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Chapter 1

The day started off like any other. The sun shining and blinding your eyes, while at the same time providing warmth to your body. All of us would stretch out in our sleeping bags at the crack of dawn; hoping to get an advantage over our enemies. That never really happened; but what had we to lose? Our realm was on the very edge, fighting for its worth.

We were just a physical form of that dignity and stood as a line of protection to the inhabitants and the land itself. We hoped to make a difference, but we couldn't do very much.

I sat awake all night, not being able to fall into even a restless sleep. My back was leaned against some trees and my hands were in my lap, seeming to wrestle with each other. I pondered with ideas that made no sense to me; but they helped keep me occupied.


A turned around quickly; startled. I met worried ocean eyes gazing at me with deep concern. Mel's hair swayed in the gentle morning breeze and she began to walk towards me. She came to sit on the damp ground beside me and started to play with a rock on the ground. I could sense her nervousness and wanted nothing more but to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be okay. That we were going to make it through this war just fine. We would get RaDos back. But, I didn't believe any of that. I didn't know if we would be okay. I didn't know if we would make it through this war. I didn't know if we would ever get RaDos back. We had lost Kara to the Ethos and now here came an even bigger threat. What if none of us made it out alive? What if the invaders won? All I knew for sure was that there would need to be sacrifices in this war and many measures to ensure the safe return of our land to its people. But, no matter how this war turned out, I knew that none of us would be the same. Mel's voice broke through my thoughts and it took me a moment to understand her soft spoken question.

"Are you okay?"

I forced myself to turn away again. I couldn't afford a break down. This war was affecting us all and I felt myself being pushed under all the stress. This war did nothing to help Mel's confidence. She would go and sit off by herself and would rarely trust herself to speak in front of anyone else besides us. It didn't help Erik become stronger from the loss of his sister. He would wander off at night and begin to cry because he could think of nothing else, but Kara. It stopped Adam from fully trusting his decision of becoming a Di-gata Defender. Adam would leave and fight constantly. Yell and scream to take out all the pressure building inside him. Rion wasn't fairing to well either. He would go and constantly ask for the reassurance of our victory. Our safety. Our comfort. Though, we could not confirm our victory or safety; we could comfort Rion. I just stopped talking.

"Seth, I'm here if you want to talk."

Mel had been urging at me to speak something, even if made no sense. But, I just couldn't. Every time I opened my mouth, nothing came out. Only hasty breaths. I turned towards her once more, sadness lingering in my eyes. Trying to tell her that I was sorry. Sorry for everything. She placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and gave it a shaky squeeze.

"It's okay."

Her voice was a hushed whisper as she stood up to put her things away. Just then, Erik had returned. His face was damp from tears and his eyes were slightly red. He turned around to his sleeping bag; which he often abandoned, and proceeded to fold it. We all tried to comfort Erik and get him to stop crying. Nothing we did or said could console Erik for very long. He would sneak off and repeat the process many times. So, we decided it best that Erik get it out of his system. Though, as each night passed by, it never seemed to be getting out of his system. When Erik got up his eyes met mine for an instant. His worn out green eyes looking into my saddened gray ones. I looked away as soon as I broke out of the trance. Erik hated it when others started at him or watched him as if he was crazy. Instead, Erik put down his things and came to sit beside me. He didn't speak and sifted uncomfortably in the silence. I inwardly smiled. By now, I was used to the quiet. After all, I was always surrounded in it.

"Do you want to talk?"

His voice seemed to crack in the middle, as if his throat was sore from being used too much. I wrapped my arms around myself and brang my knees up to my chest. It was a sign of retreat and Erik learned to interpret that as a no. He gave me a weak smile and began to stand up. I wanted to call out to Erik. To grab his arm and ask him to stay. I wanted to hear his voice. I wanted some company. I wanted someone to help me get out. I was becoming so lonely in my mind and there were uninvited thoughts that were beginning to scare me. Instead, I watched him pick up his things and load them in his back pack. We had no more stormers, courtesy of the invaders.

"We need to get going."

Adam's harsh voice surrounded the entire camp area of ours. Mel, Erik and Rion stopped fighting with Adam a while ago. Well, Mel and Erik did. Rion still fought with Adam from time to time. Although, Rion was usually the one who broke off and walked away. He didn't want to fight. He just wanted to do something and have all us really care for him. Not that we hated Rion or didn't care for him. But, he was feeling more and more like an outsider as the days passed by. Mel and Erik did their best to tell Rion that he was veryimportant to all of us. After learning about being an accidental experiment, Rion just couldn't accept that. He wanted proof. We were all in a torn-apart state and that did absolutely nothing to help.

"We'll leave soon."

Mel's voice reverberated through the area and eventually faded as everyone considered her words. Adam seemed to find them satisfying as he wandered away. Erik just nodded and turned as tears started to leak down his cheeks. Rion sat down and began the process of folding his sleeping bag up. Mel paused her packing for a moment and shared a quick glance with me, as if to ask if that was alright. I showed no sign of protest and Mel nodded in response. She turned around and resumed her work. I looked downward and began to draw on the ground with the same rock Mel had used before. I felt my eyes droop slightly. I was getting tired. That was bad. I couldn't sleep now; we were going to leave soon. Besides, if I slept… Every time I went to sleep I had nightmares. Horrible pictures plaguing my mind. I really didn't want to deal with that.

I glanced towards the other defenders. Adam was ranting, Mel was packing, Erik was sitting and staring into space and Rion looked like he was going to argue with Adam.

There had to be a way out of this pattern. There just had to be. But, the force that stopped us was something deep within each of us. Something I wasn't so sure we could overcome.