Bella's last breath: an anti-twilighter's story

We were sitting in our meadow on a rarely bright sunny day. I was resting my head on Edward's shoulder while he quietly sang to me. Suddenly, he stopped, and got up, his incandescently scintillating arms held out to me. 'Bella?' Edward asked, his voice pleading, 'Will you give me a hug?' I was happy to comply, and ran into his arms, where Edward held me tightly. He put his mouth to my ear and said, 'I'm sorry Bella, I'm going to try to make this as easy as possible for you.' I was confused, what did he mean? I didn't understand, but of course, I wanted to trust him, so I simply replied, 'whatever makes you happy darling.' 'Darling,' he scoffed, while quoting me in the most horrid tone that I have heard. Then, at that moment, I realized what he was about to do. He plunged his teeth into my flesh, and ripped out a large part of my neck. I could feel the pain, unbearable, even in contrast of seeing Edward's perfect Adonis face. Edward laid me on the ground, pity in his perfect face. 'I'm sorry' was the last thing I heard, then all I saw was black.

Edward continued to rip apart and suck the blood of his 'loved one', until there was nothing that remained of Bella Swan besides her blood soaked clothes and her head, which was ripped off after she had died. He smirked, the blood soaked through his clothes and covered his stone body. Edward hid her remains deep in the forest, so no one would find. 'Well that was worth it,' he thought as he ran back to his car, 'and all it took was some fake affection to a stupid teenage girl to enjoy a meal like that.' Edward changed his clothes, and drove away from the meadow that he and Bella once shared together, never to think about it again.

Author's note: If your wondering why Edward had to maul Bella for her blood, that is because SMeyer made her Pixiepires have no fangs, but instead have to literally chew their prey into nothingness. Besides, this was waayyy more fun to write, rather than just being lame and simply sucking her blood.