Hi Y'all! Just realized I never posted this last outtake I wrote during HIYA... it's a little Alice/Jasper tidbit I sent out with review replies in chapter 17. I thought I'd publish it here just to make the collection complete. I may or may not have worked on a future take until 2 in the morning last night because I am procrastinating working on my new story... so that might be up on the main story soonish.

This is short. I don't own Alice and Jasper, but I do own this plotlet.


She disappears to get ready for bed, dragging all of her shopping bags into the bathroom with her. Mama took her out today for a shopping spree and some "girl time" while I hung out with my dad. I strip down to my boxers and crawl into bed, flipping through an old magazine.

When Alice steps into the room, I drop the magazine and sit straight up, my eyes practically bugging out of my head. She's naked- totally naked- except for a pair of hot pink cowboy boots and a matching hat.

"How do you like my new outfit?" she asks, spinning in a slow circle. I palm my dick, feeling it grow instantly hard.

"You look fuckin' sexy as hell, Ali," I tell her.

"I told the gal at the store that I needed some good boots for riding," she says, casually. She strolls over to me, propping one foot up on the bed. I can see the boots up close now, hot pink with pink stitching, but my eyes travel up her leg. She's bare, freshly waxed, and I reach out to run my finger over the soft skin there.

"You gonna ride me tonight?" I ask. She nods, leaning into my touch briefly before pulling away.

"Oh, I forgot one thing," she adds, skipping back to the bathroom. She returns a few seconds later with a length of rope in her hand. My heart skips a beat as she walks back to me. "My lasso."

She climbs up onto the bed, straddling my hips, and I hold her steady as she rocks against me. We've done this a hundred times, and I know my girl likes to start out slow. She eases onto my dick, rocking back and forth slowly, pinching her own nipples before she reaches down to pinch mine.

She's holding the lasso, and she presses the rope into my skin, dragging it around my chest. She stretches out, leaning forward, and I catch her nipple in my mouth, sucking hard.

"Jasper, give me your hands," she commands, and they immediately fly up to grasp my headboard. She wraps the toy lasso around my wrist and ties it securely to the headboard, shifting her shoulders so that I can pay equal attention to her breasts. When she straightens up, I whimper at the loss of her hard little nipples in my mouth.

"What do you think, Jazz? Do I look like a cowgirl?" she asks, moving up and down on me.

"Fuck yeah, babe. So sexy." I smile up at her, loving her playful side. She quirks an eyebrow at me.

"You gonna try to throw me?" she asks, moving faster.

"Hold on tight, baby," I tell her, thrusting my hips up into her as she slams down on me. The rope rubs against my wrists, pulling at the skin, reminding me that I can't move. It's so hot; she's so fucking hot. I buck up against her, wanting nothing more than to see her fall apart on me. She rides me, leaning back to balance herself with her hands on my thighs.

"Ugh, I wish I wasn't tied up so I could smack that ass," I groan. She sits up straight, her eyes gleaming playfully.

"That doesn't make any sense," she says, "*you're* the horse!" She lifts her arm, bringing down with as much force as she can. The slap lands on my hip, and it doesn't hurt- it's mostly a pleasant little tingle.

When her chest flushes pink and she's getting close, she leans forward. Her movements are shorter, jerkier, and she grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls.

"I'm coming... oh Jasper! I'm coming, I'm coming," she moans. She slumps against me, panting, and I beg her to move.

"Ali, please, baby, I'm so close," I plead. She lifts her head wearily, reaching up to pull on the rope and release my wrists. As soon as I'm free, I knock the cowboy hat off her head. I lift her off me, flipping her onto her back. I crawl over her, pushing inside her and taking her roughly. She loves it, stirring again, moaning as my long cock hits the spot inside of her that gives her the most pleasure.

"Jasper!" she gasps, wrapping her arms around my back. She scrapes her nails over my shoulder blades, digging into the skin, and I feel her coming again. She's squeezing me, moaning and thrashing, and I pump into her one last time.

"Ali, baby, fuck," I moan, resting my forehead against hers as we come down, together.

The next morning, at breakfast, my dad jokes about teaching Ali how to rope a steer.

"Good idea, Dad. She'd make an excellent cowgirl," I tease, and Ali smiles proudly, winking at me.

Oh man, this makes me want to write an A/J story... One thing at a time, sadt.