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This story will likely be very long.
I will try to stay as true to the characters as possible and I will not turn them into something they are not.
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Chapter 1

Why the Frown?

Forks High School. Great. As if it isn't bad enough to be transferring to a new school midterm, but to transfer to a school with a student body of around 500 is beyond aggravating. There is no way you can just blend into the crowd at such a small school. I sighed and got out of my car. Charlie really came through here, I mean, I definitely was not expecting to get a car. I pulled the hood of my sweatshirt over my head and walked towards, what I believed to be, the registrar's office. It was raining, naturally, as if the weather could do anything else in Forks.

The secretary at the registrar's office figured out my schedule in no time and I had the pleasure of starting the day with Math. Nice, what a way to ruin one's mood. While I was trying to navigate the campus map I had snatched from the registrar's office, someone ran into me.

"Oh, excuse me, I wasn't looking" a quirky looking Asian kid with short black hair exclaimed, preparing to walk at my side.

"You are the new kid, Isabella Swan, right? My name is Eric, by the way." He held out his hand to me.

"Bella, and yes, I am the new girl. Nice to meet you, Eric." I shook his hand while giving him an awkward smile. Great, this school is so small that people already know the name of the new kid. I sighed, shaking my head.

"Hey, let me see you schedule" he grabbed my schedule, exclaiming "cool, we've got Math together. Follow me, Bella Swan" Eric grinned and walked down the hall. 'Neat, an escort, well, at least I won't get lost,' I considered, as I started to follow Eric to my first class at Forks High.

During my third period, I made my way to the Biology lab. I still wasn't used to all this attention, but it wasn't like I had much choice in the matter, so I refrained myself from sighing when I handed my information slip to my biology teacher.

"Miss Swan, welcome," Mr. Kuhn greeted me smiling.

"Please take your seat next to Mr. Cullen"

At his words, I looked up and saw my lab partner. I blinked twice, thinking that no one can look this beautiful. Yes, I know, guys are supposed to be handsome, not beautiful, but this Mr. Cullen could only be described as beautiful. He had rust-colored hair that artfully defied gravity by standing up perfectly symmetrical. His face looked very pale and while he probably could have benefited from a good nights rest, judging by the dark rings under his eyes, his facial features were perfectly aligned. In fact, he looked like some master sculpture spent months agonizing over creating just the right proportions and lines of his chiseled face. I slowly made my way to my seat and suddenly noticed that he kept staring at me with a frown on his face. 'Not too social, huh?' I chuckled to myself, not as if I could criticize anyone for not being social. If an antithesis of a social butterfly existed, it would be me.

Once I sat down next to him he turned slightly to look at me directly, the same frown was still etched into his perfect features. 'Why does he keep frowning at me? What did I do? It's not like there was any other seat left' I contemplated quickly. I decided to return his appraisal and looked up into his eyes. 'Huh? Golden? Who has golden eyes?' was the first thought that popped into my mind once I saw the color of his eyes. I mean, really? Those had to be contacts!

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen. You must be Isabella Swan" he suddenly addressed me with a surprisingly melodic voice. He offered me his hand to shake.

"Just Bella, nice to meet you" I rambled uncomfortably as I shook his offered hand and gasped. 'Wow, here I thought I had cold hands' my mind supplied instantly, and since there is quite often a filter missing between my thoughts and my mind, I right away voiced that thought. "Your hands are really cold." Damn, I closed my eyes and sighed. 'Way to go, Bella.'

Edward shook his head, while still sporting remnants of the same frown from before. "I am sorry" he exhaled, while offering no other explanation.

During the rest of the biology class Edward worked silently. Nevertheless, I still caught him every now and then staring at me contemplatively, frowning and then shaking his head. His actions almost gave the impression that I confused him, yet it was his behavior that bewildered me. In the end, I shrugged it off and decided that Edward was probably just experiencing a bad day.

After Biology, I made my way to the cafeteria. Lunch break. 'What a joy' my mind all but sneered. I just hoped I could eat without receiving too many curious glances. 'Being the new student sucks' I thought wearily and entered the cafeteria. I picked up something that looked remotely edible and started to scan the crowd of seated and talking students for an empty table, when I suddenly heard my name called from across the room. I cringed and looked in the direction of the overly enthusiastic call,

"Bella, over here! Come on, we saved you a seat."

"Eric" I mumbled, nodded in his direction and started to make my way over to his table.

