Title: Uke or Seme?

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Number One: Uke or Seme;;

Rin has been behaving strange, Len is curious, and Miku just wants to know if the latter is an uke or seme.

Rin Kagamine screamed as she awoke from her dream with a horrifying realization.

It wasn't as though she had had a nightmare—she was sixteen and far too old for them, in her opinion—but rather, she had a very pleasant dream. One that greatly involved her brother, Len, herself, a bed, and very little clothing. She was an average (well, as average as a famous singer could be) teenage girl with raging hormones, and she knew it was considered normal to have dreams such as these, but why were they constantly about her brother? Personally, she blamed the "Spice!" video her brother did—honestly, they were both singers, and music videos were not a rare thing for them, but no one should ever be allowed to be so sexy. It just wasn't right to see one's own brother in that light—of course, the fangirls didn't mind the video in the least and it had been a big hit . . . regardless, Rin was Not Happy.

Especially because she just realized that she had fallen in love with her brother.

It wasn't even the cute sort of love between siblings, the innocent kind where elderly couples watch on and say things like "Aw, what a cute brother and sister!" Nope, Rin Kagamine was in love love with her twin brother, Len Kagamine. This was wrong, oh so wrong, and she didn't even want to go into details on how wrong it was.


At the sound of the familiar voice, she squeaked in surprise and fell off the bed, landing on her butt. Tears forming in her eyes from the pain, she glanced up at the boy who seemed rather amused. "Len! What are you doing here?"

"We sleep in the same bed, remember? What's wrong with you Rin?" He was chuckling as he took her arm and pulled her back onto the bed. The girl blushed at the contact and worked to hide her face with her hair.

"A-ah, yeah, that's right. I forgot."

Len frowned, "How can you forget?"
"It's late." She glanced at the digital alarm clock at the side of the bed for confirmation before saying again, "It's late."

"Well, yeah, but how can you not notice someone sleeping next to you?"

"I-I was, uhm, distracted."

He rose an eyebrow, "Yeah, about that. You screamed—did you have a bad dream?"
Almost saying "no", Rin had to stop herself—what was she supposed to tell him? That he had a dream about him and her doing things to each other on the bed they now sat on? She didn't think so! "I-uh- yeah. I did."

"Do you want to talk about it?"
"No!" Her face turned bright red, this time she was unable to hide it.

"Are you embarrassed?" Len teased.

"Forget it. Let's go back to bed."

Her brother reluctantly sighed and nodded, "Okay. But if you need to talk, I'm here 'kay?"
"Hmm. Okay." She closed her eyes before a thought struck her, "Hey, don't you think we're a little old to still be sharing a bed?"

"Do you want to stop?" He gently inquired.

After a moment of thought, Rin shook her head, though she knew he couldn't see her in the dark, "No, not really."

"Then no, we're not too old for it."

Laughing at her brother's logic, she decided it was best to agree with it, "Good night, Len."

"Good night, Rin."



The girl turned to face her brother as he ran to catch up with her. She knew that he had gone for a run, but seeing him hot and sweaty wearing baggy clothing caused her breathing to become irregular and her cheeks turned a light pink color. She couldn't believe it, really—how could she even think of her brother that way? It was so horrendously wrong. She could always blame "Spice!" but she knew the only real person to blame this time was . . . Miku.
Yes, she really and truly blamed the young (but older than her) woman. Miku was always talking about "cute" boys, and lately, had focused her topic of discussion to Len. In fact, just earlier that day, Miku had turned to Rin and said, "Hey, Rin, do you know if your brother is an uke or a seme?"

At first, Rin had innocently inquired what the hell those were, and had promptly turned a dark red colour upon finding out. Stuttering a quick "I-I don't know." Rin dashed out of the diner the two had been eating at.

This was exactly what was on Rin's mind when Len had come up to her.

"Rin? Is something wrong?"

She had been motionless for quite some time, so she wasn't exactly surprised he asked, but his voice had startled her out of her reverie and she flinched. "A-ah, no, sorry, I'm fine."

"You sure? You seem a bit . . . off."

"O-oh? Really? Gosh, sorry."

