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Fifty years ago, there were 5 different elements. These were the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Energy.

In that time also, there were the Keepers of the Elements. These 5 young women were responsible for defending the Earth against any major threats, whether from the planet itself, or from other worlds.

Marissa, the first, was the keeper of the Water Element. She was a beautiful young woman, tall, with brown skin, black hair in a pixie cut and dark brown eyes. Like her element, she was a calm, collected individual, often acting as the 'brains' of the group. Also like her element, she was only dangerous when angered. And it takes a lot to anger her...

Aideen, the next, was the Keeper of the Fire Element. She had curly, waist-length red hair, hazel eyes and pale skin with freckles on her face. Quite unlike her element in nature, she was a shy, quiet individual; very timid. Only when it came to matters of being a Keeper was she ever bold; she knew her power had quite the destructive side to it.

Deanna, the Keeper of the Earth Element had long, black hair, in pigtails, green eyes and tan skin. She was a person with very strong opinions about the world around her. She was also the type to have to see something to believe it. She is no pushover and will stand up to anyone for what she truly believes in, but because of this, she can sometimes come across as mean.

Akari, the Keeper of the Air Element was Asian, with straight black hair to her shoulders, a fringe and narrow brown eyes. An easy going, light-hearted, cheerful girl, she is always willing to crack a joke to lighten the mood, even during battle to keep everyone's spirits up. She is also quite the prankster.

Vesta, the last of the lot, was the Keeper of the Energy Element. Hers was the strongest of the lot, and as such, she was the leader. She had long, strawberry blonde hair in a high ponytail and ice-blue eyes. Being a leader suited her. She definitely enjoyed being in charge and having such a great responsibility. This goes to her head sometimes, however, and this has caused rifts in the group on more than one occasion.

These five had just led the magical world through a major war. Only they, and a few trusted others from Earth and other worlds were aware of the details of this war as most Earthlings had long ago stopped believing in magic after it went underground.

"It was worse than World War 2!" Marissa had exclaimed, voice hinting at a Jamaican accent. The five as well as some others, were now in an underground cavern discussing the events that had occurred mere days ago.

The cavern was well furnished, with large, comfortable chairs, tables, a kitchen and even a fireplace (Deanna and Aideen's work!). This was the place they had taken many of the fighters to recover. Many of those present in the room had some sort of injury and indeed most of them looked fatigued even though the war had ended days ago.

"Indeed it was, Marissa!" Akari exclaimed. She was sitting in a far corner.

"Let us just be glad that it is all over." Vesta stood up from her chair to address the group.

"You do know that it has been prophesied that the evil will rise again in another fifty years, just as it did for you, correct?" a man standing in the corner asked. He wore a silver hooded cape and his arms were folded across his chest.

"It has also been prophesied that if the next set of Keepers can defeat the evil once again, that time it will be gone for good, right Roth?" Aideen replied with a Scottish accent. She also displayed signs of injury including a cast on her arm a few bruises on her face and bandages on one of her legs.

"But, Aideen, it also says that if these Keepers are defeated, that evil will rule the planet for 1000 years!" Deanna exclaimed.

A short woman standing next to Roth, with pale skin, dark brown hair and violet eyes spoke up.

"If they are anything like you, I am sure that they can defeat whatever foe comes their way."

"Thanks Taren, but how do we know they are up to the task?" Deanna asked.

"How do we find them, in 50 years? We'll be old by then!" Vesta exclaimed.

"The Silver Star will help you find them. It will glow whenever their presence is sensed, or even when something linked to them is nearby, but it does not have to be them directly." Taren answered.

"Very well then." Vesta said, holding up the Silver Star.

It was really a small star-shaped piece of silver, very shiny, attached to a black leather chain, making it into a necklace. To the ordinary eye, it was a simple object, not of much value in terms of cash value, but to all present it was the most precious thing they had ever seen. Its value lay in the great power which it contained. It contained the power to find the next generation of Keepers, as it had done for them.