"Hello, again. Sit down" Eric greeted me smiling once I had arrived. "Oh, sorry, let me make the introductions. Guys, this the Bella Swan, daughter of our Chief of police and this" he pointed at the girl sitting to his right, who had long dark brown hair and glasses, "is Angela and next to her is Jessica" Eric pointed at a girl with light brown hair who also sported a frown on her face when she looked at me. 'What is it with that today?' my mind quipped a little self-consciously, while both girls gave me a slight nod.

"Hello Bella" Angela smiled and gave me a little wave.

"And finally" Eric resumed, "we have my buddy Mike here" he finished, slapping the blond short haired boy, sitting on his left side, on the shoulders.

"Hello Bella," Mike said almost breathlessly while giving me a huge smile and a quick once over, both of which seemed to deepen the frown on Jessica's face. 'Oh, that's where her frown comes from' my mind supplied cheerfully.

"Hello, nice to meet you all" I replied, trying to sound more cheerful than I felt, while I sat down on the seat between Mike and Jessica. 'Good times.'

"So, Bella, you're from Arizona, right?" Jessica inquired, trying to sound interested in light of the fact that Mike yet had to avert his eyes from me.

"Yes, I lived in Phoenix" I continued to eat right after answering, hoping this would distract from further questions. No such luck.

"Well, compared to Phoenix, Forks must seem pretty pathetic to you then," Jessica continued, whereupon Angela exclaimed "Jess!" scolding, all the while giving me an apologetic smile.

"No, Forks is fine" I replied quickly, wishing lunch break was already over. I turned around just as the backdoor to the cafeteria opened, admitting the most stunning couple I had ever seen. The boy looked like a professional football player who spends too much time in the gym lifting weights. He practically was the size of a bear and towered over most of the other students. His short, curly black hair was neatly cut and his clothes appeared to come directly from the most current Gentlemen's Quarterly. Just like Edward, this boy looked pale and his facial features looked just as sculptured as Edward's did. My gaze shifted and moved to the girl next to the modeling football player. While both Edward and the quarterback were beautiful, they paled; here my mind naturally snickered at my choice of words, in comparison to the girl who held hands with the potential professional football player/model. She had long, wavy blond hair and the face of one of those classical film beauties from the 1960's movies that my mother made me watch when growing up. 'Where do all these stunning people come from? And what on earth are they doing in Forks?' I started to shake my head, but then realized that the entrance of the beautiful people was not over yet. Right after the couple entered a blond, shorthaired boy who, while also quite beautiful, looked as though he was in excruciating pain. 'I feel you, High School sucks' my mind supplied sympathetically. Next, and not really a surprise, followed Edward. Naturally, he would hang out with the rest of his fellow genetically blessed companions. 'This school is starting to give me a complex' I thought a little aggravated, while feeling even plainer next to these extremely attractive fellow students.

"Don't waste your time or energy on the Cullen's" Jessica's sneer brought me abruptly out of my stunned reverie.

"What?" I mumbled confused, turning to look at Jessica.

"The Cullen's, you were just staring at them," Jessica pointed out as if I was a slow learning preschooler, all the while rolling her eyes.

"They are related?" I asked, wondering why I even was surprised.

"Well, no, not really. Dr. Cullen and his wife adopted all of them. Even though, I believe Jasper and Rosalie are twins," Angela supplied helpfully.

"They are a couple, you know?" Jessica suddenly interjected.

"The twins?" I stammered aghast.

"No, Emmett, that's the big, muscular guy, and Rosalie, the blond girl next to him," corrected Angela with a pointed look at Jessica.

"Whatever. I still believe that Alice and Jasper are an item as well" Jessica replied a little frustrated.

"Alice?" I raised my eyebrows curiously; I had only seen one girl entering the cafeteria with the rest of the guys.

"Alice is not here yet, maybe she's late," answered Angela a little surprised. "It is just, they are always together," Angela continued, shrugging her shoulders.

"Yes, and they don't like to interact with us mere mortals" Jessica commented venomously.

'Someone's bitter' my mind snickered a little and out of impulse, I turned in my seat the same moment the backdoor opened once more, admitting the last Cullen into the cafeteria. My eyes widened the moment I caught a first real glimpse of, presumably Alice, making her way over to the table her siblings occupied. Forget what I had said about the beauty of the Cullen's before. Alice was so stunning my heart stopped when I saw her, only to then jump start running as fast as it could without jumping out of my chest. All breath left my body and I could only stare at her.