"Sorry? What are you sorry for?" He seemed puzzled.

"U-uhm? I guess for being so distracted lately." She bit her lip, "Did you need something?"

"No, I was just on my way home. What about you?"
"Yeah, home. That's where I was going." She blinked. She sounded like such an idiot talking to her brother lately.

"Do you want to go together, then?"

Finding that there would be no reason for her to logically decline, she nodded stiffly and began walking alongside her brother.

"So, where'd you go?" He asked, looking at her with curious blue eyes that made her knees strangely weak.

"I went out for lunch with Miku."

"Oh really? Talk about anything interesting."

"Not really, just you." The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop it and she stopped suddenly, not quite believing that she had seriously just said that.

"Is that so?" She could hear the smirk in his voice, "What about me?"
"U-uh, not much. Nothing important." She resumed walking; her gait faster than it had been before.

Len matched her speed easily and calmly, though the aura around him turned smug, "Really? It must have been something interesting if I'm all you two talked about."

"Miku wanted to know if you were an uke or a seme!" Rin blurted out, face red.

"Oh really? And what did you tell her?" He was grinning, displaying his perfect teeth.

"I-I told her that I didn't know."

"And do you want to?"

"Want to what?"

He leaned forward and they stopped again. "Do you want to know? Do you want to find out?"

"L-Len! That would be . . . wrong!"

"Yes, but you never denied wanting it."

Rin's jaw dropped as she realized that, yes, in fact, she hadn't. Did she really want him to? Yes. She did. She couldn't possibly lie to herself convincingly enough to fool her, so she had to admit it. She was in love with him. But did she want him to do this to her right this second? No. Not really. There were several reasons for it, actually. The first reason was that they were in a very public zone and there were many people watching—and is that a hint of teal she sees?—the second reason was that, well, she didn't know if Len really wanted it. Was he just messing with her? Or had he caught on to her little crush on him and he feels obligated to express feelings of love and care to her so she wouldn't be heartbroken? She could see her brother doing that—he was very kind to her after all—so didn't want her brother to do anything with her that he wouldn't do otherwise.

He pressed his face to her neck and she shivered involuntarily, "L-Len, you shouldn't. We shouldn't."

"We shouldn't, yes. But do you want it?" He murmured into her skin.

" . . . No." She lied.

"Be honest, please."

". . . Yes. I want it. But, Len!" Tears gathered in her eyes. She really didn't want him to force himself to . . . !
And he kissed her.

Rin didn't know how to react—it wasn't as though she was kissed on a daily basis, and especially not by her brother—so she stood still as his lips were pressed against her own. He pulled away shortly with a frown, clearly wondering about her lack of response, "Rin? Didn't you . . . didn't you like it?"

He looked so innocent, his blue eyes wide, a slight pout on his lips, and Rin just couldn't help herself anymore, she couldn't hold herself back, and quickly rammed her lips to his as an answer to his question. They were both eager, wanting each other more with each second of contact. Rin didn't know what possessed her to do so, but she took complete control of the situation, parting her lips lightly and, using her tongue, pushed Len's lips open as he anxiously helped her. She roamed his mouth, wanting to know every inch of it, and wanting his taste memorized, in that moment, she wanted to have and know Len completely. She wanted to know what she could do to make him shiver in anticipation the same way he made her, she wanted to know what would make his knees weak, what would make him want her just as much.

She wanted Len so freaking much.

And the best part was, Len didn't seem to mind seeing as he was quite content with her longing for him.

When they pulled away for air, Rin breathlessly spoke, "Should we . . . go home?"

Len nodded. "Yeah."

Holding hands, they ran quickly home, clearly in a hurry to get home.

Later the next day, Miku called Rin on her cell phone. Reaching for it, with a groan—though it was afternoon, she was awoken by the ringing—she answered it, "Mmnm?"

There was a laugh on the other end of the line, "I guess you had one heck of a night, huh? I followed you out the diner and saw you and Len kissing. Then, you seemed to be in quite a hurry to get home . . . so, is Len an uke or a seme?"

Rin smirked as an arm wrapped around her waist as the male next to her awoken, "That's for me to know, and for you to never find out."

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