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It was a sunny day. A good sunny, not sweltering hot sunny but hey, look clouds to provide occasional shade/there's a nice chilly breeze sunny. I like those sunny days rare as they are in Britain.

Anyway I'm waffling. The point is it was nice weather.

In this nice weather Nami had taking a break from mapping the previous island to join Robin on the deck for refreshments.

"Navigator-san, are you joining me?" The raven-haired woman asked.

"Yeah, that room is getting a bit hot."

She sat down on the other deck chairs, reserved for the girls, and in an instant Sanji was over with iced drinks for the two of them. After he had left Nami turned to her company.

"Random question but if Sanji was in a relationship with Usopp what do you think it would be like?"

Robin looked up from her book and thought. Within a minute she answered.

"I suppose it would be a calm relationship as they get on well together, possibly long-lasting as well."

"Good answer. I agree. I think Usopp would have his hands full with Sanji though."


"What about Sanji and Luffy?"

"Well Cook-san would probably give him a lot more food. I don't think Sanji has the patience really."

"I guess."

"Swordsman-san and Captain-san would be a cute couple."

"Yes Zoro would be very protective of him plus he kind of understands him."

Nami took a slipped from her drink as she watched Chopper, Usopp and Luffy ran around the deck.

"Sanji and Zoro"

Robin chuckled slightly. "I think theirs is the most likely to happen. It would be a relationship with a lot of arguments and teasing. Probably quite a lot of sex as well."

"Really, but the hate each other."

"Not really, they just get irritated by traits of the other, plus there's a lot of sexual tension during their arguments. I'm just waiting for one of them to push the other up against a wall and kiss him passionately."

"Er… Robin what kind of books do you read?"

"Oh, this and that."

They both looked at Zoro, who was asleep against the mask. They watched as Sanji walked up to him and attempted to kick him awake but he managed to grab his foot in time.

They broke out into a fight, shouting, hurling kicks and swords around. Luffy had stopped to watched causing Usopp to run into him. This in turn caused them to fight. Chopper ran behind the mask attempting to hide from the fights.

Nami was about to stop them all when all of a sudden Zoro pushed Sanji again the wall and kissed him passionately. Everyone stopped and looked at them. After what seemed like forever they stopped and Zoro walked off. A few seconds later Sanji ran after him.

Robin turned to Nami.

"Well, what were the odds of that?"

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