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Not all fairytales begin happily. The ones that do are rarely without their share of grief and gloom in between. Otherwise, who would dare call these stories fairytales? Certainly not me, the one Grandmother Alicia always calls her 'little pragmatist'. No one knows how cruel the world can be better than she, but no one learned this quicker than my three siblings and I did.

It is one thing to be abandoned when the one who is supposed to care for you is simply incapable of doing it. But when greed becomes an asset and the one you love and depend on is blinded by that greed, you can't help but feel betrayed. It was Grandmother Alicia who once told me that cruelty and betrayal often cross paths. Being little more than a child at the time, I hadn't fully understood what she'd meant. Now that I am older, I have every intention of using this understanding to my full advantage—regardless of who I hurt along the way.

It is by the recommendation of both my brother Chris and our grandmother Alicia that I have chosen to record the events spanning more than a decade of our lives. I shall now raise my pen to them as one does a glass of champagne to guests at a party, and begin to document what is not just my story, but our story.

The story of our family.