Because it has to be done in anything Sleeping Beauty-themed. Even Snow White.

Two weeks.

The costume theme X had picked didn't seem so funny anymore. A hundred years passing like a day? X had slept in his crystal coffin while the world fought desperately to survive. They couldn't afford for Zero to do the same. Not when Sigma had already realized Zero was absent, not when X and Axl could only be in so many places at once.

Thank goodness for Axl. One person couldn't defend this world alone. There was too much of it and too many mavericks. It was too easy for Sigma to send them false intel, for a maverick that hadn't been discovered yet to pull something to send one of them on a wild goose chase when the real attack was elsewhere.

It wasn't just the mavericks: the world wanted to know where Zero was. If it was X, they could have claimed he was taking another leave of absence to do research, but Zero wasn't a scientist. If they were studying him while people died, they'd have to have a reason, yes? And share their data. If Zero didn't wake up soon, they really would have to call people in to study him. To get that valuable data, while Zero's systems remained so open.

It might be possible to keep the fact Zero was the source of the virus from getting out, but X wouldn't bet on it, and it was more than a little wrong of him to care about Zero's reputation more than sharing the information that might let them develop a cure, but Zero was…

If they developed a vaccine, would it just turn into a new plague? How many years later? Would Zero wake up once the world had forgotten how often he'd saved it and only remembered him as an ancient evil, one they didn't need anymore?

X shook his head, telling himself to focus. Not to get a grip: the grip he had on his stylus was tight enough as it was. He had more than enough strength to snap it in two by accident, which wasn't something he advertised. The Quartermaster's department had sprung for alloy styli instead of cheap plastic ones because newbuilts often didn't know their own strength. Especially if they were custom models designed to be stronger than the average reploid.

Not as strong as X, though. As either of the androids. Oh, most of the Zeroth could break these styli if they tried, but they'd have to work at it.

X couldn't just go around breaking things because he was worried or distracted. Especially when he'd first woken up, nothing had been designed with an android's strength in mind. The world around him was fragile. People, even more so.

He hadn't yet tried the obvious thing. Either it wouldn't work and he'd look silly, which he didn't care about, or it would work and that would mean… what?

There was no way that Zero would notice X kissing him and that would wake him up when he wasn't noticing all the sensors, poking and prodding. Not unless someone deliberately programmed his threat alert or some other system that way. It wouldn't have occurred to Zero and Zero's creator would have done it that way only for the sake of mocking X.

He shouldn't have to take a deep breath before kissing someone he loved. He shouldn't be telling himself to bite the bullet and get it over with. But then, children shouldn't be murdered before their first birthday. X shouldn't kill.

He also shouldn't have to ask permission to kiss his love, but Zero was under the medical department's jurisdiction at the moment and X needed to set an example for Axl about not making sudden moves that would freak out the security. So he went to go find Lifesaver and tell him that X was going to try something that… "Sometimes it works in these cases," he said under his breath. Yes, he'd put it that way, because he didn't want to discuss the pros and cons of kissing with someone he'd seen under construction.

One of the advantages of being considered old and potentially senile was that he got to pretend to be shameless, like he just didn't realize how embarrassing it was to kiss someone in front of Alia and two of Lifesaver's drones.

He'd put his hands into Zero's hair first, holding his head, hoping that it might be the contact that woke him up, not the kiss.

It wasn't until X's lips had pressed against his, then pulled back a little, lingering more to give it time to work than because he was enjoying kissing someone while they were in a coma that he felt Zero's shoulder's twitch.

X knew that sliding his arms down Zero's body and pulling his friend against him might be a very bad idea. He could get stabbed. He could find out that this wasn't Zero. But as long as the kiss continued, he wasn't discovering any of those things. As long as this went on, Zero first nudging him with his lips as more of an acknowledgement and return of affection than a kiss, X could have hope.

Tentative arms wrapped around him, hesitated for a moment, and then pulled X away. X let them separate and opened his own eyes to meet confused green. "When did you get here?"

It wasn't that Zero didn't want to kiss him, but since X's head had been tilted to the side as they'd kissed, Zero could see Alia there. Why was X kissing him in front of someone else? Alia hadn't pushed Zero's comfort level that far. Not to mention that the last thing Zero remembered was… "There's no point to it anymore," he quoted, frowning into the distance.

"Hm?" X wondered, blinking up at him.

"There's no point to it anymore. I remember someone… I remember that was important. I was supposed to tell you that-" Zero said, and almost jumped back, startled when X's arms wrapped around him and his partner's lips claimed his, shutting him up before he could say anything else. Anything that might ruin this.

Zero blushed but didn't, couldn't force X away.

Not anymore.

The end.

I was considering a downer ending, where the Non Veritas/Not True title was applicable because it really wasn't Zero that woke up, and genocide and tragedy ensued, but meh. This is really just an extended omake based around the Sleeping Beauty joke, so I figured I might as well let them have the fairy tale instead of being serious. What I did at the end of Firebrand is bad enough, right?

Anyway, this entire fic has been random crack and I take no responsibility for any OOC and such. While I'm disclaiming, I don't own Megaman either, X or otherwise.