Emilee.

DPfan24- Emilee! Wow i havent seen you since. Actually id rather not talk about tht.

PhantomHalfa101- wat is wittle dashy fraid of tellin all his wittle friends tht u were once friends with wimpy danny fenton.

PaulinaPhantom15- oh yeah I remember tht u had a fight over sam.

PhantomsGirl- wait. u and dash fought over me.

Starrynights- yeah. U moved in and dash and danny both had crushes on u. dash and danny were fighting until u chose danny. dash and danny have been enemies ever since.

theKwanster- I heard they fought over emilee too, emilee chose tucker though, they both lost.

PhantomHalfa101- Emilee, u should come back to amity to see all us again.

DPfan24- YEA!

ImissDannyFenton- maybe, but I wanna hear about this ghost kid.

Starrynights logging out.

theKwanster logging out.

PaulinaPhantom15- His name is Danny Phantom, he is 14 he is like super hot, he saves lives and he is madly in love with me.

PhantomsGirl- Or ur obsessed with urself.

DannyPhantom logging in.

PaulinaPhantom15- hey bf

DannyPhantom- I am not your bf, id rather go out with emilee petite,

PaulinaPhantom15- r u breaking up with me

DannyPhantom- How can i break up with you WE WERE NEVER TOGETHER!

PaulinaPhantom15- yes we were

DannyPhantom- no we weren't but may I recommend going out with tucker foley. Hes hot and cool.

PaulinaPhantom15- Ewww. First you try to get me together with Fen-toenail now you try to set me up with that loser tucker foley.

ImissDannyFenton- Hey tucker just so happens to be my ex-bf don't go tlkin s*** about him.

PhantomHalfa101- emilee, u went out with tucker

ImissDannyFenton- *blushes*

PaulinaPhantom15- PhantomHalfa101 hmmm. Whats a halfa?

ImissDannyFenton- it's a half human half ghost hybrid.

PaulinaPhantom15- Eww Danny

PaulinaPhantom15 logging out.

DannyPhantom logging out.

TechnoFoley logging in.

TechnoFoley- hey danny, hey sam, hi ImissDannyFenton

ImissDannyFenton- hey tucker

PhantomHalfa101- hey tuck

PhantomsGirl- hey tucker

TechnoFoley- whos ImissDannyFenton

DPfan24- its emmy

TechnoFoley- hey dash, and my ex-gf is talkin to my friends and my former friend

ImissDannyFenton- so who is the ghost boy

PhantomHalfa101- dash u have to get off and then emmy needs to tell me how she nos about halfas

DPfan24- wait Fenton you KNOW who the ghost boy is plz plz plz plz plz tell me

PhantomHalfa101- Sam, Tucker, do u think we shld tell him.

PhantomsGirl- but then evry1 will no. he cant tell any1

DPfan24- I wont tell any1 I swear. ex-bestfriends honor.

PhantomHalfa101- 2morro at school. Now GET OFF!

DPfan24 logging out.

PhantomsGirl- ok tell us wat u no bout halfas.

ImissDannyFenton- Ok. halfa's r a rare half ghost half human hybrid. and can be made three ways. they could be born, injected with ecto-plasm, or blasted with a lot of ecto-plasm in a short amount of time.

TechnoFoley- How do u no all this

ImissDannyFenton- Can I trust u guys

PhantomsGirl- Most definitely

PhantomHalfa101- Of course

TechnoFoley- Duh

ImissDannyFenton- I am a halfa. I was injected with ecto-plasm, and trust me it was not comfortable.

PhantomHalfa101- well neither is being blasted by ecto-plasm

ImissDannyFenton- wait you're the halfa. Well that explains the name.

TechnoFoley- yea most of the ppl in amity park r idiots. Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom.

PhantomsGirl- yea. Not even Danny's parents no.

PhantomHalfa101- yea. Its true

ImissDannyFenton- wait what about DannyPhantom who was in here earlier.

TechnoFoley- Danny asked me if I could be Danny Phantom 4 a few mins

ImissDannyFenton- wait u didn't no me tho

TechnoFoley- I was acting. Like when Danny and Sam act like they aren't lovebirds


PhantomHalfa101- WE AREN'T LOVEBIRDS!

ImissDannyFenton-PhantomsGirl what is ur name

PhantomsGirl- Sam y?

ImissDannyFenton- Explain the name

PhantomsGirl- *blushes*

TechnoFoley- I am no longer needed. Bye Emilee, Bye Sam, Bye Danny

TechnoFoley logging in.

ImissDannyFenton- Ok Sam, Danny, spill

PhantomHalfa101- u wanna take this 1

PhantomsGirl- Nah. Its ur turn.

PhantomHalfa101- Fine

PhantomHalfa101- Sam and I are secretly dating. We dont want any1 else 2 no. so SHHH

ImissDannyFenton- Tht is so sweet. My lips are sealed.

PhantomsGirl- thanx

ImissDannyFenton- So let me get this straight. Danny, your the ghost boy, and Sam and u r secretly dating

PhantomHalfa101- Yep.

ImissDannyFenton- do u thnk tucker stil likes me. Cuz I still really really like him.

PhantomHalfa101- let me read u this txt tuck sent 2 me. 'danny i still really like her and i want 2 go out with her again, shld i? tuck. I think he still likes u

ImissDannyFenton- say yes say yes!

PhantomHalfa101- ok ok.

PhantomsGirl- Emilee, you should come to amity, I really want to meet u.

ImissDannyFenton- actually my parents r thinkin of movin us bck 2 amity anyways

PhantomsGirl- cool

ImissDannyFenton- we were plannin on flyin to amity friday.

PhantomHalfa101- so we'll c u friday.

ImissDannyFenton- yep.

PhantomsGirl- cant wait 2 meet u

ImissDannyFenton- same here.

PhantomHalfa101- and here

PhantomsGirl- Night Emilee, love u danny

PhantomHalfa101- Night Emilee, love u sammy

ImissDannyFenton- night Sam, miss u danny

PhantomHalfa101- Miss u too emmy

PhantomsGirl- and danny, don't call me sammy

PhantomHalfa101- just sometimes

PhantomsGirl- sometimes

PhantomHalfa101- oh and sam

PhantomsGirl- yeah

PhantomHalfa101- I love you

PhantomsGirl- I love you too. Night.

PhantomsGirl logging out.

PhantomHalfa101- so ur a halfa now

ImissDannyFenton- yes. So ur a halfa 2

PhantomHalfa101- yea… so… whts ur outfit look like.

ImissDannyFenton- I have black hair, blue eyes, a green tanktop, a purple and green plaid skirt, purple skinny jeans and green converse.

PhantomHalfa101- sounds goth

ImissDannyFenton- I am goth. U gotta problem with it.

PhantomHalfa101- No of course not. sams goth.

ImissDannyFenton- Cool. Whats ur outfit look like

PhantomHalfa101- nothing big just white hair, green eyes, a black hazmat suit with white gloves and a DP logo.

ImissDannyFenton- Cool

PhantomHalfa101- haha lets walk in amity park, u in ur ghost form me in my human form, we could be cousins or somethin

ImissDannyFenton- good idea. So ur my new 'cousin.'

PhantomHalfa101- night 'cous'

ImissDannyFenton- night 'cous'

ImissDannyFenton logging out.

PhantomHalfa101 logging out.

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