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A generally outcry filled the room.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Kagome and Sango yelled unanimously.

Ebetsu's sheepish grin confirmed it.

"Wha-, who-, how did that happen?" Kagome asked. Miroku once again took this opportunity to speak, "Well Kagome-sama, there comes a time when two people wish to join their bodies as deeply as their hearts have, this is called-,"

Sango's fist cut him off, "We know how it happened, baka!"

Kagome placed a hand on Ebetsu's shoulder, "Is it your ex-fiance's?"

"Hm? Oh, no, no let me…let me explain…"

A horrible retching sound broke the silence of the laboratory complex. Ebetsu, hunched over the silver metal toilet in her cell was currently burdened with the task of emptying the contents of her stomach. Her fingers gripped the toilet seat as another wave of nausea overtook her, "What's…happening to me?" she rasped.

From behind the one way mirror two scientists were watching her, "She's been that way for two weeks. It's no longer blood so it's not her liver...perhaps..."

The following day was a strange one. Ebetsu was pulled from her cell for what she thought was more "training." With a rebelling stomach it was harder to prepare herself for the day ahead but instead of being taken to the testing facilities, she found herself in a sort of conference room. Three doctor's joined her a short while after she arrived.

"It's quite an abnormal anomaly," a man she knew as Dr. Tsuyo was the first of the three to speak

"What is," she asked not looking at anyone.

"You're pregnant," the female doctor next to him answered.

"…What?" she asked, unsure she heard them right.

The female doctor re-iterated, "You're pregnant. Three weeks to be exact."

Up until that point Ebetsu's expression had been a cold, distant one. There was no one in that lab that she trusted anymore, so it made no sense to her to try to reach out to anyone. However cold not be maintained in this situation, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M PREGNANT? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?"

"We're not 100% sure at this time, but it's probably to do with the fact that the serum came from the most intact and viable DNA we had,"

"His sperm..." Ebetsu whispered, she remembered thinking the same thing when she was human, extracting the sperm to use as a base for the serum, but it was just a thought, she never in all her years as a scientist believed they would actually succeed.

"Our research indicates that it retained enough spermatic qualities to impregnate one of your eggs,"

Ebetsu, while shocked, was not so easily fooled. They weren't telling her this for congratulatory reasons, they wanted something. So she asked, "Why are you telling me this?"

"Ebetsu, chances of the zygote becoming a living fetus are slim to none. We're not sure if the chromosomal equation is sturdy enough for the zygote to thrive, or if your own body will reject it and miscarry. Your only choice at this point is to have an abortion-"

Ebetsu: At that point, I snapped.

The conference room looked like a blast zone, everything is disarray. Chairs and tables were knocked aside, most shattered from the force of hitting the walls. She stood silent in the center of the room, drenched in the blood of her enemies. The doctors, or what was left of them were splattered in every possible direction. Ebetsu inhaled, taking in the sweet scent of their death. At that moment in time something kicked in, she felt no remorse for her actions, no pain. Nothing but the sweet rush of victory.

Guards, alerted by the screams came running in only to have their limbs severed by balls of energy. The first time Ebetsu realized she had that power. The one that lived screamed into his walkie-talkie for back up, his fear as evident as the piss stain on his crotch. The heavy metal doors shot closed, chopping the dead guard in half. She cringed as the air vents opened and purple gas was forced in, the noxious smell burned in her nostrils. A second later the room was swaying, the lights falling in and out of focus, Ebetsu reached at a chair to chuck at the door, but her legs gave way, then her arms, finally everything went black.

She came to in her cell. To this day she can't remember why, but she knew right off the bat that her arms and legs were chained to the wall.

"Who knew you had such power?"

Ebetsu scowled, what was he doing back here?

Andrew stepped out of the shadows and stood in front of her, "4 dead, one critically wounded, seems you've accepted the youkai in you more than we thought."

Ebetsu looked up and spit in his face. Oh, how she wished she could do more than that to him right now! Andrew wiped off her biological assault, looking at it for a moment before pulling back and slamming his hand across her face. It didn't hurt Ebetsu, but because she wasn't in a position to defend herself, she said nothing.

"Tsk tsk, how violent you and I have become. Very unfitting. You should be thanking me; it is because of me the abomination wasn't removed while you were asleep."

In spite of herself, Ebetsu looked up in surprise.

