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To question one's sanity is to question their humanity. As human beings, we all have the potential to act irrational. The thought process is replaced and send into a crazed state. Manic, if you will. That was the case for FBI Marshall Teddy Daniels. It had become a wild goose chase for the Marshall or better yet, a never ending maze that was full of sharp twists and cruel turns. It was a living hell. His mind had become a rugged battlefield, haunting him with feelings of both regret and remorse. He could shake neither as they stubbornly clung to him like leeches. As a result, his mind created a false reality, an alternative, to convince himself that he was indeed sane. This was simply another case. It was nothing new. He had known better. His job was to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Unfortunately, it didn't end that way. There were still loose threads.

The fantasy world dissipated as it essentially fell apart before the melancholy that rested in those blue hues. The smoke of his cigarette regressed as his head whipped in the general direction of a mahogany door. Sixty-seven… A gripping migraine took over. He winced from physical and mental agony. The fake case had plagued him like a parasite. It had become his true reality, pronouncing everything else as entirely insane and false. He believed himself to be sane and so he was. Everyone else was wrong. They were the ones acting irrational in this little game. This was what was left of the Marshall. No… This was the current state and wellbeing of himself.

The mind is a sanctuary. Not only this, but the mind can function as a vicious trap. If you so will it, the mind could become your worst nightmare as it had become for Daniels. Insanity was now sanity. Sanity was now insanity. Judgment had become distorted. Yet, the only thing on Teddy's mind was that wicked case. Everything linked back to the case. That much was true, sanity or not. The facts were in front of him. His determination would see through the hardships and wrap it up so he could go home. He inhaled the aroma of tobacco, swirling with nicotine. There was only one problem, though. This one he had been sublimely unaware of. He could crack it. He knew this, but could he crack his sanity?