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This is just a place to post outtakes/extras from Heavy In Your Arms. This takes place between chapter 1 and chapter 2... just a little tiny lemon. Oh, PS: Emmett and Bella always practice safe sex, except in outtakes written at 3 AM.

I wake up in Emmett's bed, and I know it's not too late because I can still hear the party downstairs. He's not here, and I wonder if he went back to have fun. Maybe I should just go? I'm contemplating making a run for it when he stumbles through the door, wearing just his boxer shorts. He shucks them after he locks the door behind him and walks naked back to bed.

"Hi, Beautiful. I had to go kick some assholes out, they were fighting in the hallway. I didn't want them to wake you up, but I guess its too late for that, huh?" He leans over me and kisses me gently, not on my lips, but right at the base of my throat. Everything this man does surprises me.

I pull him down so he's on top of me again. I've never felt better than when I can feel Emmett's body pressing me into the mattress; this is home, this is utopia, it's everything I've always wanted. He's hard again and he's kissing me roughly, his tongue thrusting into my mouth and his teeth biting my lower lip. His hand grips my hip tightly, and his cock is trapped between us and feels huge.

"I want you again, Emmett. Please, can we do it again?" I whisper the words as his lips attack my neck. He sucks on the skin right above my collar bone and I shiver.

"Fuck, Bella, we can do it as many times as you want. Want to try something different this time?"

I panic at his words, because I'm new at all of this and I don't know how different he wants to be.

"Shh, shh," he soothes me. "Nothing crazy, I'm just going to hold your legs up here, okay?" He shows me, lifting my legs up so they're straight in the air. He's on his knees in front of me, rubbing his cock against me. I think he's letting me get used to the feeling. It's not too different from what we did before, and he seems really excited, so I nod.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" he moans as he slides into me in one long, slow stroke. His hands are gripping my ankles and my legs are tilted to the side a little so I can see his face. I want to reach out and touch him but he's too far away. When he pulls out and slams back into me, I'm not prepared and I yell.

"Oh, God!" It's so much. He's so deep inside me that I think he's touched the deepest part of me- there's nowhere else for him to go. It feels different this way, he feels bigger, and he's going faster. "Emmett, you feel so big."

He groans, slowing his strokes down and moving deliberately, deeply. "How does that feel? You like it this way Bella?"

"Yeah," is all I can say, because I'm breathless. This feels so good but I miss his lips, his arms, his weight.

"You want it harder?" he asks me, moving a little faster in anticipation.

"Whatever you want," I tell him.

"I want you to tell me what you want." He studies my face. It's quiet for a minute, while I weigh my options. I don't want him to think I'm boring or awkward, but he asked what I want. I decide to tell the truth.

"I want you down here. I want you to kiss me," I tell him, and my voice is shaking.

He drops my ankles, spreading my thighs and planting my feet on the bed. He falls forward, catching himself on his elbows, and kisses me sweetly. He kisses me over and over again, still inside me but not moving.

"Put your arms around me, Bella."

I do as he asks, wrapping my arms around his neck. He hitches one leg up over his hip and uses slides his other hand under my neck. He starts moving again, and its perfect. I feel safe trapped under him like this, and I feel my muscles relax before they start to tense up again near my core.

"Emmett, I'm gonna come," I tell him. He moves faster, rearing his head up, looking down at me, and we lock eyes as I feel it building. He's grinding against me now every time he's all the way inside, and it's this maneuver that unravels me. I feel my orgasm take over and I close my eyes tightly. I hear Emmett chanting my name but all I can focus on is the feeling. My orgasm triggers his and he's muttering my name as he comes. He sinks down onto me, crushing me for a second in the best way, and slides off onto his bed.

"So sweet," he whispers.

"I'm so tired," I reply.

"Sleep, my Bella."