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Chapter 1: The fearful girl.

"So, you mean to tell me this kid is lost some place and you idiots were the cause?" To say Makoto was furious was an understatement. "Who the hell leaves a kid on the street? What jackass does that?" As she stood from her seat she picked up the photo the men had placed on the table. "Come hell or high water, or even us Senshi…if I had been you….nothing would have stood in my way." With that she stormed out of shrines doors.

"We didn't mean for it to happen…" Keizo defended his eyes misty from his own upset. "We never meant for this to happen…"
"Makoto knows that…" Usagi answered softly. "She knows all too well, it's just, she's made this into a mission gone personal."
"I can't say I blame her given her past." Rei sighed. "I'll say this though; if anyone could find that kid it would be her."

"You seem self assured." Daichi answered in his usually low growl. His annoyance was reaching its peak having just been scolded. "It doesn't matter. Give us our weaponry and we will be on our way after we find the girl." Cobalt eyes found those of baby blue, the woman before him an apparent royal figure. "You have my word; we will not attack your home."

"I will not give you anything besides a place to stay." Usagi answered back in an honest and caring tone. "I think you can be trusted with staying on earth, but not with a little girl." Usagi explained. "Not if things like this could possibly happen again."

"You have no right to claim what we can and cannot do." Daichi shot back, his fists clenched in anger. "You've no idea what we've been through. You have no idea how much we lost!"

"The loss of a kingdom, the loss of family and friends, and the fleeting hope of a new future that seeming gets ripped away any change it gets..." Usagi sighed out. "We too have lost these things… each time, the fights got harder and more difficult." Usagi stood, walking over to the taller man. "In spite of that, we smile, we laugh, and we know things can be bright for us even now. "In you I see eyes so deep that within the depth only darkness remains."

"How can you know…" He sighed, his dark eyes averting from the blond woman, looking at the others around him. The short woman, the one with fire, another blond with underlying power, and a spot that was now empty. "Our kingdom was once a beautiful place. It's gone, and yours is too, yet you smile?"

"It's because we know darkness well, but we also know what light is too." Usagi answered him, guiding his face to look him in the eyes. "I do not know everything you've encountered, but, I do know that eyes like yours should never raise a child. You look strong, but, your eyes show me otherwise. I cannot and will not allow you to take and raise a child when you have such a deep pain hidden within you. I'm ordering you to stay here for her sake."

"Why do you even care for a child such as her?" Keizo was angry. "Why would you even care in the slightest? No one else has."
"She's never met me." Usagi answered truthfully. "You care for her, despite your attitudes, so why can't I care too?"
"It is as you've said…you've never met her." Daichi jumped back in. "You shouldn't need to care. Don't get involved."
"That isn't a good reason…" Rei answered back, giving backup to Usagi.

"Guys, go help Makoto." Usagi ordered softly. "Help her find the child, alert the others as well. She doesn't need to be on the street."
"What about you?" The replay was from Minako. She was the tactical leader, and this didn't seem good.
"I'll be fine…" Usagi explained softly. "These guys won't make a move without their weapons or they would have already. Now go."

Minako called the other Senshi as Rei and Ami headed out the door in search of the lost little girl. As much as Rei didn't like it, Usagi was going to be the future Queen, and she would be in charge of all of them. She had to learn to bite her tongue, and now was one of the better times to practice.

Usagi took her seat again, relaxed and thinking. "I have a good reason to care. Too prove you wrong. I will care about her because I care about everyone unless they give me one extremely good reason not to. Even so, I can't despise even my most hated of enemies. I just can't…that's why I know I can't hate her or you either."

Isamu had been quiet during the exchange, one thought mulled over in his head as he looked at the woman. "You can tell…can't you?"

"Yes." Usagi nodded. "You may be able to hide from the others, but I can tell." As looked at the men, the clothing they wore, the way they looked and she sighed. "That is why I cannot hate you…I couldn't hate her either."

Rei sighed as she continued to search the streets for the small child. She hadn't found a single thing, not a trace of evidence could be found. It was logical that no one would know how to find this child anyway. 'Something about those men seems familiar. The way they fought yesterday…I've never seen anything like it, but it felt so real. His power, his abilities…it's like I knew him…and yet I've never seen any of their faces in my life…this man, this Keizo…who is he really…"

Ami was no better off, mind on the events of yesterday. 'He was gentle and caring. He could have attacked and killed my easily, I wouldn't have stood a chance. Isamu was a kind man, even stopping the others to explain things. If it hadn't been for him, the fight would have been closely matched…I wonder why he did that…it just doesn't make any sense."

"Any luck yet?" Rei called into her communicator.
"Not yet." Minako came in. "I've located Haruka and Michiru, I'm searching with them."
"We are still looking as well." Setsuna answered in next while standing alongside Hotaru.
"Well hurry up and look. It'll be dark out soon." Makoto bellowed before closing her communicator.

Out of the Senshi, she was the most annoyed with all of it. 'Those stupid idiots, leaving a little girl out on the street, accident or not I should tan their hides. That Isamu guy didn't seem to care and Daichi was all talk no action. I swear, are they boys or men. A real man wouldn't have left a little girl out here…not like this…'

Her eyes were a light gray, tears falling from her eyes as she sat in that alleyway. Her hair was barely shoulder length, helping to hide her face. The cloth she wore was a pale pink, silken and expensive, that not many wore nowadays. Her body was fragile. She was a lost soul among the crowd that walked to and fro every day. This place was new to her. She was in a world she would never belong…

No one cared. No one saw her. Those she stood in front of ignored her, those she called out too never really responded back. The ground beneath her was cold and wet, soiled with sticky drinks and discarded food. She sat there, wishing, hoping someone would come too her aid, only to find that no one would. The child was lost, afraid, and hungry. This wasn't how it should be.

"Don't cry." A voice spoke out, looking at the little girl before her. "Where are your parents?" The woman of crimson eyes and deep tresses of midnight green asked as she stood with an air of authority. The child looked on for only another moment before returning her eyes to the ground. These people would leave her too.

"It's no use Setsuna-mama." Hotaru sighed coming from the other side.
"I don't know… where mama and daddy are." The little girl spoke softly.
"Child?" Setsuna tried again. "What is your name?"
"Amane…" She sighed. It was fruitless… These people would just leave…They wouldn't care either.

Hotaru rolled her eyes, picking up the small girl. She couldn't be more than five, barely old enough to be alone in the first place. "Where have you come from?" She asked quietly, as if she knew the girl. One look from the small girl was all it took, and Hotaru nodded. "We need to take her with us."

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