"Oh, there's Alice" Angela's voice suddenly caught up to my brain.

"Alice" I whispered weakly, whereupon the girl in question turned her head and looked directly at me, as if I had just screamed out her name, instead of whispering it almost silently. Alice then cocked her head and continued to look into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity to me, even though only mere seconds had passed. A soft smile ghosted over her hauntingly beautiful face, before she continued to float over to her siblings. Her movements were so graceful; my eyes were still glued to her form so that I did not register that someone was talking to me right away.

"Earth to Bella, hello? Bella, are you in there?" Mike started to wave his hands in front of me.

I turned around to face him. "What? I am sorry, I did not hear you."

"Of course not, she was obviously lost in Edward-land" muttered Jessica under her breath.

"Huh?" was all I managed to say at first. "Edward? No, he is my lab partner in biology" I added, still having no clue why Jessica had brought up Edward.

"Really? Has he talked to you?" Angela interjected.

"Yes, I mean, no. He introduced himself, but that was it," I shrugged my shoulders. "He seemed a little off. I don't know, maybe he wasn't feeling too well?" I continued, remaining confused by Edwards's odd behavior.

"They never really talk to anyone that is not in their family. Why should Bella be special?" Jessica scoffed.

"Erm." Mike coughed, trying to get my attention once more. "You still haven't answered my question, Bella?" he looked at me expectantly.

"Question?" I raised my eyebrows, the same moment a booming laughter sounded through the cafeteria, finding its origin with Emmett, at the Cullen table. I turned quickly and saw how everyone was laughing at Alice who appeared to be amused herself. 'Wonder what that is about?' I mused before realizing that I was once more staring at Alice. Again, her eyes found mine and my heart started galloping in my chest, while my palms started to sweat and I wondered silently 'God, what is this?' before I had to turn away quickly.

"As I was saying before," Mike was on a roll again.

"Yes?" I tried to concentrate on him.

"Are you coming with us to the beach this Friday evening, Bella?"

"The beach? In this weather?" I asked astonished.

"Well, yeah?" Mike shrugged.

"I don't know. Which beach do you mean anyway?"

"La Push. Come on Bella, it'll be fun" Mike continued.

"I'll talk to Charlie and let you know tomorrow, ok?" I compromised. Now I just needed to find a way for Charlie to dislike this idea. I was not really in the mood to go to the beach in this weather. Actually, I was even less in the mood to do so with this crowd. They seemed all right, but Mike's fascination with me would be tiresome, even more so along with Jessica's jealousy over Mike's said fascination.

"Anyway, we gotta get ready to go to our next class," Angela suddenly brought up. "What is your next class, Bella?" She turned towards me.

"Uh, let me check" I quickly got my schedule. "History, with Mr. Annecke. Anyone else of you in it?" I looked into the round inquiring.

"Yes, that is my next class too" smiled Angela, while the others just shook their heads.

"Cool." I was glad Angela was in my class, I liked her the most so far.

As we arrived for our history class, Mr. Annecke was already there and smiled at me through his thick round glasses when I handed him my information slip.

"Yes, Miss Swan. Welcome" He turned to look at the classroom, then turned back towards me. "Actually, I believe the only seat left is next to Miss Cullen" and pointed towards the still unoccupied table on the left side in the back of the room.

I visibly gulped. 'Miss Cullen? Which one?' my mind immediately wondered. I wasn't sure if I should hope he was talking about Alice or if I should hope he was not. After giving a little wave in Angela's direction, I went to the table Mr. Annecke had pointed out and sat next to the window, hoping this was the empty seat he was talking about before. Nervously, I glanced at my watch and heard the bell ring at the same moment. 'Huh, maybe she is not coming to class today?' I wondered, while keeping my eyes glued to the door.

"Hello," a sweet sounding voice brought me out of my concentration. I turned my head to look at the source of this captivating voice and gasped. How could Alice have gotten in here while I kept my eye on the door the whole time? Yet, here was Alice, standing next to her seat, still smiling at me with her spiky black hair in perfectly organized disarray. I looked into her honey colored eyes, speechless at her dazzling smile. She was pale like the rest of the Cullen's, yet she looked so thin and in combination with her standing no taller than 5''2, she was the only fragile looking one of the five of them. Her clothes clung to her body perfectly, as if they were designed to specifically fit her figure. Come to think about it, they probably were.