"I've never been the type to sugar coat things. The odds are not in that thing's favor." He pointed to Ebetsu's stomach for effect, "The fetus will die soon enough, I'll just let it be at your own hands. Once it's dead, we'll study it."

"And if it lives?"

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, "A scientific wonder, the first human/demon hybrid. It'll make a wonderful addition to our collection, as you are well aware."

"At that moment, there was no other alternative but to escape."

"So how'd you do it?" Kagome asked.

"I decided to use my new powers, to turn my damnation into a door to freedom." Ebetsu said, "When I felt strong enough to escape, I cut my inner thigh and let it bleed out to make it look like I was miscarrying…"

A horrible scream rang through the laboratory, guards ran to Ebetsu's cell to find her on the floor, grabbing her stomach and cringing in pain, blood ran down her legs and was now pooling beneath her, "My baby! My baby! Nooooo!" She sobbed.

"Calling station 6, calling station 6. We need a doctor to come to cell 1210d, repeat! We need a doctor to come to cell 1210d!" The guards screamed into the intercom. Two doctors filed in and lifted Ebetsu on to a gurney, in their haste they left her unstrapped as they wheeled her out. Ebetsu waited until they had her in the elevator, the doors started to close. Springing up, she kicked against the elevator wall, slipping out of the elevator before it closed completely and broke into a run. Thanks to the fire escape plans posted on every other wall, she knew exactly where she was going. Within minutes she was out of the lab.

"I ran into the shrine with the well hoping I could hide there, but they found me. I was looking into the well when they broke the doors down, got startled and fell in." Ebetsu said.

"My God…" Kagome said. Everyone could hardly believe the things this girl had gone through. Kagome kept a sharp eye on Ebetsu's aura to see if it shifted at all during her story, each word, each emotion, each sentence that came from her mouth was the truth.


Everyone froze as a young man's voice called the miko's name.

"He's back early." Sango said.

Kagome bit her bottom lip, "I totally forgot about him!"

Ebetsu didn't understand the fear in there eyes, who was back early? Why was he calling out for Kagome? "Who?" she ended up asking.

A sweat drop appeared on the side of Kagome's face, "Well...you remember the demon sealed to the tree I told you about? When I first got here I kind of...released him from the-,"

The paper door burst apart as a boy with white hair bashed into the room. His arms were above his head, a massive sword in his hands. Ebetsu tensed, ready for a fight.

"Sessho-!" he screamed, then stopped. He stared at the new girl for a moment, then began to sniff and look around, "Where is he?"

Kagome stared at the boy, confused beyond all reason, "Who? Why are you in such a panic?"

"Don't be stupid!" His eyes continued to scan the area, "Where's Sesshomaru? This place reeks of his scent!"

Kagome only blinked at him, "Sesshomaru isn't here. I-."

The dog eared boy brushed past Kagome and crouched down in front of Ebetsu, he inhaled deeply before deciding something, "You. You reek of my brother, why?"

"Inuyasha, sit!"

The necklace around Inuyasha's neck flashed a bright purple before forcing him into the ground. Ebetsu jumped back in surprise, "What just happened?"

Kagome just waved her hand at him, "Oh, don't worry about him. He's used to it."

For fear of being sat again, Inuyasha calmed down and listened as Kagome recounted Ebetsu's story to him. Ebetsu had also come to learn about Inuyasha, a hanyou like herself, but from birth. He and Kagome were the first two to look for the Shikkon no Tama, as the traveled they met Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. From what Ebetsu could gather, Kagome seemed to be more than just a traveling partner to Inuyasha, but decided not to delve into what wasn't her business.

"That still doesn't explain why you smell like my bastard brother." Inuyasha said when Kagome finished the story.

Kagome thought about it for a moment before turning to Ebetsu, "You said the man was perfectly preserved, right? What did he look like?"

Ebetsu scratched her head thoughtfully, "I don't really remember. I didn't get a very good look at him. A thick layer of ice had formed around him when we found him."

"What do you remember?"

"I do remember he was tall, white hair...markings like these," she said, pointing to the streaks on her face.

Inu-gang: EHHHH!

Ebetsu stared at them, "What? What?" she asked.

Kagome couldn't bring herself to say anything, neither could Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, or even Kaede, however as silent as they all were, it was all too apparent what they were thinking, 'This girl...is going to have Sesshomaru's child!'

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