Title: Cross-dress

Disclaimer: Haha, funny story . . .

Dedication: Kerii; my twin, my waifu, and the mother of my adopted baby. I love you, darlin~

Words: 1,388


Number Twenty-Three: Cross-dress;;

In which Rin walks in on her brother wearing her clothes . . .

"Len~" Rin opened the door to the bedroom she shared with her brother with a grin . . .

. . . and was greeted with the sight of her brother . . . wearing her clothes.

". . . I guess I'll come back later."

"Wait, Rin, it's not what it looks like! I just-"

The door closed before Len could finish justifying his actions.

" . . . oh crap. This'll make things awkward."

"M-Miku-nee . . . I'm scarred. For life."

"Hm? Rin-chan? What's wrong?" Miku looked up from what she was doing (cooking . . . something that was full of leeks) and frowned at the blonde girl. "Did something happen?"

"I . . . Well . . ." Rin hesitated, trying to decide if it was a good idea to tell the tealette just what she had seen, "you know . . . you know how I dress kind of . . ."

"Slutty? Yeah, what about it?"

Rin glared at her, "gee, thanks. I feel so good about myself. You telling me that I dress like a slut—exactly what I wanted to hear."

Miku giggled, "yep! So, what is it? What's wrong?"

"W-Well . . . you know my clothes . . . don't you think it would be wrong if a . . . if a guy wore them?"

". . . . Rin-chan," Miku spoke carefully, "are you trying to tell me something? Are you secretly a—"

"N-No! Stop assuming things!" Rin's cheeks turned red, "I-I just . . . what if . . . what if Len were to wear my clothes?"

"Len-kun . . .?" Miku seemed to consider it for a moment, "well, it wouldn't be too bad, I think, because he looks so much like you."

"Yeah, but isn't it . . . wrong for a guy to . . .?"

Miku shrugged, "not really. Clothes are clothes."

"Yeah, but you know how Len is always going on about how he's so manly and not shota?"

"Hm . .. yeah?"

"So then . .. wouldn't cross-dressing counteract all that?"

"I guess it might . . . Rin-chan . . . why are you bringing all of this up so suddenly?"

"Well . .. I walked in on Len . . . wearing my clothes . . . M-Miku-nee, why are you looking at me like that?"

"PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN." The girl grabbed Rin suddenly, "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!"

"W-What are you . . . What are you even talking about?"

"D-Did you get any pictures?"

"Miku-nee, you look like a fre—"


"No! I freakin' ran out of there as fast as I could!"

". . . Was he cute?"

" . . . I suppose, yes, he was."

"Rin-chan." Miku released the younger girl, "you are a disgrace to all girls everywhere."

"I . . . uh . . . what?"

Miku just shook her head and left the kitchen.

"Wait! Miku-nee! You left the stove on! And you're still cooking—whatever this is! And—kyaa! It's burning! It's on fire! Where's the fire extinguisher! KYAAA SOMEONE SAVE ME THIS FREAK OF NATURE CAME TO LIFE."

"Psh, chillax, Rin-chan." Miku poked her head back into the kitchen, "it's supposed to do that."


"Rin-chan? What's wrong—are you crying?"

"K-Kaito-nii . . . I'm scared to talk to Miku-nee ever again. I don't want to do it. Ever. And Len wears my clothes, apparently."

". . . Sounds like a problem. Come here."

Rin seated herself on Kaito's lap and he patted her hair soothingly, "there, there, it'll be alright. Miku-chan is just a monster and Len-kun is a bit odd. You just have to learn to accept that."

"B-But . . ."

"Shh . . . everything will be alright, Rin-chan."

"O-Okay . . ."

"Yo, 'sup Kai—woah! What is going on here!"

Both looked up as Gumiya walked into the living room, holding a half-eaten carrot and looking surprised.

"Kaito, man, are you . . . pedo-ing on Rin?"

Kaito's eyes widened in surprise, "of course not! Why would you even—"

"Because, dude, it sure looks like it! She's sittin' on your freakin' lap!"

"No, Gumiy—"

"Oh, but it's cool, it's cool." The green-haired male nodded, "I get it, man."

"You don't underst—"

"I was like that, too, once." He adapted a far-away look, "yeah, those were the days. I miss 'em."

". . . Don't you have a girlfriend, though? Why are you thinking about other girls?" Rin looked confused.

"Oh, yeah, I do." He grinned, "don't get me wrong, Rin, I'm happy with my girl, I was just . . . what was the word. I can't remember—"

"'Reminiscing'?" A girl, Mizki, approached him from behind, "that certainly better be the case, Gumiya-kun, or we would have to have a long discussion."

"Mizki-chan! Hi!" Rin jumped off from Kaito's lap and approached the older girl, hugging her.

"Hello, Rin-chan. Oh, and hello to Kaito-san, as well." The dark haired woman smiled, "if you would please excuse Gumiya-kun and I; we have some . . . business to attend to."

"Of course." Kaito nodded at her as she left, pulling her boyfriend along with her.

Just as the two left, Len walked in (dressed in his normal attire) eating a banana, "oh hey, was that Mizki just then? She's pretty, isn't she?"

". . . Do you want to be that pretty, too, Len?"

Len choked on his banana and Kaito coughed to hide his laughter.

"Rin, what are you—"

"I saw you Len, and you know I did, so don't deny it. Does dressing like a girl make you feel pretty? Don't worry Len, you're already cute. We don't blame you, though."

"Woah, wait, Rin. You don't understa— Kaito, if you're just going to laugh, then get the hell out!"

Holding his hands up as if to say 'alright, you win' Kaito walked out of the room with a grin.

"Len, it's okay. You don't have to defend yourself; I understand."

"No, you don't. I wasn't cross-dressing—"

"You were wearing my clothes."

"Okay, so I was. But the only girl I want to dress up as is you!"

" . . . Haha . . . What?"

" . . . Did you just laugh at me?"

"No. Of course not."

"You did!" Len turned red in his embarrassment, "you really did!"

"Alright, so it was a little funny . . . but still, only me? Why?"

"Because, Rin, I might think that other girls are pretty and stuff, but the only girl that's beautiful to me is you."

" . . . Awww." Rin grinned, "that's so cute!"

"You're not taking this seriously, are you?"

"Not at all~" She smiled, "but . . . I suppose . . . since you're being so cute, I can thank you?"

"H-Huh? What'd you mean?"

Rin approached her brother slowly, "I mean, Len, that I want to thank you. Physically."

So while the author stares at the screen and says "Lol what" as she tries to figure out what she just wrote and is now, breaking the fourth wall by typing this because she is that awesome, Rin gave her brother a simple kiss on the cheek. And whispered into his ear "Thank you."

When she pulled away, she grinned. "Aw, look~ You're blushing~ You're so cute, Len-chan~"

"I-I, h-hey! Rin! That's not fair—"

"What're you two doing in here?" Miku walked in, eating something out of a bowl and Rin screamed.

"You stay away from me woman! Don't you dare come anywhere near me! Especially not with that!"

And still screaming some nonsense, the blonde girl ran out of the room.

" . . . What's her problem?" Miku asked Len.

The boy shrugged, "I dunno. Maybe it's 'that week.'"

"Okay, so, hey, Len-kun . . . I heard that you crossdress . . ."


So . . . haha . . . uhm . ..

Mizki is VY1 Mizki, btw. She's a lesser-known Vocaloid and she doesn't even technically have any character data. She's basically fan-based while at the same time . . . not. Lol.

Gumiya/Mizki is a bit of a crack pairing that comes from the Vocaloid RP on Tumblr, soo . . . it's canon there. LOLOLOLOL.



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