It glows with that element's signature colour when their Keeper is detected; silver for energy, blue for water, red for fire, green for earth and white for air.

"You will have to pass that onto the next Energy Keeper when you find her, Vesta. And she will have to find the others on her own..." Roth explained.

"And hopefully we will be there to provide assistance in training when the time comes." Marissa spoke, fiddling with a ball of water in hands.


Fifty Years Later...

Through the years, their lives had changed. They still had to keep some areas of Earth and other planets in check but the threat level was never as great as before.

They had all moved on to start new lives, getting married; raising families, anything a normal human being would do. Aideen was the first of the lot to get married. This came as a surprise to them all. Heck, even Aideen herself was surprised at this fact since she believed a more outgoing member of the group would have found herself a husband first. Marissa had been next, Vesta third, Akari fourth and Deanna last.

They maintained contact through the years. Even though they all moved to separate provinces, they still managed to visit one another frequently. They helped each other out with the trials and tribulations of raising children from issues such as potty training to the rebellious teen years; from the college years to the problems of adult children wanting divorces from their spouses.

Even Marissa's oldest child, her son Travis, had married Aideen's second daughter Jamilah and they were now happily expecting their third child.

But for now, an older Vesta sat in her living room watching her grandchildren play. She had agreed to watch them for the day while their parents were out. She did not look that much different as from fifty years ago, aside from graying hair and a few wrinkles here and there.

The oldest one present, Vanessa, nine, glanced up at the clock.

"Eek! It's time for Total Drama World Tour!" she squealed in excitement.

"Yay!" her little brothers Seth, seven and Rory, five came skidding from the room next door.

Vanessa grabbed up the remote and quickly turned on the TV.

"Total Drama World Tour?" Vesta asked puzzled.

"Yeah, it's the hottest show on TV now, duh!" Vanessa shushed her grandmother.

"Kids these days." Vesta thought, rolling her eyes and leaning back into her chair.

"Last time on Total Drama World Tour..." Chris McLean started the recap of the show.

As he did, something happened that the former Energy Keeper never expected.

The Silver Star, not used in almost fifty years, started to glow inside her pocket and floated out into her hand. Her grandchildren, entranced by the television, took no notice of this strange occurrence.

"The next Keepers must be on this show! I must call the others and tell of the developments!" she muttered to herself.

The star began to glow particularly brightly every time a particular girl appeared on the screen throughout the show.

"I think I've found my successor!" Vesta smiled in glee as she left the children to watch the show and hurried into the kitchen to make that very important phone call. After all, for something as important as this, she preferred to actually hear their words, than their thoughts through the telepathic Link they all shared.

"Marissa, Deanna, Aideen, Akari, I've found the next Energy Keeper!" she exclaimed into the mouthpiece.

"What?" Deanna exclaimed.

"About time!" Akari's voice exclaimed.

"For real?" Aideen's quiet voice broke through.

"Looks like it..." Marissa's calm voice was heard.

"Which one of your houses is free?" Vesta asked. "The grandkids are at home and I would rather not overexcite them with this news just yet..."

"Mine is!" Deanna exclaimed. "Tony and my daughter in law Allison took their children out for a few days and Troy went out with some friends of his!"

"Perfect! Vesta exclaimed. "We'll meet there. Aideen, Marissa and Akari, you know where to go."

"On it!" they all exclaimed hanging up.

As soon as they did, Vesta called her daughter and explained the situation.

"How convenient! Jack and I are almost home!" she said.

Soon enough, a car pulled up in the driveway and her daughter Amy and husband Jack got out. Her daughter looked like she had when she was younger, save for the dark brown hair she had inherited from her father.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Madame Energy Keeper; you have some new Keepers to find!" Jack exclaimed, flicking some black hair out of his eye.

Vesta smiled at them both as she bustled out the door.

"What a life..." she thought.