"Uh, hello?" I finally managed to press out. Naturally, I blushed right away.

"My name is Alice Cullen," she introduced herself while sitting down next to me. Suddenly, her smile froze and she looked away from me, her beautiful face abruptly sporting a frown.

'Not you too!' my mind practically shouted.


'This smell, god, please, make it go away' my mind pleaded once I actually smelled Bella's blood. Before, I had been too entranced and confused by Bella to really notice her scent. Once I sat down though, the smell, heightened by her blush, hit me full force. Resisting human blood has never been that much of a problem for me. Yet, Bella's blood had my throat on fire and my mouth filled with venom. I swallowed convulsively, and clamped my hands onto my thighs, fearing that nothing else would survive the force I had to use to refrain myself from attacking Bella. 'I will resist' my head chanted repeatedly. I did not want to be the reason my family had to flee from Forks and that is what would happen, should I attack Bella now, in a room full of witnesses. I sincerely doubted that I could kill them all before anyone escaped. Besides, I did not want to kill anyone to begin with. There were also no visions forthcoming to guide me, to reassure me that I would not kill Bella or even, to have warned me of this situation before I arrived here. I had stopped breathing, but that would not do if I wanted to keep my human cover. Bella looked at me confused and I felt saddened for treating her so rudely. I had actually looked forward to meet the human whose mind was impenetrable to Edward's mind reading powers. Moreover, since seeing her in the cafeteria I felt a certain pull towards her. I briefly wondered why Edward had failed to mention how intoxicating Bella's scent is.

The burning in my throat did not lessen one bit and the monster in me kept urging me on to rip Bella's throat out and bathe in her blood. My thirst actually became so severe my eye color changed to black. 'Damn, well maybe she hadn't noticed my eye color before?' my mind wondered hopefully. Bella sighed next to me and continued to switch her gaze between Mr. Annecke and me.


I still didn't understand what about myself caused the Cullen's to wear these ridiculous frowns of their beautiful faces. All right, I am exaggerating; two of the Cullen's wore frowns when near me. Still, it should also be considered that I have only met two of the Cullen family so far!

I sighed and kept stealing glances at Alice who sat straight in her chair, hands on her legs, while her gaze was focused on the table in front of her. During all this, Mr. Annecke informed us of the changes in his syllabus. He sounded almost excited. I only listened half-heartedly, still trying to figure out what on earth I seemed to be doing that apparently frustrated both members of the Cullen family I had come into direct contact with. Suddenly, something Mr. Annecke said managed to break through my contemplation.

"These changes in the syllabus will affect the way this class is taught. From now on, or better, starting in two weeks, two of you will present an assigned historic topic. The topics are assigned randomly and as for groups, people sharing a table will share a topic. This will simplify things, I believe" Mr. Annecke beamed at us excitedly. My face fell. Not only would I have to present a historic topic in front of the whole class, I had to do so with Alice Cullen as my partner. 'She is so not going to like this!' my mind exclaimed morosely.

"Here are your group assignments," Mr. Annecke continued, starting to hand out assignment sheets to each group. I looked down at our topic. "The Rise and Fall of the French Revolution" was written at the top of the page, followed by a list of various instructions.


'Group work? With Bella? Seriously?' I groaned, too low for human ears. That did not mean I was any less frustrated, mind you. How is this going to work? I mean, I have to muster pretty much all my strength to keep from killing her on the spot and then Annecke expects me to do a presentation with her? 'It's not like he is aware of your little predicament' my mind can really be annoying sometimes.

"I will give you the last 15 minutes of this class to confer with your partner regarding your group work," Mr. Annecke ended his speech.

"So" Bella started, turning in her seat to look at me. "How do you wanna do this?"

"We could split the work?" I still did not look at her.

"Well, yes, that's what you usually do in a group assignment" Bella sounded amused and confused at the same time. I did not react right away.

"Alice? Are you alright?" now she sounded almost concerned.

I glanced up at her shortly, replying "yes, I am fine," and looked back down. She really was beautiful, but why did she have to smell so enticing? "I meant we can split up the work now, work on it separately at home and put it together here at school right before the presentation," minimal contact, that was the idea.

"Ok, if that's what you'd prefer" Bella sounded a little hurt at the end. I exhaled frustrated, but couldn't stop myself from looking at her again. As soon as I did, Bella let out a small gasp.

"Alice, your eyes, they have changed colors?" Bella whispered confused.


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