This 'story' is where I'll be posting future unrelated flashfic/ultra-short stories that are too long to count as a drabble, but are too short to really be posted as stories of their own.

Ch 1: When the Going Gets Tough. Summary: Molly has a meltdown. Luckily Arthur knows what to do.

Ch 2: Secret Santa. Summary: When Snape draws Septima Vector's name for the staff gift exchange, he gets an Idea. He tries to shoo it away, but the pesky thing isn't leaving him alone.

When the Going Gets Tough

The loud pop announced Arthur's arrival. "I'm home!" He hung his hat on the hook by the door. "How was your day, dear?"

"My day? Let's see." Molly voice built steadily. "Bill won't memorize his times table. Flat out refuses. On the other hand, he did somehow manage to turn George's hair purple."

Arthur grinned. "At least we'll now be able to tell the twins apart."

"You think that's funny?" Molly's face turned red as her hair. "I wonder if you'll think it's funny that Charlie blew up your grammyphone. And then lied and tried to blame it on Percy. Who wet his bed, again. The twins didn't take a nap and are getting into everything, and I haven't had a minute to raise a wand to do anything around the house, and –" her voice got shriller, "—and I seriously considered casting a Petrificus on them, just to have a moment's peace. A Body-Bind! On my own children! What kind of mother am I?" Molly sat down and burst into tears.

"There, there." Arthur patted her shoulder awkwardly, eyebrows pulled together. Then he straightened up. "I'll be back."

Molly sagged and cried harder as the door closed. Of course he'd leave his harridan of a useless wife. She couldn't stand herself. How could she expect it of him?

Still, by the time the door opened again, Molly's tears had turned to blazing anger. "Where were you?"

Arthur looked puzzled. "At Aunt Muriel's, asking for the loan of her house elf. And my mother will arrive in fifteen minutes to watch the children. We're going out to dinner."

"Oh." She fell around his neck with a hiccuppy laugh. "Okay."

"I love you," Arthur said.

She smiled a damp smile.

He'd braved Aunt Muriel for her.

Of course he did.

A/N: Not really a drabble (which in my book has to be exactly 100 words long), but flashfic written for dyno_drabbles' July "Canon Pairs" challenge. 300 words. On a personal note, while trying to homeschool and run a household with young children, I've had enough melt-down, 'I-am-an-utter-failure' days without having to also worry about uncontrolled bits of 'kiddie magic' to make this scenario seem entirely realistic to me. ;0)