Hey! I know it's been a long time since the last time I wrote another chapter, but that's school for ya. I have also been busy watching Yu-Gi-Oh episodes, so I might end up writing Yu-Gi-Oh fan fictions. Won't that be interesting? I wonder how many people are writing so far. I just hope most of them don't include these weird gay couple nonsense. So far, that's what anime is about these days. It's bad enough to hook up a young girl with a 3000-year-old pharaoh... okay, maybe I'm overreacting about that, but still... it's weird! Review please!

Sam walked across her balcony that was next to her room. She gazed at the moonlight sky that was covered with sparkles of white. A smile appeared across her face while her eyes sparkled from the glaring moon. It was a matter of time before she felt warm arms wrapped around her waist and hot breath blowing against her neck. Sam turned her face and her lips met warmer lips. Her fingers were tangling through that black, thick hair.

"What is this, our honeymoon?" Danny asked in a teasing manner after his kiss. Sam gave her new husband a glare.

"Of coarse not, this is just my daily stroll," Sam replied sarcastically before Danny giggled.

"Common Sam, we just got married and I can't have a little fun with my wife?"

"Having a little fun by ruining our moment?"

"Joking and playing can be romantic."

"Now I'm wondering if marrying you was a good idea," Sam smirked before being attacked by Danny's irresistible kiss. She wrapped her arms tightly around her husband's neck while returning the kiss.

"Since when do you choose a honeymoon at your own palace?" Elliot asked from behind the curtain of the balcony that lead to the newly weds' room.

"Since the four of us will be scheming a new devious plan," Danny smirked widely.

"Is this why I'm dressed up like a china doll?" Paulina asked with a huge glum look. She wore a maid's black outfit with a net, high heels, bonnet, and everything else.

"A cute doll," Elliot flirted with Paulina before she rolled her eyes.

"Sorta... mostly Elliot and I made a bet on what reaction you would make if we dressed you like my servant and I won," Danny grinned before Paulina glared at Elliot even harder.

"It was not my idea, I swear!" Elliot promised.

"You made me wear this outfit OVER A BET?" Paulina yelled furiously.

"I thought you would love it!"

"What I love is to kill you."

"I also wanted you to wear that to distract Jazz. If she meddles with our honeymoon with her plans to make this the best honeymoon I've ever had, then we won't have a romantic honeymoon," Danny explained to Paulina.

"And what is Mr. Actor supposed to do?" Paulina asked.

"I'm supposed to bring the horses for Romeo and Juliet to ride in the sunset," Elliot grinned.

"You mean the full moon?" Danny corrected.

"Even more romantic."

"Surprisingly, you're not as bad as my sister."

"Let's just get out of this place," Sam said romantically before Danny yanked the curtains off and tied the end to the rail of the balcony.

"I'll be doing my part... if I'll live," Paulina glared before stomping out of the room.

"I'll get the horses for you two newly weds," Elliot grinned before leaving out the door.

"Ready for this, my sweet?" Danny asked.

"Yes, my love," Sam replied before the two newly weds slid down the balcony on the curtain that was hung by the rail.