Basking in the adulation of his audience, the musician picked up his guitar and moved slowly, with purpose toward the front of his stage.

The flame-decorated guitar strap was adjusted to place the guitar right at his hips. The perfect height for him to remain straight and true, and use his arms and the thrusting of his hips to maneuver the guitar around.

The heavy pulse of the bass throbbed through his veins. Playing to his audience, he started moving his hips to match the rhythm.

The bright staccato of the high-hat joined. He started pounding the heel of his boot in time. As he moved, he kept his head down and his back turned. He could hear the squeals of delight as they watched his ass shake. He added just a little extra, just for them.

He kept his steely gaze focused, letting the atmosphere and the music take over his body. With perfect, rehearsed precision, he played the first notes of the song. The sounds of the audience erupted. To him, it was a dull roar in the back of his consciousness. All that mattered were the notes he played, making them soar.

He was no longer aware of the staged performance, of his ability to make the girls swoon with the fluid motions of his body. He was aware only of the effect the music had on him. His body moved without his input, only in reaction to the passion he felt in playing his part with meticulous grace.

With each building crescendo, his face contorted. He was in a trance as his fingers flew over the fretboard. His spine arced over the guitar and then curved back. His legs spread wide as he leaned back, as he would when pulling his lover over him.

As the last notes were played, to perfection, the guitar player panted from his exertion. He remained motionless, waiting.

The crowd behind him, joined him in his anticipation.

All at once, he leaped into the air "HIGH SCORE, BITCHES! Beat that!"

The girls squealed as he pulled off the Guitar Hero accessory. The guys groaned, knowing they'd never hear the end of this latest victory if they could not top his score.

AN: So this is just a little fun thing that came to mind as the radio blasted "Jukebox Hero" by Foreigner. Yes, I am aware that it is from 1981, and that I have dated myself by knowing and loving this song. I don't care.

Let me know what you think! ~BamaBabe